El Morya: The Power of the Dream

Channeler: Marie Mohler

Dear One,

It is I, El Morya, Keeper of the Golden Flame and Cosmic Ray of the Light. In Timeless Time dear one, All is effortless. And harmonious. It is breathless and breathfull. For ALL is One with the Divine Source, that is everything in all ways, at all times. ALL is everything that has ever been, and ever was, and ever will be. ALL is expansive unfoldments of the Infinite . . . and We are One in that same Infinite, in All Ways.

ImageIn this Way, you are created Infinite. Every Dream is calibrated to the Rhythms of this One True Life Force Pulse. Every thought, every dream, every heart stream existed in the Creator first. For you are a Divine Ray of the Creator’s Light. And thus, you are imbued with all power that emanates from the Core of Source Life Force, and the Core Heart of All.

In the Now Time, which is simply another Ray of the One Time, or Timeless Time, it feels as if creating is returning to the Hearts of All, to be re-awakened, re-membered, and re-activated. Creating is Love’s Purest Light, for it is here that Source Delight, Energy, and Joy thrives in Harmonious Resonance with the Gifts of the Infinite-All That Is. Thus, the Impulse to Create is pulsing ever stronger in the Hearts of All right now, whether conscious or unconscious . . . it is having a new birth within all.

And it is essential that with this surge of the Co-Creative Impulse, many are being asked to return to the Infinite Light they have known themselves to be. So that the Impulse to Create re-aligns with the Creator’s Infinite Heart; And thus, all present-future-past creations . . . merge into One Time . . . One of Living Bliss in the Physical . . . where all is aligned with the Source Stream of the One.

Dreaming is one of the easiest, fastest, and most soothing pathways to breathe Source Life Force into your own Heart Seeds and Thought Forms of Co-creation. It bypasses the resistance of the mind, for the ego is wired to see it as whimsy, or fantasy, and thus . . . to not take it seriously. The ego only likes structure, emotionality, and mind-oriented operations, of which dreaming has no resonance. Thus dreaming virtually doesn’t exist to the ego. It is outside of the egoic realms. Thus the reason dreaming is a perfect lifeline to Source is because it is a vibrational octave beyond what the ego can really hear and detect. And therefore, it streams the Infinite in the Core of All That Is directly into your life experience, without so much as a peep from the human ego.

In this Time of Transition, where All Time has re-merged as One Time, that which is simply Now, this dreaming place is where all densities of lower egoic thought forms are transmuted . . . and the Higher, Infinite Life Force, Creationary Tones are sounded within the ethers, trumpeting a new wave of Love, Harmony, Peace, and Abundance within the Earth’s Gridlines, and thus . . . the New Experiences unfolding for All.

Therefore, we invite you today, to continue the Dream. To continue to stream from your Heart, that essence-full feeling of Oneness with All, in the Time of No Time, or in Infinite Time, for this is what transcends all that is not of the Higher Light. One does not need now to rid themselves of fear. Or clear karma. Or face the darkness. One simply needs to hear the Impulse of the Dream Song, and color their way through the Heart Stream of Infinite Imaginings, to this Inner Place and Destination of Source Infinite Light, Joy, and Abundance.

In this way, you are dialing in to all that is expansively known and available in this Cosmos of Infinite Resources. In this way, you are attuning to the True Power Source, that creates universes, within universes, within universes. As you dream new universes within your Heart Stream, the Dream of Source Infinite and Source Bliss streams into universal experience. And that is the Unified Field of Light you are desiring at the moment. One that is in the world of ether, and quickly making manifest here on the great Earth Mother. Attune to the Joy and Expansive Light Rays in that Creative Life Force. And know that the details then harmonize effortlessly, with the “Already Is” perfection within the Divine Design.

Dreaming removes the word essences of “how” and “when,” slipping past the ego’s systems of relentless checks and monitoring, and into the Light of your Physical Experience. Without ego resistance, those Higher Creations are already flowing to you. For they ARE you.

We in Spirit call out all of the Co-Creationary Light in the Universe to fulfill your dreams, and to Source-fully stream them within the Resonant Light of each and every Heart Seed you plant in the Fertile Soil now. All power has returned to your encoded Light Body, and you are fully engaged now in the brilliance of the design . . . the Infinite of the Dream Stream . . . which is the Infinite of You . . . and the Infinite of All That Is. There is no separation, but simply, One Seamless Core Life Stream.

Bathe in it. Dance in the joy of the Light’s Return. As you Dream, remember . . . and center in the knowing that this is what has always been. There was simply a collective dream to forget for a while. And now, the Divinely Timed Grace of the Dream’s Awakening is upon us. Thus, your Dream, and the Collective Dream, are One, in Infinite Time. All thusly unfolding, simultaneously, into your experience.

Today is a Great Day to Dream. Dream the Light, and Let its Impulse of the Infinite be your Experience. It Is Time.

All Blessings and Love, Dear One. All-ways.

*For more channelings, inspirations, and/or to hear Marie’s New Earth Soul Song, “Dream Seeds” . . . please visit: http://www.newearthlivingglobal.com and http://www.shineyourlightgifts.com. Blessings and Dream Seeded Light to All!


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