For Those Who Wait in Faithfulness – via Julie Redstone

Jan. 10, 2013

Julie Redstone


Beloved Ones,

There are many reasons that delays take place in the complete manifestation of what one’s heart wishes for. Some of these reasons have to do with the soul’s readiness for certain changes to happen and specifically for certain healing processes to be completed. Other reasons have to do with external events and the need for individual manifestations to be linked with the broader context of what is happening in the world. In relation to the latter, there are forces of light and forces of darkness that influence the sequence of events in the world and their timing. Both kinds of forces play a role in the outpicturing of events and in their appearance at a certain point in time.

In relation to delays in what one has hoped for, wished for, or anticipated, forces of opposition to the expansion of light use the waiting period itself to create disillusionment, doubt, and a willingness to give up waiting. They do this directly by influencing the inner mental and emotional life of individuals. And they do this on a larger scale by influencing events that are linked to the manifestation of greater light so that these events do not happen at the most propitious time — the time that the heart anticipates them to happen. Such delays in the appearance of events that one has hoped for, or the disappearance of possibilities for the opening of a particular way that one was certain would take place, are not preventable in many cases. They are part of the dynamic picture of light and darkness as it operates on the plane of duality. The waiting period caused by such delays is a strategy used by forces of opposition that alter the expected sequence of events in order to create discouragement and despair.

What is most important to know in such circumstances where the heart sighs and the will wishes to go forward but cannot, is that the period of waiting, while contracted and limiting for all that one hopes for, is, at the same time, capable of being used by God in order to create a strengthening of embodied light. This is a great benefit to the Earth, even while it may be difficult for those whose aspirations must be put on hold. The benefit is that while waiting, a current of energy that has to do with faithfulness based in love for God is being brought into the physical plane. This current of faithful intention and love has a corrective and healing influence over the lives of those it touches and over the Earth itself. It counteracts the contraction that is produced by forces of opposition, and acts as an agent of change even while energies of opposition may be in the ascendance on the stage of world events or within one’s individual life.

Beloved Ones, while you wait in faithfulness, and even while experiencing the disappointment of delays in what your heart wishes for, an energy of light is being anchored through you by virtue of your constancy, by virtue of your not giving up or leaving the spiritual task that your soul has agreed to and that your heart is aligned with. Such delays in the outpicturing of what is meant to be can only be temporary. They cannot be permanent. For God’s light is stronger than all darkness, being the greater Whole of which the energy of opposition is but a part. And while significant delays can create the appearance of things going in the direction of endless limitation, this cannot actually be the case, since the intentionality of light will always ultimately prevail.

In this time of planetary transition, when great cosmic forces of change are at work in a way that has been ordained since the beginning of time, the oppositional forces which exist and thrive on the plane of duality are working to prevent the full manifestation of light by causing delays. They cannot prevent it altogether, for what is ordained shall be.

For this reason, all who wait and hope are asked to wait in faithfulness, and to know that while waiting they are not merely passing time, but are fulfilling a significant and effective part of the work of anchoring light upon the Earth through their commitment and intention which is a reflection of their love for God. This force, produced by faithfulness, cannot and should not be underestimated in its potency to create change.

We send blessings of love and gratitude to those who have experienced delays in what they have wished for, and to those who wait even in the presence of great difficulty. We bless you and thank you for your devoted service to the purposes of light.


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