Triple Eclipse GATEWAY ~



This triple eclipse presents strong opportunities for direct star family contact, strengthening of the merge with the Higher Self, and acceleration of the Shift. The gatekeeper’s mission becomes aligning vortexes, sacred site wormholes and energetic portals all over Gaia with the interdimensional stargates and gateways blasting us with light at the moment. These gateways can be unlocked/aligned now through the MaImagey 10 eclipse, right through to the May 25 Moon/eclipse.

Interdimensional light flows through Multiverse Center-Universal Center- Galactic Center-Alycone-Sirius-Second Sun-Solaris Sun, and now we have microwormholes permeating all dimensions with Divine Will, Divine love, and Creative Light Intelligence in a brand new way. This may provide the sensation of being galaxies away and directing encoded light to your grounded Self and all of Gaia’s life. Work with Solaris and Galactic Center if you are unaware of the Sirian-Pleaidian alliances.

April and May present us with opportunities which we planted on a timeline of accelerated ascension. It is always our free will choice to utilize the opportunities. We place these things in alignment with cosmic events as REminders along collective timelines. If we choose a collective experience of acceleration, we get it. If we participate with pure intention in zero point – devoid of ego, emotion or judgment – we receive activations (open up those microwormholes in the mitochondrial DNA) which benefit the collective. We will quite literally be showing HUmanity what is possible for them to experience.

Opportunities for advancement are always enhanced by cosmic timing. We are using the same triggers that our misguided brethren have used for steering the collective into fear. It is no coincidence that the last attempts look so ridiculous to the awakened – and many unawakened. The frequency of the planet, the parallel ascended Gaia, the incredible light intelligence flowing into the collective reality are creating a platform for mass awakening. It is working despite the doubts and fears which many conspiracy followers are spreading. Please dissolve those remaining doubts and do the work. To know and not do anything is to not know at all.

The magnetic buffer between thought and manifestation is disappearing – that’s literal magnetic fields in your own DNA, your own cellular structure. Use this to your advantage, and learn learn learn how to clear the subconscious nonsense that does not serve unconditional love, peace and Ascension.

Photonic light demands order, balance, harmony and responds to requests for the same. Intentions for acceleration of the Shift are amplified when we use cosmic timing to create levels of unconditional light intelligence which reveal and dissolve all that is not in the highest interests of all concerned.

~Sandra Walter


About Divine Love

Amongst many things I am a Lightworker ... Language and labels are so very limiting. Most importantly I am a spiritual being in human form living my truth with integrity in divine loving service. ♥
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