Dissolving the “Old” patterning

I have blogged previously about the pull of the “old earth” but now I share further experiences in order to help you at a time where you may be faced with deep ancestral patterning, patterning so deep that you may FEEL something is amiss but be in effect blind to what is going on.

Let me explain a bit further, from the moment I incarnated into my human family I felt different, many of you may resonate with this, over and over people tell me how they felt “different” and felt singled out by those around them. This of course is down to your energy signature and the coding that is contained within said energy signature.  From a young age I struggled, I resisted the confines of the classroom, questioning the teachers where others Imageaccepted, teenage years of pushing boundaries especially in modes of dress/music saw me at loggerheads with my mother often.  My mother constantly placing societies rules on me and me consistently challenging them.  What I saw as self expression my mother saw as an attempt to embarrass her and the phrase “what will other people think” was ingrained in my mind.  Others in my family have also taken this stance.  I had believed that I had brushed this all off but the ancestral patterning embeds deeply.  Acceptance is vital in this harmonisation and ascension process.  All of my life I have looked for acceptance from others and never achieved this, of course now I realise and understand that the only person who needs to accept me is ME.

I have never fitted into societies rules, on becoming a mother it was often said to me that I could no longer dress the way I had prior to having my son, “mothers dont dress that way”. What difference it makes to parenting a child dressed in black with bright red hair I could never understand but society states that mothers “blend in” and that to dress “differently” and stand at the school gates is not permitted. So the conditioning started to take hold and the war that battled within me also began. For within us all is who we are and who society will accept, the two not always in harmony.

During this harmonisation and ascension process deep ancestral patterning will begin to arise within you that needs to be cleared, you are NOT your family, you are not the clothes that you choose to wear, YOU are YOU. This may sound very obvious but YOU may have gotten lost back in childhood when the school that you attended attempted to mold you into who society expects you to BE. Those who have incarnated onto planet earth to help move the human race out of the old earth and into the new are now faced with the challenge to dissolve ALL that the human race has been taught.  This challenge may start off relatively easy for the layers of the onion start off in a “safe” zone. Many patterns are relatively easy to see, you can of course only dissolve something that you can see. The conditioning within the human race is very deep, so deep often that you may live out some of the conditioning without becoming consciously aware of the actual patterning.

And so it has been for me over the past few days. For “some reason” I chose to share my decisions with my sister, this provoked a reaction within her that then triggered me. It was the triggering that I wrestled with, after all I am a grown woman, a mother, why would I need the permission of my family to do what I am intending to do? obvious question and not so obvious answer at first.  I am blessed to have the support of SOUL family and one of them asked me why I had made the phone call to my sister. This was my starting point, for that was the conditioning that was playing out that was so deep I could not see it. Seeking approval from a member of my family was ingrained within me, so deep that I didnt realise what I was doing. In my mind I was phoning her to “keep her in the loop”. This phrase is used deliberately. How often do you use this phrase with others? “The loop” is the old earth energetic patterns that keep us within the boundaries of life as perceived by those around us.

In TRUTH the universe and my SOUL has taken me to this point in my human life experience to accept and be responsible for ALL life choices I have made and to realise the power that is within the choices I am now asked to make FOR MYSELF. No longer defaulting to what my “ex husband” wanted to do or “ex partner” or “mother” or “sister”.  At times I have perceived this as abandonment.  At the start of this year the universe and my SOUL placed me in a postion that saw everyone I was in contact with “taken away”, in the space of literally a few hours everyone who was in my life disappeared. This at the time was a huge energetic and emotional shock. I went from having “support” to having “no one”. This of course is the smoke and mirrors of the old earth. What the universe and my SOUL were showing me was TRUTH, there were those in my life who were not TRUTH but I was blind to this, allowing various scenarios to go unchallenged despite the FEELings that I had within me that were trying to tell me that “something” wasnt right. I chose to listen to my head that taught me that as I had known some of these people for years that they were then TRUTH.  This is not a stance to take for the HEART KNOWS TRUTH and TRUTH JUST IS. Events have played out since that have confirmed this guidance and withinout the space that was created to allow me to SEE this then I would not be where I am now. Again I would have allowed myself to be held in a “loop” that saw others makes decisions for me and manipulate my views and actions.

It is important to understand that I am not laying blame, the manipulation that goes on across the planet is not always conscious, it is born out of the teachings of distortion that teach that SELF preservation is vital in order to survive. This is not TRUTH, ALL ARE ONE and all are reflections of one, if you see yourself as competition or someone else as competition then you dance with these teachings. We are all here AS ONE and living AS ONE. If you start a war of words with someone else in TRUTH you war with yourself for the other person is a reflection of you.

And so it is in my own life with the reflections shown to me through my immediate family. The layers of conditioning that state that responsiblity for your actions is always laid at the feet of others is strong. I am responsible for myself and for my child and that is where my responsibility ends. I am not responsible for the life of my sister or my other relatives, they have choices and they have made choices, I may not agree with them but then it matters not in TRUTH for I am not them.

My point in this blog has been to highlight how our human family may try to manipulate our actions and our decisions not from any deliberate malice but from the teachings of distortion that are ACTIVE within their energy systems and which you then pose a “threat” to by choosing to step out of them. For in stepping out of the teachings and the ancestral patterning you bring in a new frequency. This is expansion and as the human race has been taught that “change=fear” expansion is something to be feared by many within the human race.  In our role as lightworkers and wayshowers we are now asked to step out of the boundaries that our human families have placed upon us and show TRUTH. To show those we share this planet with that expansion can be JOY, PEACE and HARMONY. That choices to step out of boundaries can WORK FOR YOU and help heal and transmute the old patterning.

I am at this time moving through more layers to be dissolved but each layer that is dissolved shows me more FREEDOM and more TRUTH. I am now creating from the heart, no longer bound by those in my life who may have opinions as to what I choose but cannot choose FOR me for they are not me.  The new earth calls to ALL who are within their heart space. For seeded within your HEART is TRUTH. TRUTH JUST IS and is the guide for ALL who have awoken to the new earth frequencies.

I did not incarnate onto this planet to follow “rules”. I have always stated that I have just one rule, that is “there are no rules”. Creation of the new will see the human race walk where it has not walked before, contained up until this point by the lower dimensional energies of 3D earth.  NOW I accept who I am, now I accept that I am responsible for me and no one else. NOW I move into the new for that is where I FEEL expansion and where I can FEEL TRUTH.

If you are faced at this moment in your human life experience with choices I would guide you strongly to go within and to go into the heart space. TRUTH FEELS EXPANSIVE, containment will feel restrictive. Be guided by you FEEL at all times and FOLLOW YOUR HEART. The human logical mind (mine has certainly tried this) may attempt to go into overdrive and attempt to try to “solve” the rest of your life in one big picture. This is the human logical mind trying to maintain its status for the human race has been taught to THINK their way through the human life experience. The HEART KNOWS TRUTH and the universe and your SOUL merely ask for you to choose, then take a step towards that which resides within the heart space. TRUTH JUST IS and the new earth energies will then work to bring you that which resides within your heart. The fighting forward and struggle is now over, creating from the heart will be akin to breathing once we have stepped out of the old patterning that teaches struggle.

“Ignite the heart space and watch as miracles unfold”.

DREAM, BREATHE, BE and allow the universe to show you TRUTH.

By Karen Doonan, May 2 2013 5:58AM

copyright Karen Doonan, all rights reserved


Source: http://www.thegalacticportal.com


About Divine Love

Amongst many things I am a Lightworker ... Language and labels are so very limiting. Most importantly I am a spiritual being in human form living my truth with integrity in divine loving service. ♥
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