The wild roller coaster of change has moved into Zoom Mode. The ‘A Mu’a Reloaded is proving to be super effective. We are bringing many unfinished projects to completion. We are deepening immeasurably.

Although many things are FINALLY clicking into position, there is still much waiting. Things that we think will be quick, are happening slowly, while things that we think will take a long time, happen quickly. The same is true of the things that we think will be difficult which turn out 1441239_10151737785126761_232975588_nto be surprisingly easy to accomplish.

There is still a strong element of life and death that impermeates everything. This makes every step we take even more precious than it was before. Our love is deepening too. We can no longer take anything or anyone for granted. It’s important that we appreciate all that we are given in each moment.

Some of us have entered the super Fast Track with barely a moment of rest in which to revitalize our energies. There is such a mountain of tasks before us that we simply continue on, as best as we can.

This is very true in my life right now. My container of all my worldly treasures finally arrived at our house a few days ago. Now we are sorting through the hundreds of boxes, finding the few things that are needed for the building of our house at the Heart of AN. Most of the things will remain in boxes until we move to our True Home. And yet, there is a part of me that feels this is an immense breakthrough. I no longer feel my energy split between two locations. This enables me live more completely in the HERE and NOW.

There is the feeling this month of immense movement. There are currently four comets in the sky, portents of the powerful energies which we are experiencing. Massive change is in the air all around us. This is taking place, not only on the obvious outer levels, but on an unprecedented scale that is not easy to see, but which can be deeply felt.

I’ve been getting a strong sense of gigantic, primordial beings, resembling dragons, only much, much larger and with an extremely ancient energy. These primordial dragon beings have remained in position for aeons, keeping duality screwed into place, always with only one eye open. They rarely move, yet now they have finally been triggered into motion.

Slowly they rise up and move forward. The screws that they have long held in place, loosen and fall away. Each step that they take brings profound transformation that affects all and reverberates deep within the planet all the way to its core and back out again, traveling far beyond the more distant star.

As they increasingly move out of their old positions within the Template of Duality, duality looses some of its old life force. Its color fades away. It realness dissolves. At the same time, the New Landscape becomes more vibrantly alive, more tangible and real.

The huge tails of these primordial beasts extend all the way back to the Beginning of Time. As they move forward, their tails remove themselves from ALL THAT WAS, sweeping across the landscape of Time and Space. Sweeping away the past. Erasing it….

Finally, they come to rest in the HERE and NOW, completely withdrawing their tails from the past and gracefully curling them around their bodies, much like a cat does. Finally, everything is unified in one place. It is no longer spread out across the vast expanse of the Templates of Duality and Oneness. There is only the present moment in all its Trueness. They slowly begin to open their other eye, the one that has been closed for such a long, long time….

It has never been more important to live our lives on an entirely New Level in the New Landscape. Here is a very different set of experiences than we will find in the tired resonance of our old stories. The New Landscape is the place of the Green Lights, the forward zoom motion of ‘A Mu’a, our True Places, True Lives, True People, True Purpose. This is our True Home and we have worked so hard and waited so long for this. Our time of yearning is over. We are finally HERE, NOW.

With True Heart Love,

About Divine Love

Amongst many things I am a Lightworker ... Language and labels are so very limiting. Most importantly I am a spiritual being in human form living my truth with integrity in divine loving service. ♥ My sites:
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