Walking In The Light.


Master Kuthumi’s Energy Body

A Meditation Tool

I have been waiting for the time to give this gift to humanity and actions were put in place to bring forth this gift of love.

Master Kuthumi

When someone is able to advance closely enough to end separation between themselves and their Creator, the Creator’s energy patterns become imprinted on their energy field. That is what you see when you see that diamond shape.  That shape is God’s imprint on my soul.  Each one of you have this also, but is not activated.

This picture can help with this activation if there is a desire and intent to do so.  This will become a most important tool for Ascension.

Note from Carolyn Evers,

This was the first thing that I heard from Master Kuthumi when I opened the box that contained this picture.  To give you a little background for this picture, Master Kuthumi is dictating information to me to be published under the title of Walking In The Light.  I wanted a picture of Kuthumi for the cover and he said there were enough pictures of him readily available and that he would prefer a picture of his energy body used instead.

A friend of mine, Carol Heywood, can see energy and we worked together during the Harmonic Concordance.  I asked Kuthumi if he would sit for her, so that she could paint his energy portrait for the book.  Since the Master and the artist were willing, it wasn’t long before Master K, as he named this picture, sat for her and this is the result.

Carol said his energy was so powerful that she found it difficult to capture a ‘snapshot’ of energy so dynamic.  His movement and extra dimensionality are identifying factors that she could only allude to in a flat painting.  She added that Kuthumi helped her and it came to life with a rich dynamic quality that she was happy with as a representation of his energy.  She said he helped her also by suggesting brushes to use.

Giving more information of the picture, Master Kuthumi states that the diamond shape in the middle is God’s imprint on his soul and that each one of us have this also, but it is not activated. This picture can help with this activation if there is a desire and intent to do so.

He suggests that one carry this picture on their person and glance at it occasionally.  Even a copy of the picture will help attune one to the divine energies as they are called to their physical frame.

So you see it is important to call on these energies.

Think of yourself as a river of energy that connects to the source as indeed this will act as a connection between two energies to smooth out the connection between the two.

Tell others that I am a lever to catapult one to the energies of the Christ Consciousness. One can call down that energy or one can look upon my picture and it will attract that energy to the body.  The body must be healed so that the energy of the soul can connect to the higher vibrations.

The more times one views this picture, the more energy one can move between the cells of their body and dissolve incompatibility between the lower vibrations and the higher vibrations. It is necessary to dissolve pain from the past incarnations that reside in the energy body of humanity.

The purpose of this picture is to dissolve the past hurts, past pains, grief, trauma of deaths that came violently, pain of isolation from love and death of hope.  This picture will bring hope and love and joy when all the sludge of past karma is released from the cells of the body.

Green is my healing nature.

Purple is the energy of dissolving problems of all types.

It is equivalent to St. Germaine’s purple flame.

I have been waiting for the time to give this gift to humanity and the actions were put in place to bring forth this gift of love.

All heavens sing your praise, Oh, you great ones.

You have decided to come at this time and heal the wounds of Earth and the spiritual hierarchy gives you the gift to heal your bodies from the past pains of all your incarnations.

Blessed be to you and blessed be to us who serve the enlightened way of light as it flows forth from the creative hosts.

“I am the way”, Jesus said.

I follow the way and assist him in every possible manner

And this includes the healing that comes from this picture 


Master Kuthumi was St. Francis in his last lifetime.

He gave the picture the title of Master K.

Right Click Here and choose Save As… to download a high quality copy

of the Master K image.

Source: http://www.gaius-julius-caesar.com/html/kuthumi.html



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Amongst many things I am a Lightworker ... Language and labels are so very limiting. Most importantly I am a spiritual being in human form living my truth with integrity in divine loving service. ♥
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