Full Moon Update 1-26-13

ImageDear Friends,

The Full Moon is Saturday, January 26 at 9:38 PM Mountain Standard Time. This is a time of expansion, power and acknowledgement. Acknowledge all your teachers, support, helpers and partners. Acknowledge yourself for being the power drive behind your life. Acknowledge the opportunity of this new time for expansion into uncharted territory and be inspired by the possibilities instead of irritated by the discomfort of change. There is a burst of energy during this full moon that is related to the sun and can support a truly higher centered experience. Work with sun and allow the energy of the sun to be absorbed into your cells helping to raise everything to a higher frequency.



Written by Patricia Liles 

Full Moon  Sun in Aquarius ~ Moon in Leo 7º 
Saturday, January 26, 9:39 PM MST
(Sunday, January 27, 4:39 AM GMT)

Who Am I? is the big question that unfolds through the Leo archetype.  With the Sun on the Aquarius side of the continuum, ruled by evolutionary Uranus, we get the greater perspective of the collective, the global view, a sense of commonality as we all ride the same spinning ball through the heavens.  But Leo wants to know ‘who am I?’ in this global family.  Leo is our individuality, our identity.  Its ruler is the magnificent, life-giving Sun itself!  Leo is the source of our desire for full, creative self-expression, our source of pride in our unique expression of THIS ONE!  No two alike; we bring Spirit joy by expressing fully all that we are.

Leo is the power sign for fire.  It rules the heart at the center of our bodies where the spark of the divine ignites us into life and the heartbeat aligns us with Mother Earth.  Leo’s relationship to the Sun bestows magnanimous generosity, leadership abilities, warm hearts and enthusiastic creativity.  Leos do not hide their light.  Oh no, they excel at the dramatic, love to perform, and embody the majestic gold and scarlet colors that suit them so well.  Leo is the part of our selves where we take risks, enjoy and participate in the entertainments of life and follow our hearts.  Draw on this Full Moon energy to use your personal power to light up your life and make creative changes that express your joy in inhabiting a major role on the stage where you find yourself.  How Leo loves to radiate self confidence! Learn from the King of Beasts; your courage and the endless source of love that pours from your heart may surprise you.

This Full Moon may possibly catch you at an off-stage Leo moment where you may be retreating from the stage lights, pulling within and drawing on your inner muses or life experiences for inspiration.  Let it be so.

Regardless of how this power sign expresses in your life at present, remember this lesson, all power signs – Leo (fire), Aquarius (air), Taurus (earth), Scorpio (water) – are gatherers of power.  The true nature of power is not to hold power for personal aggrandizement (bad idea) but to generously give and ‘make it possible for those with lesser power to gain more power’. *

The Leo Full Moon is the focus of a Finger of God formation formed by the relationship of Chiron to Pluto.  Chiron is the bridge between our wounding and the treasure it morphs into when forgiven and released, and Pluto is the tool that bores deeply into the soul to free our most powerful self.  Might show up as healing work focused on the structures we created long ago to protect our egos after a particularly rigorous trauma.  This formation requires adjustment/attention/skillful handling to bring out its gifts.  Yet, here’s an opportunity to highlight old energy, habitual ways of responding in life, and the tight stranglehold our egos keep us in (appropriate in the past, irrelevant now) and move it off the desktop.  Seeing through the ego’s fearful functioning is doubly emphasized in this chart by Saturn also squaring both ends of the Sun/Moon axis.  Saturn and Pluto are magnifying the same themes for at least the next two years as they occupy each other’s ruling signs (mutual reception), and they are really bearing down on this Full Moon.  Choice here is for using our personal power to face our emotional issues or let them remain hidden and in control of our creative functions and joy.

Positive support of the Sun/Moon axis is coming from the asteroid Vesta, Keeper of the Sacred Flame, goddess of the hearth and altar fire, brightest of the asteroids, traveling closely with Jupiter in Gemini.  Vesta helps us turn within and focus on our own personal integration, to build a relationship with Spirit, to connect us to the sacred fire that burns within our hearts, to acknowledge the issues of sexuality in our lives and transmute that energy into service and commitment to our path.  So, this Moon in its Leo glory provides us with challenge and support for bringing our feeling function to a clearer expression.  Use Leo’s single mindedness and determination to free your heart and focus your will and creativity.  Rely on your beastly instincts.

Uranus, ruler of Aquarius, is tightly aligned with Pallas Athena, the virgin warrior goddess.  These two have much in common.  They are mental expressions, but activate our flashing, insightful conceptual mind – creative intelligence, perceiver of whole patterns, visionary intelligence, genius, strategy, foresight and planning.  Pallas Athena rules the healing arts that integrate and balance our body, mind, and spirit.  So, visualization, acupuncture, energy body type therapies are helpful tools now.  Both Uranus and Pallas are politically active and seek justice in support of the people and champion the oppressed.  Both these energies tend to be gender neutral or androgynous.  So the theme of balancing male and female energies within and without is emphasized in this chart as this combo positively aligns and affects the Sun and Moon at its fullness.

Feb 2 or 15º Aquarius, about a week after this Full Moon, marks Imbolc, Candlemas, or Ground Hog’s Day for you non-pagans, the cross quarter, mid-point between winter and spring, (or summer and fall in So. hemisphere) the quickening, new hope and germination dreaming time of what is to come before the new shoots appear above ground.  It’s half over, Enjoy!

*Paraphrased from Jose Stevens, Ph.D., The Power Path: The Shaman’s Way to Success in Business and Life, 2002.

02/10 Aquarius New Moon, 12:21 AM MST~21º

02/18 Sun moves into Pisces

02/23 Mercury retrograde until 03/17

02/25 Pisces Full Moon, 1:26 PM MST

Written by Patricia Liles 

Source: http://thepowerpath.com/index.php/power-path-home/the-power-path/moon-updates/514-full-moon-update-1-26-13


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