The Desire for Partnership and Union is Quickly Growing – Part 1/2

Sanat Kumara told us on Heavenly Blessings yesterday that soul partners and sacred unions are “the theme of humanity right now. And yes, we are talking a great deal about that.” (1)

Indeed, the topic the Company of Heaven wants to discuss at the moment is soul partners, sacred unions, soul families and sacred circles.

It’s as if they’re wanting us to build a co-ooperative coalition of co-creators,a rainbow coalition, starting from rebuilding the most basic relationship structure – the sacred union of two – and then recasting the larger Pagan-Goddess-Sacred-Unioncoalition on the firm foundation of these primary connections.

This is not a new theme even if the emphasis on it is new. Here is the Sirian High Council through Lauren Gorgo telling us in 2009 that this phase of things will happen and why:

“This attunement process also ensures that the love you are soon to experience in your partnership forms a divine and sacred union.

“Soul partnerships have two purposes in this lifetime… to assist each other in the ascent of consciousness, and to collaborate in New Earth endeavors as a united team of co-creative efforts.” (2)

Archangel Michael has been leading the discussion lately. In An Hour with an Angel on Oct. 24, 2013, he discussed the urge to know each other deeply. And what he says is much more germane and helpful than we’d find in a self-help manual.

“[With] the sacred, individual partner, it is the heart connection. It is not simply the ecstasy and bliss of physicality. It is the tenderness. It is the sweetness. And it is a sense of surrender, not surrender of who you are, but the willingness to find that fine balance that we have talked of so many times.

“There are times when you give more, and there are times when you receive more. There are times when you may be very certain in an ideation or a belief system, but you open the door a crack to allow your partner’s ideas, thoughts, beliefs to enter in and to be given due consideration.

“Not that you are under some dictum or requirement to do so, but because you want to know them, you want to understand their experience and their view of this journey called life. And that is physical, it is mental, it is political, it is spiritual. There are no restricted areas.”  (3)

He described the depth of understanding that will arise in sacred unions today:

“It is entering into greater telepathic communication. It is understanding the look in the eyes, or the quiet time, or the time to be frivolous, or serious. It is being free to truly and fully, in all the faces that each of you have, be yourself, and knowing that in being yourself you will still be loved and cherished.”  (5)

For many, the rising fire of love has caused judgment to flee.

“When I say that your judgment of your sweet self has disappeared, when that is happening you don’t hold judgment of others either.

“So that danger zone, that destructive annihilation of judgment, ceases.

“And that does not mean that you do not act out of consideration. Quite the contrary. What it means is you act in greater consideration, in greater tenderness, because what you are sharing is so precious that you would never betray it. And betrayal, both on and off planet, has been a theme for eons.

“So, entering into union is this feeling that you won’t be betrayed if you are revealed. And it is something that grows.” (6)

And then he directs us to take our new sacred unions into co-creation.

“And from our perspective, when you are in sacred union, the key component is co-creation. It is the coming together of heart, of mind, of emotional need, desire.

“It is not simply detachment. It is detachment, and then attachment to the idea of co-creation. It does not have an element of manipulation. But you come together to co-create, each in your own way, what you desire to experience in that sacred union.

“And it cannot be done in isolation. Yes, as an individual you have your own creations. But the co-creation is the element, the driving element in the sacred union partnership.” (7)

In the next part we listen to him draw our sacred partnerships together into wider and wider circles with the aim of building Nova Earth.

(Continued in Part 2. Readers are welcome to read ahead.)


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(2) Sirian High Council, “The Merging of Soul Partnerships,” May 12, 2009, through Lauren Gorgo, at 2wffsat

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Written by Steve Beckow, the Golden Age of Gaia,

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