~ Opening the Door to the Higher Self ~

ImagePosted by Peter Panayiotis Karanikas
on February 12, 2013

Throughout the ages, in all cultures, people have shared their experiences and the wisdom they have garnered on the path to opening the door to the higher self.

And at times the methods have seemed quite disparate.
This disparity has been the primary driver of war over the years.
Even when the disparities have been a variation on a theme.
The problem has been that people tell the story of the ascension process. And that story is relevant to the person telling the story. Because it has worked for them. In their life. At that moment in time.

And so while the story is effective, it isn’t necessarily effective for everyone.

And not necessarily applicable with the changes in planetary energies that we are now experiencing.

In all those stories however there must be common threads. The threads that make up the process of ascension.

Ascension, being a quantum experience, is not bound by 3 dimensional rules and instructions. It is by its very nature, conceptual. And as a result, it provides for a great deal of flexibility when it comes to the execution of it. Which is why all paths lead to God.

The question is what steps do you take whilst on the path.

What is the process….


-Give pure intent to enlighten.

This is essential.

When you give pure intent, you are sending a message to the universe that you are serious. that you are willing to do whatever it takes. The universe responds by creating the synchronicties in your life that you need to fulfill this goal. It is the essence of co creation.


-Choose your path.

And remain resolute to it. Regardless of what happens. The truth is that if you have given pure intent then you have already chosen your path. Stay true it. Because the universe will.


-Have faith in the process.

If you have given pure intent then the machinations are already in place to make things happen for you.

It is easy to get discouraged when you appear to be getting no results. Or worse still when you feel like you’re doing an impersonation of forwards backwards man. One day, you’re a rooster, 3 days later you’re a feather duster. And inevitably, you tell all those around you that you’ve finally broken through. You’ve made it. Only to find yourself being used to clean the dust off the chandelier a week later.

In my experience this was one of the hardest part of the process. I would get so excited that I’d tell anyone I could maneuver into a corner.

People soon became tired of the rhetoric. even though it was all true.

It is also discouraging to work so hard, get all excited at the win, and then find yourself sucking eggs again. Regardless of what anyone else thinks. if what you are doing is getting you results, keep doing it. Remember, you can’t undo millions of years worth of karma in a few days. It can work like that. Especially in the new energy. But realistically, it doesn’t. The metaphor of peeling off the layers of the onion applies. You have to get through every single one of them. And the closer you get to to the core, the stronger the smell. And the greater the tears.


-Make it THE priority in your life.

When all is said and done, opening the door to your higher self is just a skill. To get good at it you have to treat it like a professional sportsman treats training. Or an academic treats study. Enlightenment is not something that you can do part time. There can be no distractions. It allows for no conflict of interests. It must be the priority in your life for an indeterminate period of time. It is something you must absorb yourself in. You can not leave yourself prone to any of the negativities of the outside world. (mainstream media and conspiracy theory blackout blackout is essential). You cannot allow yourself to be a victim of the workplace woes. Or relationship issues. It is a one hundred per cent personal journey where you learn to fall in love with yourself. If you commit to this, the universe will keep its side of the bargain and provide for you.


– Give up expectations. Allow the way to open up before you.

Forget about what you think you need or want.

Forget about when you want it.

Forget about what you are going to do.

Forget about where you are going to go.

In giving pure intent, you give the universe permission to set up the synchronicities that are necessary for you to achieve your goal. (applies to any goal). The universe has a great advantage over us. It contains and sees all potentials. and so it knows what you need to get the job done. And it is reasonable to assume that if you’ve been thrashing away at your goal for some time now, and you haven’t achieved it, Or you keep just missing the mark, you don’t know what you need. The problem with having expectations of an outcome is that you close yourself of to other options. So when the universe offers you those options on a platter, you disregard them. Until after you’ve made the same wrong choice and say to yourself, “I knew I should have done that”.

This is where raising your vibration becomes critical. Vibrational frequency is one of the mediums the universe uses to communicate with us. It is the quantum tap on the shoulder that tells us to take notice of something. Anyone who doubts this clearly hasn’t been a part of the 11 11 phenomena.

Living a synchronistic life is merely taking this principal to its logical conclusion. You leave home and you discover the route and destination when you get there. Responding to the unconscious taps on the shoulder. Noticing things that you wouldn’t normally notice. Just knowing that its important. You think of someone and they happen to be on that path.Things that you require appear. Not necessarily in the form you expected or wanted. But in the form that you need. In a form that you would have disregarded if you weren’t vibrationally equipped to notice that particular tap on the shoulder.

The most difficult part of this step is you get what you need no sooner than when you need it. Faith in the process whilst panicking is paramount here.


-Have fun with the process.

Otherwise stick to your day job.


Beyond this, the details are yours to fill in. There is no right or wrong way to do this. No more so than when a mother expresses love to her new born child. There are no instructions. It is instinctive, It is beautiful. It is quantum.

The door to the higher self opens when you love your inner child like mother.

And once that door truly opens, it will never close.



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