There is a New Tonality Shaping You

Message from Shambhala, through Nehru with Archangel Michael and the Council of Light

Telepathic Transmission – 20 January 2013

As you listen to your own heart, you hear a deeper tone sounding now.

This tone is your resonance with the New Earth.

It follows you throughout your day, alerting you to openings, to subtle yet very real possibilities and to your alignment, which when you shift out of, you will notice more acutely.

This new fundamental is growing in reverberation. It is permeating and en-training all of life on Earth to it’s harmonic tendencies. This is reflected in new ideas for being, as inspiration and impulse within every form of life. New plants and life forms will be spurred to evolve. ImageNew ways of being will emerge in humanity and in your ways of collaborating with all life–on the planet and beyond.

This is a powerful time dear ones. The knowing within you is how you find your way and this knowing is amplified by this new fundamental. This pedal tone of the New Reality has a wonderful quality to it–it loosens you up. It vibrates in such a way as to create more space within you. This increase in the space within you allows you to carry within your field, proportionally more of the Unified Field. This makes your intuition and inner knowing stronger, clearer, and more prominent in your awareness.

You will find that life opens up quite significantly for you and for everyone as a result of this new fundamental tone of being which is the New Earth.

As part of the New Earth you carry this tone within your energy structure and it also is shaping your structure from within. You are becoming more strongly identified with the Earth. You will find yourself more interested in your Earthly life. You will find yourself surprisingly less interested in etheric or spiritual things. Please allow yourself to smile at this knowing that you are enlarging energetically and identifying with larger fields of light and this is an expansion, not a diminishment of your divine true nature.

All of life is calling forth this expansion in their own stream of consciousness in their own way. On Earth you are re-learning why you thought it would be fun to play here and re-encountering the old dreams and wishes you had.  We hope you find ways to look at them with new eyes. Your old eyes are so weary. They create so much pain in the way you feel. Let yourself have new eyes. Invite your eyes to be re-made by the fundamental tone of the New Reality. Let the other civilizations and cultures within the New Earth–the hidden cultures of Shambhala and Telos–let them also support you in creating new eyes.

It is through your eyes, or what we mean as your perception, that love is recognized. It is everywhere. Until you know this, keep working on your eyes.

We love you.

I am Nehru, I am part of Shambhala. I speak to you with Archangel Michael and the Council of Light. I am very happy to connect with you now.

Channeled by Meredith Murphy

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