✿ Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on 25 of May ✿

This eclipse is a lot about adventure, with the Moon in Sagitarius, opposing the Sun in Gemini, this eclipse is asking us to explore.  ImageFor all of us is going to be a revelation about some truths, being very interested in knowledge, experiencing, communication, due to the link to Sagitarius, which is very interested in experiencing, to know things by experiencing, so many things will be revealed in our lives, about others and especially about ourselves.

When Neptun squares other planets, can be a bit tricky, especially squaring to the Moon, because Neptun squaring to the Moon, when you are experiencing, even when you have the Sagitarius experiencing knowledge, or even if you are very intuitive, you can`t really rely on it with Neptun there, because it tends to confuse, to show you a truth, then another one…some people can deal with that very well, they have to trust, but some people who are a little bit controlling type, they do have some problems with that.

Remember, energy transforms. What appears to be a loss or leaving your life, there will be something new being born or emerging. The challenge is there to work through lingering unhealthy attachments to people, things and issues… The Neptun square will reveal itself to be a good thing, because it`s supported by Saturn, it is a sign of letting go, ending and new beginnings, but in the same time, not taking major steps or big decisions and be still, breathe and see what happens. “Intention: “I AM Trusting the Process as it Unfolds for My Highest Good and Path”  ( ~ Veer )


“Tonight’s Full Moon (10:25p.m. MST) and the Eclipse at 10:11p.m. MST) will be a welcome change to the intensity we have felt throughout this month (from the last Full Moon and 1st eclipse of April 25). We have done so much shifting, rearranging, upgrading, letting go, moving into a higher vibration and more; that it will feel peaceful and healing, as it wholes us into being the Masters that step by step we are becoming. The Eclipse will anchor whatever shift you have made; settling into your entire body, cell by cell, molecule by molecule, till you are vibrating in nothing but Light; nothing but Love. This is a respite for a short bit till we begin the next phase.

The time for Ceremony, if you want to empower, is just before the Moon is full. If you want release, do Ceremony after the Moon is full.

And now for awhile we can observe how this all manifests in our lives. You may be guided to begin something new, revisit an old dream or simply be in Observance. Whatever it is you are guided and choose to do, know that this is indeed a blessed time; a universal gift, if you will. So enjoy, breathe it in and know that you are an amazing Light Being that is nothing less than Love.”

(Kara Schallock)

Much Love to you All,



About Divine Love

Amongst many things I am a Lightworker ... Language and labels are so very limiting. Most importantly I am a spiritual being in human form living my truth with integrity in divine loving service. ♥
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