Let’s Dance, Sing and Shine our Soul and Spirit Light and Songs Together With The Full Moon Eclipse

– A Creative Take by Heather who is NOT an astrologist…. but who does love dancing, shining, and singing with the planets.

There is a lunar eclipse in the sky at present apparently ruled by Mars and Venus – what I have written about this is my own creative slant .

You may like to look at a more professional view here :


According to those who know (I am not claiming to be one of those) the planets involved are Mars and Venus, the Sun, and of course – the Moon – and not to forget -dearest Earth. This looks like a dance between determination and a quest for harmony – with Father Sun guiding and Grandmother Moon, in her fullness and wisdom, illuminating anything hidden, and there could well be something hidden as Neptune is involved.

It is interesting how a lot )but not all) of astrologers seem, from my research, to focus on informing us of the darker aspects of planets . Having been born a PIsces according to Tropical (westernised) astrology I resonated with and felt stifled by the darkside of Neptune for a long time – until one day – into my late forties by then -I decided I had had enough of the stories of darkness associated with the Pisces star sign. Within a week I met someone who told me I am in fact an Aquarian in Vedic (ancient) astrology. Grateful, amused and amazed that the Universe had heard me and acted so


I shall take this harp of my life. I shall tune it to the notes of Forever. – Tagore

quickly to assist me, I started to see myself differently! So much so, that I no longer identify with any one sun sign, but find myself exploring my relationship with all the planets, noticing when they hover or line up around Earth, and me.

Now days, I aspire to (guided by the Natural Law of Oneness) focus on and embrace all the ‘light’ aspects of the planets as they weave in and out of my life, and I take more notice at the new and full moon sky, and at the time when I return to my birth time – to see who (the planets) is around me, guiding and bringing in light.

Looking at the planets around us all right now with the moon in its fullness, we find Pisces, ruled by Neptune, brings in Creativity and Service to Humanity and Creator, and Aires, ruled by Mars, Braveheartedness and Passion, and Libra, ruled by Venus (which is the Sun sign we are passing through in Western astrology right now), is Harmony and Graciousness – so this is a wonderful time for all of us to aspire to these great qualities as we go into the eclipse.

A lunar eclipse by the way is apparently (according to those who know) when the moon, sun and earth are aligned, and the moon passes directly behind the earth for a while which is in the middle. If we identify with the earth, because we are part of it, we sit in between two bright lights which when blocked out in some parts of earth when it sits in the middle of the moon and sun for a while, creates a moon shadow that allows us to go deeply into the shadow parts of ourself. Our True Nature can then be fully illuminated and transformed in the returning light of the full moon. Unlike a solar eclipse, which is over in a few minutes, there is more time for this to happen energetically and actual time-wise.
More about exact time of the eclipse and full moon here: http://earthsky.org/tonight/hunters-moon-to-rise-as-the-sun-sets-on-october-18#when

Now, here is the trick, when we adopt a fabulous attitude of always searching for the light in ourself, in others, and our experiences – the ‘shadow’ too becomes the light – and how many of us hide,in the shadows, our ‘shining’ aspects – the divine gifts we have been given? Often it is our ‘greatness’ that we cannot see – as a counsellor/psychotherapist for more than 15 years, I hear constantly about my client feeling he or she is not good enough – they are always searching to own their ‘shadow’ dark aspects – all too quick in self blame – BUT – what of the shadow ‘light’ aspects? I cannot tell you how hard it often is to get someone to admit they are good at something – or talented – gifted – bright – smart etc….. Tall Tall Tall Poppy Syndrome.

I used to frustrate my astrology teacher no end – as you might imagine – with my creative spin to astrology. But you see – I just look at things the way I look at things – I don’t just accept what the ‘experts’ say- I search for what brings me JOY and an opportunity to expand and shine – always. I search for a productive way through the threats of what we might ‘expect’ to happen. I am still learning how to do this. It is simple really, it comes back to the Fifth Way in The 8 Ways I teach – which is to “Be Present” – sit and watch – yourself – your surroundings – the sky – the moon – the creatures – the wind – your feelings – your thoughts – your words – your visions – the signs – you triggers and reactions – other peoples triggers and reactions. You learn, when you do take the time to d this, how to consciously observe and manage your energy – and when and how you create more or less of this. The quest for finding light and Joy in everything and everyone is in the Fourth Way, and the capacity to turn things over quickly is found in the Third Way. All the Ways assist in this process of being an ‘expert’ in uncovering one’s True Nature and walking consciously and confidently in the world (http://www.shamanicpathandpractice.com/the-8-ways.html)

So back to the planets – we are entering a lunar eclipse -full moon phase right now (if you miss it don’t worry – remember The Law Of Opportunity that reminds us of the abundance, compassion and benevolence of the Universe – and also – Mercury is in retrograde in a few days and you can revisit this – lol as astrologers read my spin) and why not be aware of that? Why not go inward as the moon and sun hold you together to see what is illuminated in your True Nature, without the masks and limiting beliefs, that you have never been brave enough to embrace before. Bring it all to the light – into its Fullness.

Thank you for allowing me this opportunity to explore my thoughts on what it happening right now, and if you would like to know about what is happening from a new moon perspective this month – my dear friend and professional astrologer of long standing – Chirone Shakti can surely tell you – I love what she says about our light:

“In life, darkness often obscures our light. The light is always there, it’s just that we forget, or ‘stuff’ happens and we cover it up”.

Here is Chirone’s website:

And in Brisbane – a full moon gathering for women in business is warming up: http://www.chrishendersoncoaching.com/women-howling-at-the-moon.html

It’s off to Work I go – Hi Ho Hi Ho
Let’s Dance and Sing our Soul and Spirit songs under the Full Hunter’s Moon together!

Love and Blessings

Heather Price Author


About Divine Love

Amongst many things I am a Lightworker ... Language and labels are so very limiting. Most importantly I am a spiritual being in human form living my truth with integrity in divine loving service. ♥
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