Full Moon Energies

~ Enjoy the Full Moon energies my precious friends and family, paving the way for the Equinox energies over the weekend ~

“Through the sacred cosmic Fire of Purification in this month of September and the rituals that you create on the Full Moon, you are taken deeper into the alchemy and magic of being able to draw to you, to magnetize and attract what you are needing in any given Now moment through your manifestations and co-creations with the Company of Heaven.

ImageWithin the third eye a beautiful diamond star-tetrahedron activates and is now experienced within each one of the chakras. As it enters the heart chakra you experience your heart’s dreaming, amplified through the Full Moon, and creating a pathway for the Equinox on September the 22nd. For at the time of the Equinox energies an equal amount of day and night is experienced ~ in unity, Spirit and matter merge ~ and you experience too the merging of your Beloved I AM Presence. And now, the 13 Cosmic Christ Holographic Discs re-activates through the spinal column taking you into a deep sense of Christ Consciousness, of Unity Consciousness and into the Pathways of Divine Love. The beautiful copper-gold and pink-gold Fire of Purification amplifies, activates, and embraces All That You Are as these sacred transfiguring flames of Divine Love.

You now find yourselves now within the Heart chakra of Mother Earth, within the crystalline matrix of Mother Earth’s Light Body, surrounding Mother Earth and all her Life now in these beautiful copper-gold and pink-gold flame of this sacred Cosmic Fire of Purification, through the Overlighting of Helios and Vesta.

Wonderful, sweet ones. As you find yourselves back in your sacred space now, the Arcturian Emissaries of the Light come forward and offer to place you in a Purification Chamber of Light. You allow yourselves simply to surrender to this experience, connecting into the Inner Earth Sun, to the Golden Sun within your Hearts, to the Sun, the Central Sun and now the Great Central Sun ~ to Source Light and the Cosmic Heart of all Creation. You are aligned through all dimensions of Light available to you, knowing that you are indeed purifying yourselves of every human mis-creation, deed, thought, and action, no longer needed to be experienced in this Golden Age of Light. Wonderful.

Just keep this connection of Light open to all these Beings of Light, sweet ones ~ and to the crystalline matrix Flame of Purification coming through from the crystalline heart of Mother Earth, and these sacred copper-gold and pink-gold Flames of Purification. Stay as long as you are able in this sacred space, in the knowing that you are already experiencing Unity Consciousness, and the One Reality of All That Is.

So we thank you for your service work, and with this we bid you a most magical day”.

Anrita Melchizedek

About Divine Love

Amongst many things I am a Lightworker ... Language and labels are so very limiting. Most importantly I am a spiritual being in human form living my truth with integrity in divine loving service. ♥ My sites: Awakenchild.wordpress.com Pleiadianslove.wordpress.com
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