The Upcoming Physical Transmutations

Ascension is an expected and normal part of the evolutionary development of the Universe. It has always been so and will continue until it is no longer necessary as a collective process. The body d…

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Changing the Time Space Continuum ~ Consciously Embodying Light

The New Divine Humanity


You as Light. Everything is Light. You are light. All that appears solid within you, is simply a network of interlacing Light particles, joined by loosely fitting threads of lights.

This Light is Source.

This Light is Eternal.

This Light is Divine.

This Light is Love.

Your consciousness inhabiting your form, emanates through your Light Body, into this time space continuum. This current time space continuum, appears to be limited by space and time.

The expansion of your consciousness into the conscious embodiment of Light, as Light, takes you out of this time space continuum. Out of perceived density and limitation.

The form you inhabit in 3D appears solid. The same form (your vehicle of consciousness) in higher frequency dimensions, appears only as Light.  You exist in all dimensions all at once.

Yet your consciousness, appears to be catching up, with the reality that occurs beyond time and space, yet…

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The New Frontiers opening up

Judith Kusel


We are stepping through the portal of the 3D and 4D denseness now into that of the 5th and 7th dimensions, as new frontiers are opening up for humanity.  These are new frontiers in energy science, technology, and with it then the ability to work with much higher frequencies and vibrational matter or forms.

When one moves from one octave of dimension into the next, one has to break through the barriers which exists between the different dimensional states.  Thus the type of matter or forms which held form in the lower dimensions, cannot hold form in the higher dimensions.  The forms might still exist in the higher states, but in the totally different frequency band, and therefore embodiment.

The true Visionaries, the Mystics, and those tuned in, have been showing the way for humanity for some time, but now this is moving into Super-space, where the manifesting…

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Divine Magical Metamorphosis ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness

The New Divine Humanity


Entering and Activating the consciousness of the Divine, the Divine God Self, Your Higher Self, is the METAMORPHOSIS of consciousness as if by Magical Powers.

These Magical Powers are Divine Powers.

They exist as states of consciousness.

You change from one way of Being to a completely New Way of Being.

This is Ascension, Divine Ascended Being, this is YOU as your Original Divine Light.

These Divine Powers are present to be activated, in the Original Blueprint of ALL Human Beings.

These INNER Changes and states of consciousness, open the Door to Mastery.

This Mastery ~ transforms your consciousness to a New State of Consciousness. The Divine Ascended Being state of consciousness. Where you SEE, FEEL and KNOW all things through that state of consciousness.

When your inner world changes, the distortions of consciousness that made up your false beliefs, fall away. As if they were never really part of…

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The New Divine Humanity ~ Divine Ascended Being Activation


Please note this REQUEST List is For:
“Divine Ascended Being Activation”
Hourly Activation*
Is an Energy Transmission
every 11 minutes after the Hour till 33 Minutes after the Hour.
Every Hour ~ 24/7

The Blue Avians are NOW joined in the HOURLY Divine Ascended Being Activation.
They are Actively ~ Activating your ASCENT/Ascension!

Focus on your Intention hourly OR set your intention for the day at the beginning of every day and if possible at the end of every day.
You will be guided to what your intention will be (and this may change) as you literally are your intention (your field of awareness that is united with matter at the subconscious level) this will include your next level SHIFTS in consciousness. Which includes the change in timelines and frequency.

You do not need to be focus on your intention every hour, although you may notice you feel the frequencies in your field, during the hourly activation.

This is Transmitted to you, Beyond Time and Space. Where there is NO Distance and NO Limitation.

You may leave your intention, focus, changes and requests here as often as you would like. I feel you even if I do not respond, Please know that.

To read more about this Hourly Activation:…/the-divine-ascended-bei…/

Eternal Love and Bliss!

L’Aura Pleiadian

L’ Aura Pleiadian

Source: The New Divine Humanity

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A New Door Opens ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness

The New Divine Humanity


Awakening, Opening, entering the space within your consciousness of the Beatific Stillness of Gods Light. Of God Light. Source Light, Divine Light. Your inner recognition of this, as you feel the pulsating Light within your Heart respond, is the receptive principle of creation, of honouring the Divine.

The new door opens, WITHIN.

Within you is the Divine Glory that awaits your recognition.

Glory, Presence, Heaven, the Heart of Home, within.

This is a state of consciousness, that is being activated deeply NOW. Within You.

The Angelic realms of consciousness and of those Beings on Venus, as well as the many Councils of Light and the Overseers of this Universe, are beings of consciousness.

They Monitor all that is taking place within consciousness and Activate, to all those that are ready, the Divine States of consciousness.

All states of consciousness are for educational purposes.

Over and over again, Divine Grace, bestows…

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A Life of Devotion ~ Being True to Your Higher Self

The New Divine Humanity


We all experience unique experiences as part of our journey here on Planet Earth in form. Staying true to your Divine inner self, while living in a body in the world of external appearances, is living a life of Devotion, a life of Higher Purpose, a Life of Divinity.

Sometimes that road, that path, of Devotion, may be filled with what others would consider, not the easiest way to live. Those called to live in that Devotion, live set apart, so to speak, in that, they do what they do, they live how they live, not dependant on approval, of others.

Monetary gains, have no interest to a devout Initiate, even though they may be blessed with material abundance.

A House a home, is not on the top of the list, as the HOME is within, to a Divine Being. Although, a beautiful house, may also be part of the plan.

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