Lovely post from Dee Taylor-Mason!

As the planet earth moves through the time of your year 2013 the energetic changes will be experienced by everyone in their own way. Whether focusing on personal issues from past events to challenges with giving up a way of life held onto from the understanding change is taking place.The change will be viewed by all the galactic helper and it will have an enormous effect on the galaxy and the ripples of the energy release from the cleansing will form a tsunami of energy awash around the many galaxies. This is taking some time to dilute the effects for all to become in balance and with this the extraordinary challenge of the transfer to another dimension as it is being pulled into place . It will be a difficult ride for those who are not prepared for the changes and challenges often hidden from the reality of the extent of the massive change. A feeling of déjà vu at the same time a time lapse of trying to remember who you are and not being able to connect with the energy imprint of the you of the past. A love vibration will be felt soon to allow the transition to be a comfortable time as with the power of love takes the feelings of fear away. Even though around your world there will be many disasters both man,made and a natural progression the feeling of love will form a cushion to the feelings and emotion.Love has always been the key to the events taking place you and many like you have held the light and love in your vibrational field for a long time and this has given the grounding for all to now experience.
At this time you will also find your wishes coming to pass as you witness all the things you wished for arriving some at great speed this is the vibration you will be in the 5th dimension. A preparatory time of transition to adjust to the knowledge of the power you now hold. Those who still live in fear will block the change, as fear is the block to all things, love manifestation and truth for the individual. Allow yourselves the time to enjoy the state you find yourself in as this is the next stage of the transitional pull of the earth into the new orbit of the new age every one has been waiting for. The full and complete time of this transition is ever changing as there are many more coming to the understanding of what is really happening you call this an awakening this is so. Added to the fact of the DNA changes being carried out now, the dream state you are experiencing will become obvious as you slip between the realities of the new energies back and forth, this can and will be confusing, you only need to hold onto the the belief all will settle in time . We have seen many time lines for this adventure we call this an adventure as it is a journey taking you beyond the understanding of anything you have every dreamed of experiencing as we say many time lines are shown all have the end result of being perfect for there could never be anything other than perfection as you have all taken a major part in the part played out for this, all this is on a level of understanding this is all the game to played and played over and over until you decide which way to go. Every permutation dreamed has been accessed and played like a game of chess with many masters. Allow this time to be as you would dream it would be, remove ideas of fear and encompass the Dream reality and go straight for the biggest dream you could ever imagine.
Train your mind trust to know the truth,Love is the key you have heard this repeatedly, trust your judgement and believe in who you truly are a creator god with the hand of the divine always guiding you home.

~ Channelled by Dee Taylor Mason ♥

About Divine Love

Amongst many things I am a Lightworker ... Language and labels are so very limiting. Most importantly I am a spiritual being in human form living my truth with integrity in divine loving service. ♥
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