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[UPDATE: see the important message from Jean Haines, who originally posted this, below the video]

I recently (yesterday) became aware of this video which, in part, summarizes how the planetary financial state developed, and, in the second half, has a message from Neil Keenan. The video was uploaded yesterday, 12-13-12.

I believe we are very close to “the release” of prosperity funds. This video supports that.

UPDATE Here are comments from Jean Haines, which I did not know about when I first posted the video. I’ll add any links she included, later, as I’m very tired and in bed. For now, you may go to her page to view those links.[UPDATE LATER… links have been added]


The Changing of the Guard (Video) . . . I believe this announcement from Neil Keenan is the game changer we’ve all been praying for. . . ~J

Neil Keenan has…

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