Eclipse Full Moon in Aries (October 18, 2013)


Once again your Mirror of Memories has reached her farther station, placing Earth between herself and your Star. The two Lights of your World, the Daykeeper and Nightwatcher, stand facing one another and their opposition holds another message of Truth to guide your steps…For they are here for you, as the Giver and Reflector of that Spiritual Light of Understanding which will always be, to ever hold you true to your path.

 At each New Moon, a renewal of meaning is released so that you might be guided in your next steps upon the path, to weave into your Life this next unfoldment of your Spiritual Becoming…And at each Full Moon, there stands revealed for you a profound yet essential message and challenge, of why and how you must live in and by “The Way”, the Golden Chord of Spiritual Truth, which you find and forge by walking the Integral Path.

For these two seemingly opposite Ways of Being, these Royal Pairs of King and Queen are part of a Greater Whole in which you abide. So they, and you, cannot be fulfilled without this Integral Dance whereby their meanings and messages come to be formed and revealed in their varied combinations and integrations with one another.

These Spiritual messages are marked out and measured in these six pairings of the twelve-fold Zodiacal Energies, of Aries and Libra, of Taurus and Scorpio, and so on, and it is these that inform and guide your passage in this life, and in life after life, as you move from the darkness into the Light.

This Full Moon is even more special, as it is also a partial Lunar Eclipse which was noted in my General Forecast for 2013:

Full Moon Eclipse in Aries (October 18)

The third Full Moon of 2013 brings a new theme as it moves backward into the sign of Aries. Here is a map of where the eclipse will be visible. It will be seen in most of the North and South America (though not the entire event), Europe and Africa and most of Asia.

The Earth is casting its shadow upon the message of the Aries Full Moon. This Full Moon would normally offer a counterpoint and balance to the current dominant theme of the Sun moving through Libra. But the message is hidden by something in your present circumstances. You would normally need to re-assert yourself a bit more to counter the Libra trend, but perhaps those webs of collusion are making it difficult to parse the “I from the Thou”…

The Challenge of Understanding you face here, is how are you to mutually balance and reconcile these opposing energies…How do you hold and keep to the Libra way of the “We”, the Sun’s Song that sings now of your need for Harmony and Accommodation in Relationship…How do you do this as you feel this strong pull of the Moon, which is eliciting those memories, those precious remembrances of the Aries way of the “I”? You Feel the Necessity to remain true to your Unique Essence which you may feel you have surrendered overmuch, and so you lean towards the Aries path of Self-Assertion.

Your Consciousness is forming through Libra now, but your Feelings are calling you back towards Aries…and so you will find yourself caught here, between your head and your heart…and you will struggle and suffer as you seek to find the “right way”, to do right by your Partner but also for yourself too.

And this is precisely what is asked of you now. To see that both of these are part of the greater experience of your Self-Becoming. For your “I” finds Happiness is meeting with the “Thou”, and that as you gaze into one another’s eyes you see looking back at you a Unique Being, a Special Presence that is different yet complimentary to your own.

The Answer is found in this, by holding to your True Self and they to theirs, you can both enter into this Space of Relationship without losing yourselves at all, but rather you will experience the Integral Joy of greater Self-Realization and Sharing too. That your Individual Selves and your Relationship will mutually enrich one another if you will hold to this Middle Way.

Spirit always offers what is needed,
A gentle reminder, a way through.
That as you come closer to one another,
You must be equally true to yourself.
For only in this Integral Way,
Will you be true to one another too.
There is but one Path, One Way.
You must hold it all Together,
Your Head and Heart,
And Find the Way of Wisdom,
To Find your Way to Truth

~ Bill Attride



About Divine Love

Amongst many things I am a Lightworker ... Language and labels are so very limiting. Most importantly I am a spiritual being in human form living my truth with integrity in divine loving service. ♥
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