Melchizedek ~ A Golden Age and the Golden You ~ By Méline Lafont…

Beloved Ones, welcome to the Age of Aquarius, the Golden Age of Love and Light, of evolution and of Harmony. This is a most wondrous and fabulous time which awaits you all. Despite the fact that many souls temporarily lost hope, a determination is firmly growing again which will empower all of you in your onward evolution. Your evolution has grown by leaps and bounds on many levels and the issues, who somewhat got stuck behind and who yearn to bring renovations, will pass through the cleft of the door.

This cleft will remain wide open for all who wish to go along and actively participate in this renewed World. Gaia in particular is most grateful for your continued perseverance and your convictions to keep on threading the path of enlightenment. It requires a tremendous perseverance and power to be able to continue this in all the enlightenment and the Love which are your hearts.

We have always been aware of the fact that you would make it this far and there is no way back anymore into this density and this illusion, since your hearts are creating a whole different world and state of Being full of Love and Light. A most gloriously radiant time has arrived and the radiance of it will flourish fully throughout your world. Afore-mentioned radiance depicts your hearts and souls who are enlightening up to your highest state of Being and your highest gradation of the Light. Nothing or nobody will stand in your way when your determination brings you where you presently are.

Many attempts have been done to try to counteract this process coming into manifestation, but to no avail for those attempts have not been successful. The Light is unstoppable and is much more powerful than the will of the dark. You have had enough with this duality, and so we welcome you to the Golden Age of enlightenment where only enlightenment will be the order of the day. Master Saint Germain is at the helm of this Age and his work will bear fruits on condition that you have faith and believe that miracles do happen and are a reality.

A long time ago a decision was made by the hearts of humanity that they were fed up with duality and that it had to come to its end once and for all. What has been sown will now come to pass! Even if for some hearts and souls it seems that they are still dwelling in the same world of sorrow and pain, I advise you to not give up and to look through the illusion! Deep within your being tremendous changes have taken place and much has faded ; Love has been born and has grown. The outer world will follow, what is left to deal with are just the last debaucheries and creations which once have started and find their exit.

Many hearts and souls have recovered themselves in the truth of their beings, the sole truth of their beings. There is only your truth and not that of somebody else; the opinions of someone else are all too often contradictory with your own. That’s why I have to emphasize that you must have faith in yourself for it is ultimately your own truth that will lead YOU on YOUR way back home. Every culture has its own differences, its own nuances. Every ‘race’ if I may describe it so rather disrespectfully, has its own differences and this applies also to the Galactic and the Higher World of the Light.

The Masters for instance will have different opinions and thoughts than the Archangels, a Pleiadian will have different customs and convictions than a being from Sirius. To get the point accross : despite the many differences which we keep, there is and always will be a unity and a warmth of Love for one another! This remains true as long as Love is the motivation and the source from which all originates and emerges. Love is the ‘glue’ that holds us all together and than it doesn’t matter what the differences are : for we are all one and forming one!

Many souls choose to depart this world often resulting in feelings of sadness for those remaining. Many times we hear the question :”why?” followed by some nasty remarks aimed at each other. This sadness often brings with it a kind of distress and even anger which can destabilize you and lead you into lower, darker vibrations.

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About Divine Love

Amongst many things I am a Lightworker ... Language and labels are so very limiting. Most importantly I am a spiritual being in human form living my truth with integrity in divine loving service. ♥
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