The Upcoming Shifts ~*~ Nov 20 2013


We have been receiving some incredible information about the upcoming shifts, some from a 9th dimensional being who, when asked what system he comes from, told us we have no reference points so it does not really matter.

These shifts peak just after Thanksgiving an936727_960499820755172_1778422221_nd just after Christmas. As in all waves they have an ebb and flow or a build up, the peak, then integration. When these waves move through the various grids and fields of energy life will not be the same. The energies are exponentially increasing, each wave building on the other.

The Sun is going to be very active – agitated by the incoming comets, the alignment with Galactic Plane, Alcyone and Sirius. Unity consciousness is the end game along with Universal Law. Those who cannot align themselves with these new energies are going to have a real hard time.

It is time go get back to basics. It is time to choose to be kind and loving. It is time to set boundaries with those who choose not to be kind and loving. The separation and greed game is coming to a close. Those who willingly participate in actions against Humanity and the Earth or serve those of lesser integrity will experience the same fate as their “superiors.”

These waves are not unconscious. Consciousness and energy is coming in with these waves. They are awakening the unconscious. The masks are coming off and deeds of the controllers and enslavers are being revealed.

All religious and governmental agencies that do not truly serve the people will also be revealed. The cause of enslavement through dependency, manufactured lack, and misdirection of funds and resources will also be revealed. For some this has already happened. They know they have tough choices to make. Do they continue to serve the beast or do they begin creating a new world in alignment with Universal Law?

A good point of inspiration is karma will be accelerated in the days to come. The servants will follow the fall of their masters if not in alignment with Universal Law.

Love is the law that supersedes all law. Love is the manifesting force behind all creation, the cosmic glue that holds it all together. All that is out of alignment with love – the wounds, traumas, blocks and patterns – will all surface. We have a choice whether
•we take responsibility to go within to our own God selves and heal or
•deny, project and blame – which is a good way to turn karma into truckma.

We are going to be tested as to whether we can hold an unshakeable loving space and get beyond the need for love, acceptance and approval outside of ourselves. We are going to have to set boundaries and choose not to participate in the dramas, unloving acts, or engage in harmful acts to humanity and the Earth.

We will also need to break free of the archon network, the mainstream programming that keeps us endlessly seeking externally for love, joy, acceptance and approval through material acquisition. It is an internal process the best of which done in nature.

We are going to have to listen to nature in the days to come because she is on the move in her own awakening and healing process, one that will include cleansing. It is time to drop the petty separation games, learn to work together, get our priorities in order and own what is agitating us, why we can’t cooperate in building a better tomorrow.

The 9th wave the Mayans speak of is unity consciousness. It will press hard on all that separates and divides. This leads us back to basics. Being loving and kind to everyone, and setting boundaries with those who cannot. It is really that simple.

We can find a million reasons why we can’t be kind and loving, validate them in the intellect and drudge up painful childhood memories to validate why we have to be contrary to “kind and loving.” Yet they are all based on fear, wounds and traumas of the past. Focus on them and that is what you will create and attract. Focus on kind and loving and see where that takes you.

Practice kind and loving in thought, word and deed. That is the path to enlightenment and the path to freedom. Sometimes the most kind and loving thing you can do is tell someone what they need to hear, not what they want to hear. Set boundaries when they are not being kind and loving.

Let us not forget being kind and loving to self. It is a great beginning. Teach through example.

Be well.

~ James Gilliland


About Divine Love

Amongst many things I am a Lightworker ... Language and labels are so very limiting. Most importantly I am a spiritual being in human form living my truth with integrity in divine loving service. ♥ My sites:
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