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Divine Mother 5Steve Beckow; On January 4, 2013, on An Hour with an Angel, we asked the Divine Mother to bless us with words of inspiration regarding Nova Earth Day on February 14, 2013. The Divine Mother is the creator, preserver, and transformer of life. She is the first manifestation of the formless Father in matter (mater, Mother).  Here are her words.

Divine Mother: Let us go to the day of love. Every culture on this magnificent planet has days of celebration. And I tell you, we delight in most of them. The only ones that sometimes puzzle us, shall we say, are those when you do self-flagellation, because it refers back to blame and fault and guilt and being unloved. There is a difference between saying to yourself, to another, to the universe, “I apologize, I am sorry,” and beating yourself up emotionally, spiritually or otherwise.

But there have…

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About Divine Love

Amongst many things I am a Lightworker ... Language and labels are so very limiting. Most importantly I am a spiritual being in human form living my truth with integrity in divine loving service. ♥
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