Planetary Invocation for Disclosure


March 2, 2013

Greetings Everybody!

Back on December many expected to see more changes. We must take the responsibility as ensouled Beings on Earth to participate in Action Politics  Making The Change. December 21st “didnʻt happen” because Humanity WASNʻT READY! We can change that. Earth has ascended, though we need to work together to bring Disclosure and Announcements.
I have received today from The Highest Beings of Light an Urgent Plea that  WE JOIN OUR HEART LIGHTS together
tomorrow March 3, 2013 at 7am PT, 8am MT, 9am CT, 10am ET, 3pm GMT

for a  Planetary Invocation  (please share widely)

An Invitation to Join Us – Please work with the Invocation Recording included in this email

I thank you for all you do in your Mission to Serve Earth and All On Her

All My Love,

Elizabeth Trutwin

We Invite You, We Invoke You, We Open To this activation received that will instantly
awaken fully the 12 strand DNA and
reconnect the  genetic codings to uplift the veil of duality and
activate the full recalling and remembering of ancient sacred knowledge
in the fields of astrogenetics, genetic design and
sequency  bioengineering, geomancy, new archeology /astronomy ,
New energy transformation and technological /scientific information

The pulse/ transmitter will in presence and silence be able to be
transferred to those who are ready to receive . A conduit of the Third Heaven
gateway information so that those that are magnetized to receive
will be able to create and develop this new technology,
ways to assist the rescuing of this planet and ensure
simultaneously that this is done with love, ease and grace,
balance and harmony.

Please replay this Invocation Daily as MORE become Prepared It Activates them in That Time in That Space.




Supreme Creator, Sages, Seers, Highest Divine Beings and all the Divine Animals,

Sangachhadhhvam samvadadhvam samvo manansi jantam

Samano prana samano mantra samati samano manah

Samano mantravi samano acuti samano hridyani va

Sahridyam sah chitmesam

Together singing, pronouncing and invoking this perennial mantra, with all the creatures listening in silence – that perennial Unity of Soul prevailing in all the creatures.

The Pronouncement of Self The Declaration of Oneness – Bringing All The Unity of All Diversity of All Creation

My Mind – My Heart – My Senses – My Psyche – My Chite

Theyʻll Work in Harmony

They May Tune To Divine WHOLENESS!

Let My Loved One Work with Me in Harmony.

Walk With Me – Communicate With Me – Speak With Me

Let My Friends Feel My Love, Feel My Energy.

Let My Community See My Harmony and Oneness and Unity

and let my Community and Society See and Walk in Harmony in Peace

Let My Country Awake to Work Together In Harmony For The Betterment of My Country and The World.

Let The Humanity Coordinate, Exchange and Share Fairly and Justly.

Let No One Be Unhappy In This World
Let No One Suffer.
Let No One Be Ignorant.
Let No One Feel Small and Neglected.
Let No One Feel That She Is Not Whole.

Let There Be Peace Within My Heart, In My Family, In  My Community, In My Country and In The World.

Let There Be Light. Let there Be Harmony. Let There Be Prosperity. All Over. All Around.

Let No One Be Unhappy.

Let All Walk Towards That Wholeness.

Let All Have Strength To Walk on That Path. Path of Enlightenment and Path of Liberation and Path of Salvation and Path of Nirvana.

Let No One Feel Deprived of That Divine Right. Not Only Your Birthright, but Right Eternal. Right Perennial.

When My Mind – When My Heart – When My Soul Filled with Amrita – The Nectar of Bliss – When I Am Fulfilled – I Can Radiate The Fulfillment to Others.

When I Am At Peace I Can Share My Peace To Others. When I Am Happy I Can Share My Happiness To Others. When I am Enlightened I Can Share My Enlightenment To Others. When I Am  Joyful and Blissful I Can Share My Joy and Bliss To Others.

Let My Heart Be Filled With Divine Nectar. Divine Energy.

Let It Be. Purity. Let There Be Light.

Oh! All The Gods of the Universe – Those Who Have Achieved That State of Consciousness – I Invite You. I Pray To You. I Beg You. I Call You

To Come And Be With Me Today. Help Me. Walk With Me. Take Me There Where You Are. I Invoke That Power. That Energy.

Oh Dev – Oh Supreme Devi – Come To Me! Take Me To Your Realm – Let Me Walk With You. Let Me Hold Your Hand.

Deva Mahadev, Shiva and Shakti, Kali and Durga, Adi-shakti, Mahamaya

Sahridyam Sahridyam va

Somana Mantra Somana Prana Somana Atma Somana Paramatmana Somana Savidha Somana Mantra Somana Mona Somana Augasm Somana Janum Somana Vanum


Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

With My Blessings,

Elizabeth Trutwin



About Divine Love

Amongst many things I am a Lightworker ... Language and labels are so very limiting. Most importantly I am a spiritual being in human form living my truth with integrity in divine loving service. ♥
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