Get Ready ~ Mercury retrogrades in Scorpio! ~

Mercury retrogrades in Scorpio! Until November 10th our minds will regress into the darker elements of the past. Revelation and discovery will transform words, thoughts, perceptions, and futures. Spiritual advancements will be made through the shedding of internal fears and the recognition of harmful patterns of the mind. Egos will be showcased without disguise for the world to see and reckon. Lies will evaporate and bring pain to their owners as higher forces align against the wicked and subversive.

This retrograde will lead our minds to focus upon the forgotten things that must yet be reckoned. On the 3rd of November, as our Sun is eclipsed in Scorpio, a prolific unveiling that will shock, awe, and stagger will sweep us into a powerful new phase of life transformation. The intensity and magnitude of the coming changes will dwarf all of the previous experiences of this year. In the days leading into this eclipse it is most wise to confess, absolve, devote, and consecrate in accordance with the secret guidance of our hearts. Hands will be forced beginning on the 3rd.

ImageMercury’s retrograde will induce and incline mental energies toward investigative ends. This energy will beckon us to identify internal limitations at the core levels that are hidden from the world. What is it that holds me back? What is the root of my pain? What must I transform to manifest what I desire? What must I heal to prosper? These questions will become typical thoughts and contemplative focus as Mercury retrogrades in the House of Mysteries. Be diligent in your internal investigations.

Power and its transference will prove to be a major theme of our fall and winter and Mercury will most certainly author its part in these exchanges. Expect life circumstances to naturally reveal where power must be gained, apportioned, or removed and expect these scenarios to become major points of contention. Communicate with the goal of positive transformation in mind whether for yourself or those connected to you. A season of great transformation is upon us with the Sun to enter Scorpio on the 23rd of October. Strive to play a positive role as the drama unfolds.

Psychic enhancements will find the spiritually dedicated to fortify their ability to know the secrets that they should. To God nothing is hidden and to those who serve God secrets are revealed to aid their ability to serve His will. If you are sensitive to cosmic forces or are naturally intuitive expect heightenings and sharpenings to hone your senses. At other times sacred knowledge and esoteric inspiration will stimulate new philosophical breakthroughs and personal empowerment. Remember that secret and sacred belong to the same House in the Zodiac so safeguard what you should.

The emerald will soon become as powerful as it will for at least one year with Mercury, Saturn, and soon the Sun to transit its House of prefecture. Experiment for yourselves and learn of its marvelous and mysterious effects by wearing, carrying, meditating, and sleeping with it. Its energy will help you to create the brightest from the active potentials, transmuting even the darkest things into Light. There is a reason why Masters have revered it throughout history. Gift it to one in the midst of extreme hardships or to the one who must make profound personal transformations in a short period of time.

Be cautious that the retrograde influence can impair rationale and reason by way of emotional extremism and psychological disturbances. Make extra effort to think and communicate with clarity and honestly, including with internal dialogue. Lies will run rampant among those disconnected from Spirit – be conscious of this and scrutinize words where you should. We can expect the typical retrograde complications in communication, coordination, and technology – do not let them take the swagger out of your spirit. Exercise prudence and sound judgment to avoid dangerous entanglements involving sex, drugs, crime, money, and power. The price to pay beneath this retrograde can be extreme.

For those who walk the Path and who have love in their heart expect the focus of the days to revolve around positive life transformations, resource access, profitable exchanges, sacred empowerment, and the deepening of spiritual living. Make time to meditate on the profound subjects that your minds are guided to. Seeds will be planted in our minds that will blossom beyond Mercury’s prograde and entry into Sagittarius. Be receptive, be peaceful, and be fearless as revelation deposits itself into your memory banks.

Mysteries melt through time and space, ascension brings us to His grace. Our souls must climb the cosmic rings, besting all the things they bring. These rings are not what they seem, but planets prodding toward the dream. With souls as cream we’re meant to rise, soaring through God’s cosmic skies.

Alchemy can change our life, bringing bliss where once was strife. As I write I take delight, the darkest souls will soon feel fright. Mercury will make its mark, exposing what is veiled in dark. So hark and hear and listen close, astrology makes for quite the dose. It will give perceptive power to see the truth in every hour.

Philo-sophies are woven with, stars and lore and lies and myth. Be careful what you take for truth, but God will pay your faith with proof. Be sure of this ‘cause I won’t lie, the truth is timed to transits high. This means that the planets speak to those whose souls have reached a peak. Shed the bonds that weigh you down, God awaits to place your crown.

So Siriusly,

Astrologer Salvador Russo



About Divine Love

Amongst many things I am a Lightworker ... Language and labels are so very limiting. Most importantly I am a spiritual being in human form living my truth with integrity in divine loving service. ♥
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