What is My Purpose




At some point in life the question will asked ‘What is My Purpose?’

Most people try to find their purpose with a background of ideas and concepts gathered from other people, religion and philosophy. They want to be and do something that will help them to feel good about themselves, other people and the world they live in. But trying to find our purpose outside ourselves is like trying to catch our own shadow. For what we are really seeking is freedom from all illusions. The outer expression is nothing more than mere play of energies; it is the power and intention behind what we do that it is Real.

Purpose and Life cannot be imagined or fancied. The joy and freedom of the soul is spontaneous, it comes naturally and without effort in the fullness of the Present. Living and acting spontaneously is as natural as breathing, but we have been trained to separate ourselves from the one great Infinite Consciousness and being someone other than ourselves. To live purposefully and with joy we must have no attachment to false ideas, beliefs, and expectations of past or future. For when we pattern our life on these, there is fear and conflict which destroys spontaneity, happiness and joy. To live on purpose we must be entirely free in mind and heart from limitations and the need to imitate or please others. We must strip ourselves naked completely from false judgments about what is spiritual and what is not; what is more valuable, revered and meaningful. We must let go of false expectations – “I will be happy if… I will be happy when….” Also, we have to let go of the need of placing conditions on our happiness. In other words we have to let go of expectations that indeed something or someone outside of self will make us happy. We make a success of our life when we still the mind and allow the perfect expression be brought forth by God within. Life itself manifests without our personal effort. The purpose will be established by its own power when we allow Love to dominate our every thought, word and action. In truth, there is a place within us that already knows how to be the presence of Love. When we come to know this part of us we find our purpose and we will know that Spirit is in all and Love embraces all things, trusts all things and thereby transcends all things.

When we grasp this fundamental principle, we can see that finding or living on purpose requires a genuine desire to free ourselves from limitation and imitation of ideas and beliefs in the world of form, which limits and confuses the full expression of our Being. When we cultivate habits of mind and body that are in harmony with the Truth and essence of our being, our heart is filled with love. There is no more anxiety, no more striving to be something that we imagine we should be. Instead, we become free to act and follow our joy without hesitation or judgment. We do not need to wait for conditions to change before we act. We do not need to wait until we gather more knowledge, more resources or courage. We do not need to wait for anything to happen. We are free to extend our love in whatever form we wish, for love does not require any set of conditions to exist before it extends itself.

The purpose of life then, is to realize that there is a perfect consciousness within us that does not require to be made perfect; when we realize our oneness with God, there is no power external to ourselves greater than the Power within. Then, we can simply allow God within to work and express through us our unique treasure which is unbounded and unlimited. In this is the ecstasy of the purpose of Life!

Love and Blessings

~ Angelica & Terence Atman

Source: www.atmans.co


About Divine Love

Amongst many things I am a Lightworker ... Language and labels are so very limiting. Most importantly I am a spiritual being in human form living my truth with integrity in divine loving service. ♥
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