Reclaiming your Brilliance

Dear Hearts,Happy February everyone! Within this beautiful unveilment as everything around and within you is starting to open, arise, amplify and emanate such brilliance and beauty. The 2013 marker has been anchoring, taking off and opening and as these beautiful light grids are amplifying, speeding up and lightening up all the beautiful changes that have been taking place for you, the heaviness and the density is being so pricelessly cleared out and dissolved, so beautifully intensify-ably being pealed away, so many beautiful gifts of evolvement and the dissolvements taking place. The density being moved right up to the forefront to be shown all of what is not you; old debris that no longer has a place of existence, no longer has a place of residing within your body, within your mind, within your life-stream, no longer has a place of hiding within those deep dark cellars of the archives of the emotional realms, the psyche, the sub-psyche realms; no longer has a place of having an impact within what we’ll call the parallel states of your life-streams, and even the in-depth states of the mind asking “why are these outcomes happening, why have they been happening, where and why have they had these colorful holds upon my life-stream?”

ImageBut now they’re hitting a head; they’re being so brilliantly exposed, shown for what they are and how brilliant you are, as the complete light-being-nesses, dancing with the beautiful light-grid system. You now have the freedom to no longer examine the old energies, old paradigms etc…what is occurring is the old, archaic density is being moved out, moved out, moved out, to where it has no longer a hold, no longer even a say-so nor any effect with in your life-stream. All of these beautiful levels of density, these beautiful states of old echoes within the body and within the head that have been saying; yes but, what if, remember me, remember how it used to be, remember what you used to contemplate, remember what used to be familiar, remember the old, remember what used to be safe, remember what used to be a certain resonance of familiar, remember me? Remember when I used to attempt to keep you safe, remember me when I used to be the part that you would hold on to you so tightly, the grasp that kept you comfortable that watched your back? Remember me, the facets that would protect you from feeling these colorful emotions that didn’t feel so pretty, that didn’t feel so nice; but yet remember me? I was the facets that would keep you as a singularity facet against the whole world, keeping the world out of you, that would even have you pretend to be something that you’re not to attempt to fit and blend into society – all these old echoes, of all of these colorful facets called; these colorful emotional states, called all of these protective-nesses of the egoic structures of the mental constructs; called survival, called these colorful, colorful, deities of identities of how to do this, how to do that, how to protect oneself, how to be protected – that once said, this is so important, that is so important, because to feel insecure, to feel abandoned, to feel betrayed, to feel all these things that felt so uncomfortable – these deities were there. These structures, we’ll call it identifications or anything you want to call it, it was all these protections not to feel the uncomfortability, what was once familiar to you. But regardless, any way you want to look at, it’s all becoming exposed and exposed and complete and resolved and completely powerless, because this no longer has a hold upon you. It is being exposed, removed and dissolved, no longer having a hold over you.

For with in this beautiful marker of February, watch how fast, watch how translucent you’re becoming and how all of these colorful states are being moved out so quickly, so vibrantly, so unanimously but yet so beautifully. Because for one, you have said so vibrantly, so beautifully, “I have had enough.” You’ve been saying so brilliantly so vibrantly; “I have been there and done that. I am no longer willing to play nor be affected by these old conflicted, confined comfortability states. I am no longer willing to play in these old archaic colorful attributes and these colorful ways, in these colorful places, that have nothing but nothing but nothing to do with who I truly am. I’m no longer willing to be afraid of myself or what is. I am no longer willing to be afraid of a tiny little deity, a tiny little twinge of an emotion. I am no longer willing to be ran, or to run from a tiny little false presence of a quick twinge, of a fleeting reaction within a physical form, that truthfully has nothing to do with myself and never really has had any thing to do with myself.”

It has been nothing but that of an implemented state, an implemented, automated, reaction of survival, of protectiveness that you now know has been taught, that has been a protectiveness to be acted out and to be reacted to in many ways and to many scenarios of how to function in a body on a planet, how to protect oneself in a body on a planet; but yet, so often, protecting, protecting, even teaching and being taught to protect oneself with these tiny little deities, these tiny little presences of these tiny little reactions with in the outside world and to the outside world, when in truth, it is you that is arising. It is you that is letting all of this so pricelessly, brilliantly and beautifully hit a head in front of you, to hit a head to arise to a head, but then so brilliantly, so pricelessly, to break down and to die off for you permanently. For you see, as this is dying off for you and around you, it is all being brought to resolution.

For as you are arising dear ones, all of these beautiful deities, these beautiful identities that have been attempting to protect you – they are collapsing. They are becoming so beautifully powerless as you are reclaiming your power. You’re reclaiming your brilliance. But these beautiful deities that at one time served you, that at one point attempted to watch over you, that kept you running, kept you flying – I would not say to your fullest potential, but I would say you’re still in a body on a planet aren’t you? So I would say they did a pretty darn good job; but now, woo-who, great job, congratulations, they are now hitting a head, which is now celebratory time, because they have done a great job; but yet, you have outgrown them. You have superseded and surpassed them, but they also now have become powerless, as you have well surpassed the necessity of requiring them for your egoic survival because the ego has also been expressed and is losing its power over you.

So as this beautiful marker of February has arrived, your heart is opening and you’re now not being ran by these colorful facets; but letting them pop, pop, pop, die, die, die – be dissolved, resolved and letting yourself come forth; you as the Universe In Form, and letting the Universes within Universes within Universes arise and come to life around you, within you and for you. Wow, let’s watch your outside world open, flourish, imminently, emanate for you and around you, because for you see, it is you that is arising; it is the little facets that are dying off and isn’t it quite amazing how your life-stream is opening and these little, little, deities have lost their power over you. But yet, watch how fast even your life-stream, big time, overtime, is now speeding up, speeding up, opening up, speeding up and simply put, welcoming in you, welcoming in your big guns, your manifest levels, your creator levels to take command, to speak through you steer you and journey you. “Higher Levels, Creator Levels, take care of my Soul, my Life, my Work, my Wealth, and my Mind, and my Body, and my World;” and then watching so brilliantly, so pricelessly, how silent these colorful, colorful, identifications and deities become. Because you can call them yours, or you can call it deities that were handed to you, from not knowing any different from a mental construct, from all the attributes that the pure essence of the mind were handed by and given to protect itself, to even at times using these deities to guide its self, to being picked up on so much being picked up, picked up, and picking up on so much for its own very protection, survival and to protect you. You running from it, it running from you until you began to bump heads, lock horns and seeing who was going to win; but of course you were going to win, because you know very well you are not the mind. You know very well the mind has no power over you; but yet, rather than being at odds, can we just gently, easily, quite lovingly, but quite boldly, be very clear that the deities are not you. They don’t even belong to you. But boy are we not going to run from them because they are leaving. They are pop, pop, pop, dying off. They are powerless; but now they are being exposed of their pretense of power.

So as you not run, you turn around, you look at these colorful little facets, right in their beautiful magnificence of their eyes and honor that; this is nothing but a funny little cloud. A cloud of misinterpretation, misunderstandings and wondering why I’ve been running from an interesting cloud of consciousness, an interesting cloud of a conglomerate of thoughts, a conglomerate of interested illusions of all of these diverse uniqued thoughts that make up a cloud of misunderstandings, misinterpretations, a cloud that has created so much that has unfolded, so much that has been presented in front of you, an interesting cloud that’s been lingering around you, an interesting cloud that has even seemed as though it’s been floating upon you and above you and around you, an interesting cloud that is really passing away from you now because its time and affects and effects are now over.

Now you are stepping into the brightest of sunshine ever, called The Whole Universe Opening For You, because you’re not the cloud; you’re definitely not the thunderstorms in the making. You’re the brilliance, the light that is shining right through it and watching the cloud dissipate. For it is this dear heart, you arising through the murk. It is you, without all the struggles, arising through the murk to let the rest dissipate around you and no longer being taken over by the storm. You’re watching all the storms, that at one time seemingly seemed like hurricanes, breaking down and dissipating; but as you are now watching all of it around you as the light-beingness, as creator that you are, watching you and your body arise more vibrantly, more speedily – the vibratory levels hyper-drively amplifying and emanating and metamorphosizing to dissolve the density around you – no longer density within you because now there is no within veil nor separation to hold density because the vibratory levels are going so fast that density no longer has a place to hide or to hold on to your nor a say-so upon you. So let’s decide right now that fear is nothing but a colorful little cloud that is only that of blowing away from you. It is nothing but a whole lot of misinterpretations that you’re asking for nothing but clarity upon – clarity through but yet letting the whole horizon of the whole Universe entirely arise, reawaken, re-vibrantly come to life within every single pore, every single cell, through the whole human genome entirely re-invocating, reactivating and even reshowing itself in the manifest world as a fearlessness is coming to life with in and for you; because fearlessness is who you are. Fearlessness has always been the absence of density, as it’s been that of total light and the total creation of you before the karmic segregation, separation, before all the dogmatic-ness, before all the overwhelming burdens and so much you’ve got to take care of, the so many taught identities that were handed to you that have told you what you’ve got to live up to, so much you have to do, do, do, perform, perform, perform, for the acceptance into that cloud, into the density of it, the condensation of it, and here comes the lightening of it. The lightening is nothing but the outside world demanding and commanding of one’s self. You can even call it a false-sense of one’s self, of who you’re supposed to be rather than who you are.

So why don’t we become the sun; the S U N of creator its self, and as creator its self to eminently shine and blaze right through it. For fear is nothing but the density of that cloud that is so beautifully blowing right by and dissipating. So let’s honor that we’re not the cloud. We are the sun, the S U N as creator its self, of creator its self that is eminently breaking up the particles that even held that cloud in a form, the condensation, even the lightening in place. Hey, we’re not letting that lightening get to us. You’re becoming the beautiful S U N of creator its self, that’s emanating so brilliantly, vibrantly and exponentially through the density because the density is nothing of you. It is only that little cloud that is fleeting away so rapidly, so brilliantly, as the light grids of the planet are activating, even the whole Universe, even the cosmic lattice of the Universe, even around this whole planetary matrix is dissolving, resolving and opening, activating, amplifying, radiating; and the same with your body principle. You are no longer taking in the outside. You are literally emanating through the outside to let your outside world open and metamorphosize to compliment you and letting yourself become accessible into a whole new horizon as your lightness, light-beingness, clarity and omnipotence is emanating and being honored and given to and having a blast.

We love you dearly. Namaste’ dear brothers and have a blast. Happy February! and Enjoy the Beautiful Unfoldments and Gifts! and Enjoy being The Light That You Are. We love you dearly.

Namaste ♥

~ William and Mary Linville



About Divine Love

Amongst many things I am a Lightworker ... Language and labels are so very limiting. Most importantly I am a spiritual being in human form living my truth with integrity in divine loving service. ♥
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