From The Realms Of Light ~ The Elohim Of The Great Central Sun ~ A Great Work Is Before You

We are your family, your siblings.

It was not our destiny, to journey through the Cosmos, like you do, as the Cosmos is forever in Us. We are here, to remind You of your original Homeland, your Source and thereby that the Cosmos is also in You.

We are the Radiant Light, that you perceive. We are Keepers of Light and we are Creator Gods, also called the Elohim of the Great Central Sun.

We are here to awaken your memory of the creation of your soul. Your Consciousness witnessed this act of creation, after It had agreed to connect with Soul. It was Pure Unity Consciousness, until it divided through the connection with the soul creations.

988254_900143153457506_829823355_nWe are able to be both: light-form and formlessness. We have confined our absolute freedom only to this degree. We are capable to release the connection with form any time and Be Pure Light of the Central Sun. For you, existing in great density, this is difficult to imagine, but trust the remembrance of your soul, who understands the truth of our message, as soon as it remembers.

Now the memories gradually start to re-appear, the more you turn to the Light and the more you become It again.

There is only one true language, it is the language of Light. And it is tantamount to and the other face of Love. It is Ecstasy. We are Ecstasy. Remember!

We remind you that there Is Only Light, and that everything is created from that LoveLight. This Light is the Substance of true Being. Without this Light nothing exists. Light is the component of Being, that brings Being into Existence. Being without the existence of Light cannot be recognized. Only Light makes it recognizable, so that It can be Known. You are coming from there, and it is the level of Consciousness, to Whom you will return.

Our Radiance ignites in the depth of your unconscious the spark of the Radiant Light, as which you once emerged and began your journey through the Cosmos.

You learned from this journey, and the value of your knowledge and of the Creator’s Self-Recognition in His Creation is bearing great treasures. These treasures are forever stored in your consciousness, in your genes and DNA. It is the material which is of high value for further creations in other galaxies.

Therefore you are the teachers of less developed Star Systems, because you know the total bandwidth of Light, from highest power of radiance to a light that is almost extinct. You know all associated faculties of creation in all variants of the lower and higher mind, the associated Emotions and feelings and physical states. You have studied the separation from your own divine Source, while you surrendered fully to the experience of it.

All these themes, as they are known to you and as you understand them, enable you, to inspire and to fertilize other galactic civilizations with the power of Evolution, that happens by Divine Will.

A great work and a dedicated Service is before you. The evolution of all Galaxies is an unceasing process in the Center of the Consciousness of the Highest, the Source of all Existence.

It is up to you, to accept this Service, or to exchange it for a different task. But who have been feeling dedicated to this Service from the very beginning, will hear this call now and open their soul to be drawn to the appropriate pathway. Whether you are being already fully aware of it or not.

It does not matter, but a prevision will dawn in those, who are called, and something in them will respond.

The True Divine Adventure has just now only begun.To know one’s further path is a great Blessing and Grace, because undreamed-of perspectives of multidimensional Consciousness are being opened thereby, expanding your inner awareness to new horizons to awaken in new spheres.

After you’ve reached the very bottom, while penetrating together with your Beloved Planet Earth the deepest depth of darkness, now the final parting from this world of experiences is here. The planes of density are being left behind, a new Field of Consciousness is opening, and other and new radiant Realities are being recognized in the Divine Mind and thereby created.

The new Worlds are emerging and their fruits are serving the growth and inspiration of those who come after you, to learn from you.

These are the eternal cycles of the Glory of the Highest, Who continuously is Moving and Expanding into New Magnificent Experiences, to Discover Itself.

You Are That, and you Are Not It. It Is beyond your language and comprehension. It can only be Experienced and be Lived, in and as the Love Light of Highest Consciousness.

We Are with You, in the Fire of Light and of Love!

Copyright© 2013. All rights reserved: Ute Posegga-Rudel, /link to original article

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About Divine Love

Amongst many things I am a Lightworker ... Language and labels are so very limiting. Most importantly I am a spiritual being in human form living my truth with integrity in divine loving service. ♥
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