To The Newly Awakened


Hi the beautiful newly awakened people,

This is the dragon. It really doesn’t matter who we are, since this message is about you. You have gone through so much in your lives and are now becoming aware that there is more out there. This is such a wonderful time, and such a challenging time. The first thing we want to say is savor every moment of it. It is a beautiful thing.

You are about to depart on a journey, one for which there is no return, there is no looking back.

Know that there are many like you and an increasing number as time goes on. Especially right now, there is an explosion.

Know that you are never alone. There are others with you always. We feel what you are going through, we understand the challenges, we send you love. In time, you will feel it.

You come from diverse backgrounds. Some of you come from religious backgrounds with deep belief systems and traditions. Some come from backgrounds that have been more open. Perhaps some of you have relatives and friends who have already awakened. Some have been seeking for a long time. Others, things just clicked overnight from seeming nowhere. Everyone has a different story.

Know that these are just stories, and what binds all of you are your beautiful eternal souls, which are all existing in harmony and connection of an immense love that is immeasurable.

You will be now seeking and many messages will become visible to you. The most important thing you can learn is discernment. Be able to feel, in your heart and your solar plexus, and with the rise and fall of kundalini, what is the appropriate messages for you. There is no right or wrong. There is just what is more constraining and what allows you to flow more freely. Some carry dogma, which must be released. Use discernment not only on what you learn, but also what you have been taught in the past. Constantly reflect, constantly expand your world view.

Do not be fearful for no harm can ultimately come to you. That doesn’t mean to expose yourselves to energies you do not feel appropriate to you, but it also means do not retract from fear.

Everything you must explore, everything you must work on, is inside. The world is just a reflection of the energies you let through. It gives you a mirror to express yourselves. Through reflection and synchronicity, the universe will reward you for learning something about your mirror. It sometimes will not be obvious what you have been handed.

You are becoming increasingly psychic, increasingly sensitive to energies. You will see things you can’t explain. You are all set up a little different for this and will experience it a little differently. Again, do not fear these things either. Do not fear things you do not understand. Embrace them.

You are all masters, for the word is meaningless. You all have the divine spark. You have all experienced this kind of thing before. No, not exactly the same, but you have gone through expansion before. You could say you are just doing it again out of love of the experience. You are your own guru. There will be guides who present themselves in all kinds of ways, but you are the ultimate guide. You can feel what is appropriate for you.

There is no 12-step program, no process you can follow which will meet all your needs. You are the guide, and you will find the way through your own exploration of yourself. Of making yourself meet your complete potential. To always be growing.

Do not look down upon others who have not awakened. Do not judge them. They carry a spark of the divine. They just don’t know it yet.

We understand there is a lot of emotion pulsing through you. We understand that some of you are at a vulnerable stage emotionally, even if your heart is so strong. We want you to know we love you and there is always love and support if you ask for it. It comes from the universe, through you.

Balance is key. The heart is key. Love is key.

You are amazing beings, and we need to tell you that you will not feel pain much longer, you will not suffer for very long. It will not happen overnight, but it will happen and you will start to see the changes. We love you so much.

We think it is so wonderful what the world is going through, and that we can watch and you can be a part of it.

The Dragon





About Divine Love

Amongst many things I am a Lightworker ... Language and labels are so very limiting. Most importantly I am a spiritual being in human form living my truth with integrity in divine loving service. ♥
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