Archangel Michael – Beginnings, Family, Favourite Moments, Jokes, Music and Ascension – The Light Agenda, Final Episode, Tomorrow

Archangel Michael – Beginnings, Family, Favourite Moments, Jokes, Music and Ascension – The Light Agenda

Presented by Stephen Cook

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Archangel Michael, the archangel who has become a great friend and guiding voice to all of us here at the 2012 Scenario, InLight Radio, many within the Lightworker community and many others worldwide over the past few years – and possibly over many of our lifetimes –  is my special guest on this week’s final episode of The Light Agenda.

While you may be used to hearing him speak out about past, current and future events, including Ascension, regularly on An Hour With An Angel, or hearing him talk about protection and the new Earth on Heavenly Blessings, this is your chance to find out about the archangel himself as I delve behind the famous sword and shield.

And I think you are going to be both pleasantly surprised – and also entertained.

Going into this interview, I have to say I feel a little concerned about knowing whether much of the available, Earthly information on Archangel Michael – his mentions in The Bible (in both the Old and New Testaments) and his admiration within many of the world’s most dominant religions, etc – are accurate.

Nevertheless, we will be talking about Archangel Michael’s beginnings and origins – even how he got his name and who named him; and how his name, Michael – or Mikael in Hebrew – translates as ‘Mi’ (which means ‘who’)- Ka (which means ‘like’ or ‘as’) – El – which means ‘deity’ or ‘God’).

We will also discuss his family – both in the wider realm, the archangel realms and throughout the multi-verses. We will also discuss how and archangel ‘grows up’, whether their is a special ‘school’ and whether there is any sense of ‘sibling rivalry’ between the members of the archangel family.

Archangel Michael will also discuss his errant ‘brother’, Lucifer, also known as Satan, and how he helped to bring Lucifer back to the Divine Mother through the gift of love.

We will also delve deeper into Archangel Michael’s revelation the other week to Geoffrey West on An Hour With An Hour that he created the Aurora Borealis, as he explains why and how.

We’ll take a trip around the Universe and back to Earth as Archangel Michael talks about his own favourite moments in this planet’s history – including some of the wonderful miracles that have occurred upon the planet that he has been part of and some of the momentous openings in human consciousness he has previously witnessed.

He’ll also tell us what he really looks like and how he likes to appear ‘in form’ and surprise people from time to time as he discusses many of the various artworks  throughout history he has been and is the subject of.

He talk about working with channels, including the lady we have usually heard him through, Linda Dillon, and why he chose her.

You’ll also hear of his love of art – as he talks about his own artistic talents and his love of music.

Surprisingly, one of Michael’s only prerequisites to our The Light Agenda chat was this: “Don’t forget that I love to tell jokes and share jokes, so make sure that when we do the interview, that I am given the form to tease and to play.”

You think I was going to refuse? So, yes,  you’ll get to hear Archangel Michael the joke teller, too.

And, of course, we talk about the world’s biggest and most-anticipated event ever : our and our planet’s Ascension!

PLUS – You’ll find out why a heavenly piece of choral music, written by a German-born British Baroque composer, first performed in Dublin on 13 April 1742, and said to have been inspired by God himself is one of Archangel Michael’s favourite pieces of Earthly music – and why a vibrant 2009 live performance of this jubilant work, featuring an Austrian violinist (who Archangel Michael says could well have been channeling him!) conducting the Harlem Gospel Choir live on stage at Radio City Music Hall in New York City is so full of joy and hope for our immediate future.

That’s Archangel Michael – Beginnings, Family, Favourite Moments, Jokes, Music and Ascension – The Light Agenda, Final Episode – Presented by Stephen Cook Wednesday December 19 at 6pm (PST) / 9Pm (EST)

This is the Final Episode of The Light Agenda. Why? Well, the way I see things, there will be no need for any of us to have any agenda once we are all living ‘in the Light’ after Friday.

So stay tuned for all the possibilities of an all-new show – new title, new format, new concept – ready to help you navigate ‘the new’ in the new year.

A HUGE Thank You to all my wonderful guests who braved their souls – sometimes for the first time ever – and came on this program and allowed me into their lives as they shared their often intimate ‘Light Agendas’with you. Many of you are my soul family – and you know what that means! – Cobra, Suzy Ward, Scott Mowry, Fran Zepeda, American Kabuki, Suzy Star, John Smallman, Sierra Neblina, Sheldan Nidle, Nancy Tate, Kauilapele, Nancy Detweiler, Mike Quinsey, Richard Gage, Wes Annac, Blossom Goodchild, Marilyn Raffaele, Geoffrey West, Marlene Swetlishoff, Genii Townsend, Marco Missinato, Ron Head, Christina Mahler, Graham Dewyea, Graham again for interviewing me, Linda Dillon, Steve Beckow and my final guest, Archangel Michael!

And a HUGE Thank You to you, our ever-supportive listeners!

Much Love and Light and Galactic Magic. And a Joyful and Happy Ascension.

And remember: anything is possible!

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