Dear souls of light. Although these recent shifts


Dear souls of light. Although these recent shifts in frequency via the full moon and lunar eclipse are so amazing and incredible to go through, there are many who are feeling alot of pain and discomfort during these global changes that are taking place. Sudden illnesses appearing, fatigue, sleeping issues, depression, anxiety, anger, cramps and a host other uncomfortable symtoms just seem to crop up and look as though they have no end in sight. Rather than continually resisting and fighting the struggle of all this discomfort, it is time to actually embrace it with love by turning inwards and really listening to what these messages are trying to say. The struggle we feel which comes from the pain body is a catalyst for even more growth, it is there to guide you and to help you understand what deeply needs to be healed, let go of, forgiven and loved. These shifts are very intense and they are going to be felt by many much like a pressure cooker releasing it’s steam; just think for a moment of a volcano that lay dormant for many years and then suddenly under the right circumstances it is ready to finally release the pressure and all that has been buried beneath it’s surface. YOU are now ready! YOU are finally FEELING what has been buried and what has remained dormant for eons; not just from this lifetime but from many other lifetimes of pain and discord. We are bringing everything that has been broken apart by discord back into it’s whole state again. You are balancing the divine masculine and feminine aspects of WHO YOU ARE. All of this may have not been felt until until now or it may have been gradually building up over the past few years!

It is time to listen to your intuition and believe the messages you feel are real and valid, coming from your Higher Self who Knows it’s own wisdom and healing abilities. You will need to FEEL what the body is trying to communicate instead of continually denying it and ignoring it. What is your body and your Higher Self trying to tell you? I believe that if we are in need of prescription medication, we are also in need of balancing something wthin by listening to the body and healing in other ways also. This way we get to the core of any discord/imbalances within the system that is trying to make itself known to you. Only you can know what is right your own personal journey. You will need to really listen and be completely honest with yourself about what the body may be trying to communicate with any discomfort that may surface. If things feel as though they are not working, explore other methods of healing during the transitions. Get in touch with yourself, spend time just feeling with no judgment and connecting to what is going on within your mind and body. Perhaps you have lost that deeper connection to nature and the earth, being wrapped up in the fast paced daily grind of society, numbing down the pain that continues to creep back up to be heard and felt; to be healed. Each one of us is very unique, so there is no clear cut answer and one size to fit all. If you are questioning something, it usually means your intuition has kicked in and that area needs to be explored deeper.

Learn to trust in the insights you recieve. They are real and valid intuitive guidance helping you on your beautiful unfolding journey. Stay strong dear soul, for you are never alone. Your Higher Self knew it could handle this 3D realm and all the lessons here, because it knows your strentgh. If you couldn’t handle it, you would not be here right now, incarnated on earth, experiencing what you are going through and reading this message. We are banding together like never before, holding the torch for all who are walking this path. We are all growing in unity. When I utter the words “We are ONE and we are LOVE” please know that they are really meant and said from the heart with the vibration of our deepest truth. LOVE you and much gratiude for being YOU!

~ Abigail Wainwright



About Divine Love

Amongst many things I am a Lightworker ... Language and labels are so very limiting. Most importantly I am a spiritual being in human form living my truth with integrity in divine loving service. ♥
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