The separation from one’s Truth

The separation from one’s Truth, the fact that they are love, their origins are love, plays a monumental role in the belief of separation.  Not loving creates a lie, which causes pain, which is also a lie because it is born of a falsehood.”

970099_533194516727020_1507977859_n“You are wise,” I said quietly.

He nodded just slightly, without answering, but I heard his thought. “We are all wise. It’s just that some have forgotten.” 

“Do you have any answers for all of this?” I asked, nodding slightly at the distant Earth, drifting silently in the distance.

“The energy is changing on Earth,” he advised. “The opportunity for each person to become more as one with their own truth is upon them now. 

I speak of this key to healing for it is, indeed, a great key.  One can not build a new reality upon a foundation of old pain and misunderstanding.  Many think they have healed past the wondering of why they were not loved.  But it is easy to toss such pain into a corner, toss a lot of platitudes upon it, and consider it healed.  As the time for transition rapidly approached, it would be wise for people to look within themselves for these secrets that they hide even from themselves.  Find the truth that you really were, and are, loved, despite the 3-D appearance of things.”  He finally turned to me, “I can assure every person of this.  Each person is loved by all others.  I say that without hesitation.  Life on Earth causes people to behave in ways that are not their truth.  I am here to tell them what the truth really is.”

He paused and scanned the great skies for a silent moment, his dark eyes sparkling with the bottomless compassion that I’d always known him to give. “Life on Earth has been a matrix of lies for a very long time,” he finally said. “Things are about to get much more real.” He turned to stare into my eyes with a gaze that was eternal. “If the people want to embrace the next layer of real, they need to begin within themselves.”

My infinite feelings for him wouldn’t allow me to speak. I simply nodded.

And then he said the same words to me that my ex had spoken to me, from ‘the other side.’

“I will see you when you get home.”

Taken from Lauren’s blog:


About Divine Love

Amongst many things I am a Lightworker ... Language and labels are so very limiting. Most importantly I am a spiritual being in human form living my truth with integrity in divine loving service. ♥
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