The information below comes from the discussion group on Lightgrid called “12 Rays Of Light” found at:


But meditating with the video below with the Mahatma Energy channeled thru Anrita Melchizedek & Anthony Citro is what will really immnensely help you embody the 12 Rays of Creation in helping you grow spiritually & ascend… a most powerful video indeed. Enjoy ! ! !

~The Twelve Rays of Light ~
Channelled from Mahachohan Saint Germain 29-10-08

I am Saint Germain the Mahachohan; this means that I assist the Planetary Logos Lord Buddha in overseeing the mission and purpose of the Rays of light.
I predominantly oversee the third ray of light which is focused on manifestation.
The third ray of light assists all twelve rays of light in materialising and anchoring into the Earth.
It is for this reason that I supervise the rays three to seven as these are most needed on the Earth currently and are extensions of the third ray of light.
Each ray of light extends from the Creator’s mighty soul through the universe and anchors into the planetary level of the Creator’s universe. A ray of light holds its own special vibrations and colours expressing certain valued sacred qualities of the Creator’s soul.
I wish to share the main principles of the twelve rays of light to begin to clear all false beliefs and false information that is circulated.
People have connected to and understood the rays of light for many years, channels have brought through the meanings of the rays and the masters connected to them to help others evolve and experience the rays. Many are forgetting that as the Earth and humanity grow and evolve so do the rays of light and their chohans. Especially in this current time many masters are occupying the positions of chohan or governor of the rays for a limited amount of time as they are evolving to new positions to allow others to learn and grow with the assistance of the rays of light. Many people continue to use information that was given years ago as their guide to connecting with the rays, this is fine but much has occurred since. As time doesn’t exist on the inner planes people on the Earth can still connect with the past chohans and draw on the energies of the rays of light but it is important for you to focus on connecting with the new energies and higher vibrations of the rays that are available in our modern day.

It is important for all to remember that the rays of light have become stronger than ever before, they are integrating deeply as one as are their chohans which is making it increasingly difficult to distinguish which master is overseeing which ray of light. Many are working with several rays of light. I hope that you will accept with an open heart and mind the enlightenment that I now wish to share with you all on the Earth.

.Main Rays of Light………


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Amongst many things I am a Lightworker ... Language and labels are so very limiting. Most importantly I am a spiritual being in human form living my truth with integrity in divine loving service. ♥
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