~~ Breaking out of the shell that was created FOR YOU ~~



YOUr SOUL at this time is now trying to manifest that dream, letting go of how you EXPECT it to be delivered is key, for the universe is abundant in LOVE and miracles, your human logical mind has NO reference point for these miracles for you have never experienced them before…..

Energies over the past linear few weeks have been intense, at the moment many of you may FEEL that you have no idea what is going on in your life and at times may FEEL almost at the mercy of all that is now unfolding. It is to be remembered that YOU create your own reality at ALL times and that your SOUL is guiding you, whether you are conscious of this or not makes little difference albeit becoming more conscious of this TRUTH will help you when all begins to unravel. It is the unravelling that is now unfolding, for in order to live in TRUTH and to remember who YOU ARE in TRUTH you must first of all dissolve all that you have been taught that you are within the old 3d earth paradigms. As this is done person to person then the outer waking reality in which the human race has been taught to stay within will begin to break down and crumble. This is a result of the increase in awareness of the creation of reality at a personal level. This is not something that is happening around you, it is happening within you. I have touched on this subject before and this blog will address it once more for it is relatively easy to fall to the illusion, especially at this time when all APPEARS to be crumbling and the outer waking reality begins to shift continuously.

 It is the shifting that will unnerve you at a human conscious waking mind level, within the old 3d earth you were taught to continually reference the past in order to create your reality, but this creation was always distorted, for the past is not real anymore than the future is real, these are constructs created by a logical mind that has been TAUGHT to act this way. The mind is not your ally in all of this process for the mind cannot process the layers of reality that in TRUTH exist. For many of you the moving to a higher frequency will result in moments where you cannot recognise anything around you. This may be sudden, in which case you may feel a very real sense of anxiety and panic arise within you or it may be more subtle. Personally when i have increased in frequency I let it all go, I may eat, may sleep, may drink but I allow ALL ELSE just to flow for as long as it needs to before I can make sense of it all again. This is a way of working with energy that I have begun to use regularly over the past few weeks. Acknowledging that often in a movement to a higher dimensional timeline there is a sort of “catch up” for the human vehicle.

Personal interactions with the realms/races are now preparing me for the next part of this human life experience. The guidance more and more clear and this will now flow out around the planet, for ALL who are here to work to birth the New Earth in TRUTH will be made highly visible both to the human race and to each other. This will cover ALL sections of human society not just what is termed the “spiritual” community and becoming more aware of this will help you at this time. THERE ARE MANY, MANY people in the world who CARE and who are anchoring LOVE and COMPASSION and it is now the time to place your focus on these people and NOT that which is dissolving. In order to illuminate the old 3d earth many took a stand and they are continuing to help those who are what is termed “asleep”. However at this time there are TWO WORLDS that exist, the old 3d earth and the NEW EARTH. BOTH are working at the same time, for many of you this may be a wander back into the old 3d earth in order to understand the reason for the New Earth and this see-sawing may occur for some time. The key to all of this is balance, reference the old 3d earth dying but do not attach to it, ENERGY FLOWS where YOUR FOCUS GOES. So focus on the NEW, the LOVE and the COMMUNITY  that is planet earth.

There will be times when the old 3d earth discovers what I term ” a chink” in your armour, this is the deepest fear that you have and it will be used against you by the old 3d earth. It NEEDS the fear to survive, working to move through any fears by pouring the LOVE that IS through them is key in this part of the process. This should be taken for the confirmation that is needed at human conscious waking mind level that YOU ARE shifting and into a higher dimensional timeline. CHAOS is the precursor to a movement in your energy signature. Acknowledging the chaos but not emotionally interacting with it is the key. It is not enough to sit on the sidelines and to wait any longer, birthing your dream into the waking reality requires movement at human conscious waking mind level. Something the old 3d earth will try to confuse you with, as you interact with the drama but DO NOT EMOTIONALLY CONNECT then you will find the miracles that are there waiting for you, for your SOUL is trying to show you TRUTH at all times.

There are huge changes now unfolding around and within YOU, YOU are the key to your life experience at ALL TIMES and that key is now beginning to unlock others around you, for as you change your energy signature you affect all that is around you. There is no “future” that is planned and that you are aligning to at a world level, this is a concept that is created from the old 3d earth paradigms, many are looking for the bigger picture whilst filtering out that the bigger picture is whatever YOU want it to be, for only YOU are having this life experience at this time on this planet. ALL may share your reality but only YOU are YOU, again I would ask that you process my words through the heart space for this concept is something the human logical mind may try to filter out completely. YOU can have the life of your dreams, if you could not then you would never dream it.

YOUr SOUL at this time is now trying to manifest that dream, letting go of how you EXPECT it to be delivered is key, for the universe is abundant in LOVE and miracles, your human logical mind has NO reference point for these miracles for you have never experienced them before. Perception is a key also at this time, look at what is unfolding but also look beneath it, we lose no one, we lose nothing, for ALL JUST IS. TRUTH will remain, all that is not TRUTH will dissolve, look to who remains in your life experience and LOVE that is all that is asked of you at this time. LOVE is the answer, no matter the question and LOVE is something that your human logical mind cannot feel for that is not the role of the mind. ONLY the HEART can FEEL LOVE, open your heart and LOVE SELF and then allow this LOVE to flow freely out into the world. For ALL JUST IS and YOU ARE.

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c) Karen Doonan, all rights reserved


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Amongst many things I am a Lightworker ... Language and labels are so very limiting. Most importantly I am a spiritual being in human form living my truth with integrity in divine loving service. ♥ My sites: Awakenchild.wordpress.com Pleiadianslove.wordpress.com
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