Insights Coming Fast and Furious in These Fertile Times

Heavens, some days I can’t seem to write fast enough. I’ve been asked to share a few matters. Ordinarily I would make them separate articles, but I just feel the need to get them down on paper and develop them later.

The first is a reminder that I believe that the spiritual practice we do now, on the long, slow ascent that seems to be this phase of Ascension, will pay ample dividends. I can’t remember if it was Archangel Michael who mentioned this or someone else. But I’m seeing the truth of this assertion in my own life.

I’ve been doing an active meditation throughout the day that involves breathing in love from the One and breathing it out to the world at large, just as the Sun radiates love to all beings. Doing this meditation regularly is paying inordinate benefits.

The other night on the bus, though I was present among a real assortment of characters, so to speak, late at night, in a “rough” part of town, I was filled with love for everyone. Even some rather hard-bitten characters, whom I ordinarily would draw away from, wrapping myself in the Mother’s cloak of invisibility, I found myself smiling at and enjoying.

Earlier in the evening, although I don’t much enjoy shopping, I walked up and down the aisles of a large drug store cum department store and bought for myself all manner of little knick-knacks that would bring pleasure to me – hand lotion, something for the bath, a fancy scented soap (for $1.99) – just little things that were like gifts to myself and that I ordinarily would never have bought. But the love for me as well as everyone else was hard to contain. It was just pouring out of me.

When our sources say that much of the journey that we call Ascension rests with each one of us, I lean towards thinking that this need to “do our work” may be a large part of what they’re referring to. So I’d just encourage everyone to be doing their favorite spiritual practice round about now, the more often the better, the deeper the better, etc.

Secondly, I want to emphasize something I’ve said earlier, but am seeing more broadly now and perhaps a little more clearly.

I think we fail to estimate the manner in which the divine qualities work. Let me take awareness as an example because I’ve spoken of it before. (1) But the same could be said for love, compassion, generosity, etc.

I think that we think of awareness as being neutral, invisible, a non-thing, like the air is considered neutral, invisible, a non-thing. The air is just the air. In our minds, the air is not there and is not a factor in our thinking about things.

But awareness – or love or generosity – is decidely not neutral. It may be invisible but it’s not a non-factor in things. Rather than being neutral and invisible like the air, it’s rather more like a solvent on paint.

Paint some knot in our character with awareness, and the knot will lift just as paint doused with solvent will lift from a board. As I discovered in the bus last night, paint some rather hard-bitten characters with love and their moods and spirits will lift as if love were a solvent. Paint others with unqualified generosity and their spirits seem to lift as well.

The divine qualities are not at all neutral. Their valence, their impact, their momentum is decidedly towards the uplifting, empowering, and ennobling.

So I need to change my thinking on matters such as this, from seeing the divine qualities as being impactless, insubstantial, practically non-existent and neutral to being efficacious, substantial, definitely existing and not at all neutral.

And the third matter I want to communicate if even briefly is that we may find we need now to be aware of the impact of our vasanas and super-observant not to project them onto others. Otherwise we place obstacles in our path of making progress at this very fertile and promising time.

I and a few of my friends are becoming ever more adept at tracing our vasanas back to their origin, seeing where we’re at risk or at jeopardy in our lives of projecting them onto others, and standing back and observing them instead.

I could give so many examples from others, but I don’t feel I have their permission so I may need to give examples from myself.

This morning I looked at how I was at risk or at jeopardy of becoming angry at others and I looked to see what this related to and when it was I became angry. My mind shot up for me the picture of me as a very young child going down the stairs to my Dad’s woodworking shop in the basement.

My Dad shouted at me and I couldn’t see what I was doing wrong. But I turned and high-tailed it out of the basement. There followed many other incidents in which I was told not to touch things, get out of his hair, etc.

(One of the things I did with this was never to touch tools so that I became poor at even hanging a picture. Well, I exaggerate but you get the drift. That, in my confused mind, was my way of getting revenge on my father. All it did, of course, was inconvenience me and others.)

What I also did with all this was to create my own similar pattern, which for me was expressed with anyone who frustrated my forward momentum, intention, progress, etc.

So I’m at jeopardy of getting angry at anyone who frustrates me, which may be why I’m not so hot with children, only want to teach at the college level, etc.

Everyone’s vasanas are highly personalized so you may have your own unique situations from the past where you made decisions about how you’d be with those whom you thought impacted you in some undesirable way. Perhaps you were betrayed, or conned, or assaulted. And what you did with that is what you did with it.

But the point now is that, if we want to climb the long slow (or it may be the short, quick) path to Fifth Dimensionality, we need now not to project our vasanas onto others. We need to get more adept at identifying the origin of the vasana, experiencing it through to completion, and seeing what the impact has been on our life and behavior.

We need to then remind ourselves what undesirable patterns of behavior and reactivity we are at jeopardy of reproducing and having ourselves “stand back and observe” ourselves, as Archangel Michael is so fond of saying, rather than attacking others.

This becomes ever more important as we scale the mountain of consciousness between here and our anchor and safe haven in Fifth Dimensionality.

The insights seem to be coming fast and furious these days and I shouldn’t overlook that very process as being part and parcel of the nature of these fertile times.


(1) “Painting with Awareness: Dealing with the Most Common Obstacle to Ascension,” at


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Amongst many things I am a Lightworker ... Language and labels are so very limiting. Most importantly I am a spiritual being in human form living my truth with integrity in divine loving service. ♥
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