New Moon in Scorpio Solar Eclipse November 3, 2013


We are entering the CAVE of The Temple.  Scorpio is the underworld.  Many of us by now have navigated this place well enough to have gathered some Wisdom.  We have been in the lessons of that which has long been hidden, that which is buried, denied, and feared.  That which dwells in the caves of our heart; in the underworld of our life’s experiences.  We are uncovering our own lost selves.  We are gaining our own Trust once again, and releasing our apathy and our self-denial.

Sagittarius comes after Scorpio.  In Sagittarius we rise to great heights of Inspiration, with a fighting Brave Spirit, and vital energy to take us out into the vast Cosmic Universe.  There we are the Wild Stallion.

Venus the Goddess, currently moves through Sagittarius offering us expansion, broadening our perceptions, and heightening our intuition.

Next month we will bask more fully in this field, but for now we are heavily under the impression of the lessons of the Scorpion.

On this New Moon there are 5 Planets currently in Scorpio – Mercury, N. Node, Sun, Moon, and Saturn.  The Scorpion is a shamanic creature.  Its venom is a catalyst through a purifying process. It is a fire that purges through the being renewing and reactivating on the deepest levels.  It is an initiation, a death, and a rebirth.  It brings us down, and in, and through our deep selves.  And then the Scorpion morphs itself into the Eagle – Spirit.  From shadow to light the Eagle soars towards the Heavens.

There is beauty in all creatures.

Why are we so afraid of what we are? Of what is?  Why such a great fear of loss and fear of the unknown?  Life always promises Beauty and Love!  This is ever present.

We must shift our perspectives from a place of expectation from the “known” – to Trust in knowing that Love is in the unknown, Love is in the release and the letting go, Love is in the death and the rebirth, Love is in the transformation.  Life loves us.

Shifting perspective from Fear to Faith, in the promise that Love’s presence is constant, is the way to peace.



About Divine Love

Amongst many things I am a Lightworker ... Language and labels are so very limiting. Most importantly I am a spiritual being in human form living my truth with integrity in divine loving service. ♥
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