Sealed in the Flames of Purity and Resurrection from the Hearts of Beloved Serepis Bey, Archangel Gabriel, the Elohim of Peace, and Mighty Astrea, we thank the great Ascended Hosts of Light, the An…


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RaNia Pleiadian Angel

RaNia Pleiadian Angel Greetings beloved Family of Light, I am RaNia of the Angelic Realms from the great Pleiades Star System. My home Isle of Medina is well known throughout Creation where the ori…

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* THE SIX BLESSINGS OF DIVINE MOTHER ALTAIR – TEACHER Let us think of ourselves as waves on the surface of the ocean. As waves we don’t have to look for water. … We are water. We are One with…


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* WALKING THROUGH THE DOORS OF LIBERATION “I AM ALL FORMS AND FORMLESSNESS” ALTAIR – TEACHER . My Divine Father and Mother Within The art of concentration on you is perception of the One Yet …


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She is the spiralling dance of Creation

Judith Kusel


She is no longer disempowered.

She is breaking out of the shackles, the too narrow confines, of the boxes she was forced in too long.

She is awakening to the depths of her soul, her Being.

She is born to the spiraling dance deep within her, anchored into her womb, her very core power, her womanhood.

She is the virgin, the independent, the questing, the fearless, the strong, the woman who breaks all the norms and bonds of society.

She is the mother, who is born with questing spirit and soul, which refuses to have her offspring squashed at the very core of their soul, by education systems which break the natural creativity of the soul.  She is protective of the young, and she allows them to blossom into the genius they were born into as soul.

She is the eternal wisdom keeper, the knowing which comes from deep within…

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The Ceremony of Bleeding

earth medicine 2015

Himba initation ceremony Initiation into Womanhood ceremony in HImba Tribe Culture

In Western culture, our women do not have the societal right to hold menstrual traditions while functioning in society. Whereas in many cultures, women have the foundation of cultural heritage to remove themselves for the “ceremony of bleeding”, our women simply go to work, business as usual. However, in many of the lineages that I have studied with, and now often teach the essence of their “woman medicine” in my work, this “ceremony of woman”, or “ceremony of bleeding” is considered a sacred time. In order for women to channel the cosmic energies present during this time of “death & rebirth”, a woman needs her isolated space, to which she may conduct any rituals, prayers, or meditations, accordingly.

How many women in our society are fully aware of the 4 phase cycle that occurs each month? Has our society made it…

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Adjust & Integrate Ascension Upgrades


A message much needed to hear for many right now, from wonderful Meg Benedicte 
The after-effects of the Lunar Eclipse are still rippling through the emotional layers of existence, bringing up out-dated toxic emotions for healing and clearing. Do your best to step back from the deluge and spin the energy into loving light to be transmuted. It may feel overwhelming at times, but the emotional layers are releasing lower density to be purged from your system. Keep it spinning up and out!
Destructive emotions are the tools of the victimized Ego that lock in more separation. Embrace all polarized forces with the unifier – the sacred geometry of the Infinity Figure-8. This is the universal template of Oneness and balance! Wherever you fall within the spectrum of Duality, set your intention to move more within the neutral center point.

I’ve been experiencing the emotional purification in both anger and depression – two sides of the same coin! It helps to get into the pure field of nature and find your balanced center point. Don’t succumb to the emotional surge, lift it higher into loving light!

Now in the shadow phase of the two Eclipses and Aries Equinox, we need to ground, anchor and integrate the energetic upgrades. As you ‘let go’ of the old emotions, keep grounding into your Soul Stargate onto your new Ascension timeline. It is coming alive, activating as your new Ascension foundation. All is coming into order and balance…and so it is!

I will be broadcasting our New Earth Radio Show with Manette Mays this Wednesday, March 30th…sign up at:

Lovingly, Meg Benedicte

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