Brian, the Dragon: Density and Vibration


Hello everyone,

You may have heard the terms density and vibration thrown around. It is sometimes clear that there’s some relation between the two, however even Brian is a little confused by it. It’s a little ironic because he comes with a Metatronic blending and though he does have a natural intuitiveness when it comes to metaphysics, he has more interest in what you could call “high level” applications of Metatronic energies versus getting into the nitty-gritty details. So a lot of this will be new to him. So that’s where we come in for this channeling, to perhaps fill that gaps so he can accurately reflect these topics for you. Yet, he’s doing a lot of work since we don’t use your terminology or come from your physical perspective and obviously this topic is somewhat technical and the description has to be tailored to your experience. We are giving the energy, and giving his ego a little more control than normal so he can assist with the translation. So now to get into it…

From a perspective of definition, density and vibration will seem different. Density is how tightly packed energies are together. Vibration is how quickly things change and usually these changes are in a seemingly cyclic nature giving the impression of vibration, thus making the word appropriate.

When you throw a few vibrations together, the equivalent of modulation in your science, you get things that change in non-cyclical ways even if their components change cyclically. You are a bundle – or blending – of vibrations, versus just one vibration. You can describe a vibrational level of your physical body, and that’d be more or less an aggregate vibration. However, that’s an approximation. You would have a much harder time describing the vibration of the soul since it is so diverse. Additionally, both body and soul are made of many bundles of different vibrations and even these bundles differ moment to moment along with the aggregate vibrational levels. One moment you feel you are on top of the world, and the next moment you stub your toe on the curb and get upset.

Then you realize while looking down at your foot that there’s a one hundred dollar bill on the ground and you’re happy again. The vibration changes between these three events like a roller-coaster and that is sometimes how it is. On another front, beings like humans have many commonalities between how their bodies’ vibrations work and interact, however even amongst humans there is variation. Nevertheless, you take all beings both with form and without in the universe, you get a huge amount of variation making humans seem very similar in vibration and function. So there is no single set of “rules”. Yet for human beings, obviously you can define some commonalities that usually apply, at least on your world.

However, the main topic of discussion is how density relates to vibration. We’re going to give a relation between density and vibration that usually holds up, though there are exceptions even for your world. All things being equal, higher density usually results in lower vibration because it constrains the flow of energy. The reason for this takes a little expansion of the understanding of what a vibration is.

A vibration is not usually working with energies like your light and matter and electricity, though those are of course form-based energies that carry vibrations, but instead typically working with energy that is more or less “formless”. Some call it light but a different kind of light. We’ll just call it formless vibrational energy. “Well, if it’s formless, then how can it have a vibration?” The answer is because it carries potentials of specific forms, but these potentials are not yet expressed (it is more than one thing at once). The potentials still impact the vibration of this energy. It can be considered “All of the above”, instead of one thing, so-to-speak. Most beings live in this “formlessness”. However, your physical selves live instead in a world that is primarily not “formless” and only a small amount of the energy is formless.

In your world, when you decide what that energy is, then it takes on only the vibration of what you decided to see. The other vibrations disappear from your view, and this “thing” becomes more concrete. Another effect is that the “formless” energies tend to spread out more, and this will take a leap in understanding because they aren’t really spreading out in time and space but you could say areas between spaces, other dimensions or whatever you want to call it. Dimensions can mean a lot of things but we’re talking about formless dimensions. Quite interestingly, where you don’t see a lot of form, you see empty space between worlds, for instance. In the other dimensions, there is no empty space but instead a more homogenous spreading out, so this is unique to your dimension.

Now, let’s forget about the universe for a second and just focus on one world. A beautiful blue world that you call Earth. What you call your home. There is another component to density. We discussed how density is increased when formless potentials become form. We mentioned that thought causes this creation of dense energy and form. Now, what happens when you get a bunch of humans together? You get an interesting effect because thought can carry a density with it. When it comes to the planet surface, a city’s infrastructure is not more dense than an ocean or mountain. It’s all pretty similar density from an energy perspective. In fact, a mountain can be more dense than a city, but from a universal perspective the difference is negligible. But now when you take the shell of a city and you pack a lot of people into it, you get a concentration of dense thought. When you take a world, and you pack a lot more people into it, you get more dense thought.

All things being equal, this dense thought yields a lower vibrational environment. There is a balancing effect, since the concentration of human consciousness also brings in more potentials, more conscious energy, and can counter-act the effect the density to help raise aggregate vibration over what you call time and specifically through social growth and expansion. This is through things like the ability to focus less on survival and having more energies available to explore. Yet, for the individual, the increased density that results is usually more constraining.

The individual seems to suffer. Yet it all depends on the individuals. For, the time you may call biblical times in fact was less dense but also carried lower vibrations across the aggregate of society than your world does now. The individual had an easier time raising their vibration, but the whole of society was lower vibration than yours is now and the average individual lived more in a more primal way. That was their choice. Each individual would have had an easier time at raising their vibration had they so chosen.

So you can see that for the individual, density makes raising vibration harder. Yet when individuals are involved, it is up to the society and the individuals whether or not they choose to raise their vibration. All things being equal, higher density is usually lower vibration. But when you involve human beings and the impact their consciousness can bring, all things are usually not equal, anymore.

The world you are living in right now is extremely dense. It’s denser than almost anything in your linear history and most of you have never incarnated into an experience so dense. So we have to give you a lot of credit. You are very brave knowing full well the difficulty you’d have raising your individual vibrations and the sacrifice it is in order to bring in more energies for the society as a whole.

Now, we are going to bring up one more thing that is important right now. What happens if you can take the amount of vibrational energy available that the high amount of energy the human consciousness brings to this world due to the sheer number of people incarnated, and then also give that consciousness the opportunity to spread out versus being packed in so densely together? You get a rapid expansion of consciousness and a rapid increase in vibration. Does that sound familiar? If it doesn’t, it will very soon.

Well that’s it. Brian wants to apologize for things being very long. He had a difficult time linear-izing what we were saying. We don’t think the apology is needed due to the obvious complexity of the subject matter, but he insists.

Love, The Dragon




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Amongst many things I am a Lightworker ... Language and labels are so very limiting. Most importantly I am a spiritual being in human form living my truth with integrity in divine loving service. ♥
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