Divine Self: Ageless Awareness

Children of the Infinite, you are no doubt free to explore any avenues of consciousness that you wish, including that which may seem to be “unconscious.” However, the grand purpose of all your worldly experiences are to help you become confident in knowing that you are, in truth, in the eternal safety of God, even while your earthly form appears to experience separation and duality. As you increase in self-confidence in FEELING your Divine Inner Being (the “Kingdom Within”), you mature in consciousness and become less attached to *things.* As you become less attached to materiality, manifestation of your thoughts and emotions actually becomes faster and easier for you, since there is less “value” (attention) placed upon physical reality as being so “real” and “important,” thus less resistance and friction against your True Nature. You begin to realize (with your “REAL EYES”) That which is truly real and important, and This is LOVE. Real Love. Divine Love. Ageless Awareness.

ImageThere are many who speak of aligning body, mind and spirit, yet the teaching in this message here is even simpler: All is Consciousness! All is Universal Mind! There is ultimately no “body,” no separate minds, nor a spirit that needs to be aligned in a trinity in order for there to be balance and harmony. Balance and harmony, My children, exist eternally for you here and now, and indeed this is a growing realization. The “lightbulb” of your awareness grows brighter and brighter as you give-in to your Divine Inner Being, learning to more fully trust in Me, Divine Self, as your Constant Inner Reality. As you lighten the load of your personal awareness, your attention, of those ideas that do not feel empowering to your soul–through surrendering your feelings of burden to Me–you refine your body (which is a form of Consciousness) as well as your personal mind (which is likewise a form of Consciousness), bringing them into closer communion with the Holy Spirit, Who acts as a “bridge” to Infinite Intelligence. Yet, in truth, if you were to see as I see–with your REAL EYES (Real-Eyes-ation)–you would behold the Infinite Realization that I AM “closer” to you than the breath that flows through your nostrils. There is no real distance. I AM That I AM Eternally Here and Now.

Perhaps you feel that you would like reassurance of this realization, for all of you reading this can recall instances where your bodily reality seemed more ethereal or dreamlike to you, as you were more identified with mind instead of matter, and thus you felt closer to Spirit. Many of you are quite familiar with such states of consciousness through your meditations, guided meditations, positive visualizations, happy daydreams and even within your joyous dreaming experiences while your body rests. During such pleasant experiences one does not even need to consider a “religious” type of deity, for the very FEELING of joy itself is proof of That Divine Reality which cannot be known by the human intellect. Indeed, I AM closer to you than you THINK, and the “proof” that the ego asks for is always held within those choices you make that give you a definite sense of RELIEF from fear and guilt. This is not a “sweeping under the carpet” of repressing fear and guilt, but rather an owning-up to your responsibility as creator of your personal reality.

Ageless Awareness is God. It IS It. Time has no meaning apart from those minds that give it meaning. And the Universal Mind, which is Infinite Intelligence, knows no birth nor death, nor any separation. Your “Age of Aquarius” is indeed a new age of “intel,” where your human understanding of intelligence is being vastly redefined within a two-thousand-year span, although not quite as your astrologers may think, because this time-span–as you are all discovering–is not actually linear in the way that you were taught. Erroneous THOUGHT (simply meaning thinking that is not very much in alignment with Spiritual Truth) equals error in that which you are TAUGHT. Awakening to Ageless Awareness is thus a “process” that is not actually linear as you understand it from a human standpoint, but rather it can be said to be SPIRAL in movement, yet in a multidimensional sense. When you insert IT (God) and U (“you”) in SPIRAL, you have your word “SPIRITUAL,” and this is by design. There are no mistakes in creation! All happens in perfect orchestrated synchronicity, even the “evils” of your world. Why? The real question to ask your Self, Me, Divine Self, is “Who am I really?” or “What am I?” (both of which are essentially the same question).

The “why” is always about an event, a happening, a *thing,* and this is a trick question that never satisfies the ego, whereas an HONEST INQUIRY into your True Identity, posed to your Higher Self, opens your mind to the Still, Silent Reality of God, where words and even the concepts of “who,” “what,” “where,” “when,” “why” and “how” are non-existent. The SPIRAL is a symbol that represents I AM, which is GOD IS. To INTUIT is to “INTO IT,” meaning to “go into It,” meaning shifting your attention to the Kingdom Within, your Divine Inner Being. Of course, it is only until all other questions are exhausted, so to speak, that you, Truth-seeker, ask the God Within the Golden Question, “Who am I?” Do not expect a specific, “this-is-it” type of answer, or else you are playing the ego’s game. The human mind cannot pinpoint IT, God-Source, because God exists beyond all points of reference. The One Point that you must pass through, however–the true “eye of the needle”–is Zero Point, and this is symbolized by your ancient Egyptian symbol known as the “ankh,” for passing through it is analogous to awakening to Divine Life, Eternal Life.

You cannot carry any weight nor gravity into the Reality of Heaven, and thus this is a gentle reminder to be more willing to surrender your battles to Me. Surrender them, and I show you that they do not truly exist (only, for you, in your soul’s imagination do they seem to appear in your human reality). This is what TRUE FORGIVENESS is all about: surrendering your grievances–even your attachments to joyous experiences–and clearly perceiving through them, beyond them, into what is Eternally Real and Changeless, the Ageless Awareness. “God is not mocked” ultimately means God is not moved. Remember: God IS. That, My children, is the Changeless Truth, which even these words do not justify.


Simon NightStarr


About Divine Love

Amongst many things I am a Lightworker ... Language and labels are so very limiting. Most importantly I am a spiritual being in human form living my truth with integrity in divine loving service. ♥
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