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The Maya are a culture that studied the cycles of the Earth.  To do this, they used a number of calendars.  It was the Atlantean priests who designed these calendars.  Although they’re attributed to the Maya, these infamous calendars actually predate the Maya by more than 18,000 years.

One of these is a calendar, called the Haab, which was used to keep track of the 4 seasons in each and every year.  It is interesting to note that, when a Mayan had lived 52 years, they became an elder in their tribe.

But what is most interesting is that, every 52 years, as the calendar completes its final round, our sun aligns with the Pleiades star system – the Seven Sisters.  The Pleiades were important to the Maya because they believe it is the home of our ancestors.  So, every 52 years, the Maya would extinguish all campfires, leaving all of…

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