Glamours of the Spiritual Path

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As a collective, we are enduring a phase of spiritual transformation which can be referred to as “the great transfiguration”.

This is a process of initiation in which the human personality vehicle is preparing for eventual consummation by the flames of the Soul resulting in one, very radiant conscious light expressing.

We are continuing to endure the clearings of illusion and those which directly affect the human personality, comprised of the physical, emotional and mind faculties.

The speed, duration and intensity of this phase varies from person to person as in all experience.

There comes a moment, however, when one is finally ready to enter through these initiatory gates.

The foggy veil finally lifts, and, in clear view, the mesmoratic influences of life’s current illusions are deeply realized. This is often a most challenging time of quite humbling revelation. This is also a moment of tremendous rejoicing as it indicates the preparatory phases into an entirely new life of the human expression.

No matter how devoted, sincere or the number of years on the Path, most everyone has remaining personality aspects that are clothed in illusion, especially that of emotional glamour. Our current aim of development is to bring the desirous personality vehicle under complete control so that the Soul, (the intermediary aspect and place of union between the higher and lower aspects of divinity), may assume full Presence as both the inner and outer light expressing. 

(This has been similarly portrayed in the life of Jesus Christ, especially the experience in the desert when he underwent his final and most enduring temptations of the Soul. It was after this time that he majestically appeared to his closest disciples at the Mount of Transfiguration, as a most glorious revelation of divinity. This story exemplifies the actual completion of this initiation of “the transfiguration”. It was then that Jesus, the so called, “God-Man”, began his outward mission as a world teacher.

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, an ancient classic text and the sacred teachings of many Masters of the Himalayas, details step by step, the laws, methods and means of the Soul’s unfoldment and describes it as “the science of union”. Even though we may be doing it a bit differently in these times, these references gift quite valuable insight for greater understanding into our current undertakings.)

Emotional Glamour Defined

Glamour is essentially emotion driven desire colorizing itself on an illusory screen through the lens of the conditioned human personality. These illusory forms enliven our lives, sometimes with ecstatic sensations, however, produce limiting consciousness patterns which outplay in fantasized realities, false values, misleading desires, distorted perceptions and many needless necessities. Some of the most tenacious glamours are so deeply embedded that they are not even recognized or thought of as hindrances to greater revelations in consciousness.

The condition of glamour is an inherent component of our make-up stemming from ancient astral patterns and age-long personality desires. For those in resonance to past histories and according to the writings of the Tibetan Master, Djwhal Kul, the glamorized emotional body was brought to a high point in the Atlantean civilization. He quotes that much of this imprinting has been carried over into our current race. Esoteric philosophies also attribute the world problem of glamour to the idea that the planet has been under the influence of the “Sixth Ray of Devotion and Idealism” for the last 2000 years and during the controlling Age of Pisces. We can certainly understand why the world is in such turmoil from this one, exaggerated condition alone.

Spiritual Glamour and Discernment

One of our greatest challenges, and, as we are opening into expanded levels of extra sensory perception is to distinguish between Divine Wisdom derived from an illumined consciousness versus that of astral psychism. Astral psychism can simply be defined, in this context, as messaging derived from a false plane of emotional based substance. What we may intuit as divine messaging or a clear vision is oftentimes an astral reflection which is always clothed with distortion. This common and quite innocent type of misinterpretation comes as a result of one’s polarization swinging more to the emotional nature versus a steady centering in the Soul.

The quickening of incoming planetary energies and the resultant opening of our psychic natures has created a plethora of information on the current shifting of times with many interpretations of, so called, “cosmic truth” emerging forth. Our continuous reflection upon many of the new age expressions is absolutely necessary to guard against misleading directions and the creation of emotion based fantasized realities.

It is also an important reminder that the activity associated with channeling outside energies is information that is being received and filtered through the veil of human personality. If there are any existing personality limitations of the receiver, there is most assuredly a degree of distortion to the message. There is no need to channel entities once the ability to divinely receive from one’s own illuminated consciousness is developed.

We are in a process of great self refinement and the final breaking through of the spells of illusion. May we all continue to proceed with constant questioning, in wisdom and with the great light of discernment applied to all information to insure that we are not accepting a message as true just because it is beautifully or intelligently expressed. This is how false mass mind concepts are created and energized.

Indeed, the most effective method of discrimination is to develop the powers of pure reason and intuition through the illumination of one’s own developed consciousness. Herein lies the real message of discernment.

Identifying the Forms of Emotional Glamour

There are an infinite number of ways that emotions can be glamorized. These false formations can always be found where there is any degree of criticism, pride, emotional attachment, behaviors of separatism and a sense of superiority.

At the end of this writing is a summary of the more prevailing glamours that keep the personalities of the spiritually focused in a cloud of desire.


The Glamour of Self Identity
This is the major trigger for all other glamours and which creates the greatest separation between self and other, between the human and the divine. This is attachment to the formed human expression including its physical form, the bodily appearance, a held image, to emoting response and with attachment to roles. The emotion of personal identity creates unending desires, cravings, fear, doubt, neurotic thought and a continuous wheel of large and small sufferings in all areas of life.

The Glamour of Power
This glamour is often unselfishly created during a time when one feels to be in great spiritual alignment while experiencing great openings and new abilities. There is emotional attachment to the sense of power that develops. There is then a growing tendency to call attention to ourselves, to the mission that we are carrying out, to the confidence that the Masters have in us, that our view is the best view.

The Glamour of Materiality
This is the attachment of emotion to outer forms and false appearances which creates desire for needless material possessions. It is the false perception of values which ignores true spiritual principles and our forward movement into selflessness as a group consciousness. The present world economic situation is a result of this particular glamour in which we all have contributed.

The Glamour of Devotion
This is one of the strongest glamours in the spiritually focused due to deep devotion and dedication to the spiritual path. The high level of devotion can innocently result in the formation of personal desires and glamorized ideals. There is great emotional attachment to a teaching, a concept, a vision, a view, a teacher, a Master, healing something, assisting the Earth, etc.. The glamour restricts the more expanded vision while closing us into a box of fantasy, personality longings, a long list of desires and to do’s. While immersed in this glamour, it is impossible for divine messaging to be correctly interpreted or even to enter.

The Glamour of Psychic Perception
As a result of the quickening of planetary energies, many people are opening into the realm of extra sensory perception. This provides easier access into the colorful and inviting realm of the psychic world and the illusory astral plane. One thinks the incoming visions and messages are divine truth when, in fact, they are clothed with distortion. This occurs due to spiritual pride, zealous ambition and emoting attachment to the self identity and its abilities.

The Glamour of Destiny
As a result of emotional attachment to one’s Path, this glamour produces high aspirations but limiting vision, selfish interpretations and self centeredness due to the individualized focus versus true realization of group consciousness. This is also the attachment of emotion towards the belief that we have important work to do in the world, that we are special, the Christed ones, ascension’s “first wavers”, starseeds, etc.. There is much preoccupation with identity and an overemphasis of spiritual ambition. Fantasized realities can also result.

The Glamour of Sentimentality
This is the desire to emotionally be or react in a certain way. This is overemphasis of emotion placed upon a needed response from another in order to satisfy a desired level of personal comfort. This glamour attaches to the personalities of others. There is emotional reaction to another’s emotional response. It is also the strong emotional desire to love and to be loved on the human level. (Definitely a most challenging one to overcome in the process of personality-Soul fusion.)

The Glamour of Speculative Belief
This is the formation of held concepts, beliefs and resulting emotional patterns based upon the attachment to information that is not derived from one’s own illuminated consciousness. The glamour produces conditioned belief through the blind acceptance of information from someone else’s principles, theories and assumptions or from messaging that is based on a guess, a possibility, a potential, a prophecy or ancient claim, etc..

The Glamour of the Messiah Complex
This is attaching emotion to the role of being a savior and the illusion of having to take on the suffering for others. This is a very common glamour experienced by teachers and healers.

The Glamour of Self Importance
This glamour produces an overemphasis towards a sense of duty or responsibility. There is hurriedness, impatience and always something to do, create, plan. Self centered tendencies create continuous desires to share the opinion, the experience, the creativity, the message. There is much self reference and talk, “my project”, “my vision”, “my view”, “my experience”.

Ideas for Dissipating Glamour

It is much easier to clear a condition once it is identified and loosed from its foundation. The simplest way to identity these false formations is to ASK for the held illusions of consciousness to be revealed.

The effect of a well developed illumined mind, in continual conscious communion with the Soul, naturally dissolves these emotional conditionings. The development of concentration through meditation can train the mind to hold itself focused and steady in the light of the Soul. Meditation and concentration help train the mind to penetrate the ultimate reality leading to soul knowledge and illumination. They also help balance one’s polarization from emotional into mental.

Relinquishing hold to the many ways in which we keep ourselves identified to the formed expression is an important part of the transition into Soul union. We are encouraged to continually observe all of the emotions, and especially, the motive behind desire. In daily life, and as the Buddha expressed so well, it is extremely beneficial to assume an attitude of the middle way which displays equanimity and divine indifference to all that crosses our path, inwardly and outwardly.

Perhaps the most important encouragement of all is to continuing building and strengthening a consciously pulsating and intimate relationship between you and your Soul ~ also referred to as the Christ Self, the Atman and the pure love aspect of our being. May your Soul be the most influential guiding force in your life.

In Closing ~

When the physical body is pure and in poise, when the emotional body is neutral and stable and when the mind faculty is steady and controlled, our daily consciousness can then make its next evolutionary transition. Our sensitivities and receptivity naturally expands to receive continual impressions from the Soul and through the unmistakable wisdom of our own intuition.

This process of transfiguration also firmly establishes the true power of group influence while elevating the collective into a field of consciousness which accesses the greater wisdoms of divinity. It is this transition that optimizes the human potential to most effectively, safely wield and wisely use an illuminated consciousness in service to the planet and Humanity.

The pure love of our Soul, the indwelling Christ Self, and that of the supporting universal energy is not personalized. It is all consciousness which resides in the Field of One, an energy field of selflessness and selfless service to the Whole. There is no self reference. There is no seeking of recognition.

During this time of new moon, we gather in this Field of One. We are asking our the love of our Soul to reveal the hidden illusions of our individuated consciousness. We also connect with each other with unified intention towards collective liberation from these limiting formations, especially that of emotional glamour. We shine our Christ Light upon each other and then radiate this force of love to the hearts and minds of all Humanity.

Many blessings from the guiding light of the Soul,

Children of the Sun ~ Ambassadors of Light
Serving in the World Transformation of Consciousness

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