Message from a collective Consciousness of Guardians of the Golden Ray


Greetings and blessings.

We are a collective consciousness of Guardians of the Golden Ray, sharing wisdom and perspectives on the very unique time phase you are experiencing. We offer our unique views on the Cosmic relationship to your Personal Ascension and your unique Role in the Shifting of Ages on Earth. Our energetic translator is one of us, choosing to serve her role from within the bodysuit at these dynamic cycles of time on your planet.

We are pleased to share insights and recommendations for you related to your year of 2014 and continuing forward.

Please notice our approach, our wisdom and the vibrational range we assist you in accessing is often noticeably unique. As always, discern for yourself what resonates. We love you, we love all of humanity and we are in loving service to the complete restoration of Sovereignty to the human race within this Ascension Cycle.

This message, overall, is capable of being the most revealing, revolutionary and evolutionary collection of wisdom for 2014 and beyond. And yet we have no intention of telling you “what will happen”. Although that may seem helpful it would also be another way for humanity to remain separate from it’s Sovereignty. Please hear us when we say that our role is to help you re-member that You create what will be and that You Are an inherently Sovereign force of Life and Love, eternally. We delight in helping you remember how wide that creation space actually is, based on the divine plans created for this Platinum Age… by You.

Some of you resonate with the truth that You chose to incarnate to set these plans in motion. Indeed Master Architects are typically on site for the duration of the project. Bringing Home home. That is the role of humanity in the Platinum Age manner of experiencing which is now available. Conscious Creators.

Let us begin with this sharing session.
Expanding Timelines

Timelines in our terminology can be understood as parallel realities; dimensional hallways of experience with associated frequencies, energy patterns and experiences created/offered. “Raising, and/or expanding, your vibration” offers you greater access privileges, like a hall pass, in that you can vibrationally experience/attract/create an expanding variety of realities, including the experiences you’ve expanded from/beyond. Just as the number 5 includes the value of 1-4, the fifth dimension, as an example, is also inclusive of the energy patterns that facilitated the 4th dimensions and lower. You simply have more choices, an increased sense of freedom to create and be.

The Platinum Age blueprints being carried out are creating new timelines. By creating new timelines, the possibilities for humanity expand. The beings aligned with this experience seem especially passionate about increasing the range of possibilities for being physical while also embodying more of your Light body. This serves to raise the “ceiling” of vibrational ranges available to humanity.

This is done in cooperation with our/your partner, Sol, your authentic Stargate, the Sun. Sol assists in regulating and modulating the frequency ranges experienced within the timelines of Earth. This is done in accordance with the Ages in place for each phase of a cycle and the associated plans of each. Sol’s role was/is very much designed in coordination with the Earthly experience, her cycles and various Ages. This understanding may help you further align with the fluctuations and cycles of Sol amidst his playing his role in this very unique Ascension cycle. It is very much a partnership with Earth and with humanity.

The opportunity to re-gain ever increasing levels of your Divine Consciousness while remaining in your bodysuit is unprecedented. And you designed it this way.

While you have been expanding the range of frequencies available to humanity, raising the ceiling, you have also been allowing the baseline vibration of humanity to remain available as desired. Hence, the third dimensional timelines and associated realities need not be removed, blocked, nor shut down for the 5D and beyond being made manifest.

This decision honors the Free Will of humanity and each being’s choice to remain unconscious. This decision to raise the ceiling while maintaining the floor has created a new ending to an old drama, known to you as Atlantis. This new ending has set in motion the opportunity to create this unprecedented age of enlightenment. By honoring the free will of each human, the plans actually allow for a broader range of frequencies to be available. It was and remains an ingenious convention for this Shift and we witness with great anticipation what you will create with such unfettered freedom to Create and Be Light in form.

Particularly for those personally resonating with this type of mission, you are stretching the parameters of what it means to be physical. You are re-defining what it means to be human. You are creating your own unique ways of meeting your physical needs amidst a sense of personal responsibility (responding to your abilities) and divine guidance from within. You are accessing levels of authentic love, without conditions nor restrictions, never thought possible within the human’s energy field. You are restoring the original divine codes of humanity. And you are bringing online new codes for humanity, to define the Divine Human, by Being Light as you envision it and setting it in motion in your own personal journey.

These humans are creating anew, unfettered by the many other timelines being offered. Your goal is to restore humanity’s inherent and divine Sovereignty, not from the hands of any nefarious force of darkness but from humanity itself, as humanity knew itself in it’s state of being unconscious amidst the divinely inspired, carefully created Separation Age. Your passion is also to stretch the bounds of the levels and frequencies of Light capable of being held within the physical energy patterns of Earth and also within humanity by exploring it for yourselves.

Those of you in this experience are re-defining the dimensional system presently known on Earth, not as an objective but as a natural outcome of your service. You are rarely dissuaded by what has been or by what is, for you are divinely encoded for what can/will be. We are dedicated to this community’s efforts, and your unique blueprints and plans for being.

Since you are going through this creation process while allowing the third and fourth dimensional experiences to continue, this requires further balance, discernment and stabilization within self, and your chosen frequency ranges. You see, in other Ascension cycles, the floor was lifted to accommodate the raised ceiling. The narrower frequency ranges were removed as an option. This was attempted in Atlantis. It was an imposition of Light on humanity that was not choosing it, although the plans still allowed for it. All the powers of Light were utilized to bring others to the Light of God within them. Despite the perhaps noble goal, it was in violation of the free will for unconsciousness still available for that Age. The result was a self-implosion of the entire experience and all its dimensional realities and timelines. The ripple effects across all resonant vibrational realities was noticeable and permanently recorded as a reminder of the power and value of free will to all life, unconscious and conscious, relative the divine plans in place for an Age.

Does this surprise you? That the goal for a fully enlightened society was the root cause of the fall of Atlantis? We acknowledge our version is quite likely a different truth… a different timeline, we offer by addressing this with you. Yet it is a very, very important timeline we bring to your attention, because it assists you in becoming more conscious and then perhaps releasing from any unconscious patterns you may be running which parallel the very energies which created the Fall of Atlantis. Please consider this for your Self and discern your deepest sense of purpose and knowing amidst the many timelines presently offered.

For reference, we will discuss some of the other timelines you may be witnessing, or maybe even personally experiencing and supporting. Somewhat related to this Atlantean reference, there are the timelines available in which the floor is raised along with the ceiling, in which the third and even fourth dimensions “go away.” Again, choices are reduced.

Many timelines also are available in which the dramas within the third and fourth dimensional layers continue to be animated, perhaps remaining within human family dynamics or possibly with an even more cosmic, other worldly set of players on both sides to invite into the game. The third and fourth dimensional layers of experience have the classic hallmark of a “good guy” and a “bad guy”, winners and losers, right and wrong and the element of drama that is quite enticing to keep the players engaged in the perceived battle. We point this out because in 2014 and beyond your ability to discern and Consciously Choose your role, via your truths and beliefs is further enhanced. We sense this will make the human experience even more enjoyable.

You are powerful enough to make any of these timelines real and “true” for you, through your beliefs, truths, thoughts and behaviors. And you can now more fully discern what you desire, and what you Consciously Choose.

The ranges of consciousness are expanding. The ranges of accessible frequencies are expanding. The range of choices for what and how to be are expanding. Having all these truths offered and running simultaneously along with the expanded frequencies is quite fabulous from a sense of choices. Do you see why it is perhaps even more challenging to predict one’s future or a future of humanity amidst these expanding timelines? In addition, the raised ceiling of frequencies available offer a human experience that is much more quantum than ever before.

Still, many human beings are continuing along with the unconsciousness offered from the Separation Age still available amidst the Shift. This need not hold anyone back, based on the way you’ve set the plans for this Platinum Age experience, which honors your Free will as well.

For those whose personal dreams and goals depend on the change and/or cooperation of others, this may become more challenging, as it re-plays the Atlantean energy patterns that have yet to be released in one’s personal energy field. This is not “bad”: simply another set of experiences to explore and perhaps continue based on perceived value and purpose. If and when you no longer desire this, discern and explore the means to your end. Consider other manners of approach that may not require control, manipulation or even agreement by any being other than yourself. To us, this is more in alignment with Sovereignty, your own and others involved.

Conscious choice is such a liberating manner of being, particularly among the broadening ranges of knowing oneself, further into an interdimensional sense of self.

So, the big question for 2014 and beyond from our perspective is what do you choose and will you do so consciously, in more and more of the moments you are creating your beautiful journey?

Some Recommendations for Consciously Choosing

Awareness. Consciousness. Be continuously open-minded about various truths and beliefs. Your truths, beliefs, thoughts and behaviors have their own energy patterns, which then naturally align you with certain timelines and dimensional states of experiencing. These questions guide you into further self-exploration of what you believe and why you believe it so that you can perhaps more clearly discern what beliefs and truths continue to serve You in your Desired human experience from this point forward.

The goal is not to diagnose your dimensional range nor put any box around who you are. The intent is self-exploration, so that you can further align yourself with your unique desires to Create and Be, in a conscious manner, as the Creator being that you Are. 1.Is one of your primary goals in your personal journey to feel and know more love, for self and for others? If not, what is most important to you in your human experience? Are you consciously choosing this?

2.As a young child do you have memories of feeling like you were something special, like you had a special purpose and opportunity in this world? (Notice this need not be arrogant as in being more special but rather owning the unique aspect of God that you are, even in your human-ness.) If so, do you feel that sense of being special now and/or do you wish to feel that way again? We notice many that are aligning gracefully with the 5D and beyond know themselves as a special, unique and valuable aspect of God, from within their human-ness.

3.Do you believe humans, all humans, have the capability and/or the opportunity to be Sovereign (divine empowerment and authority for one’s self)? Why or why not? Divine empowerment and sense of authority for one’s self as a Sovereign being is in alignment with a Personal Ascension cycle. The recognition that all of humanity is offered this opportunity in this unique upliftment cycle is characteristic of those Creating the Platinum Age personal experience on Earth. No right or wrong here, just some areas to explore and discern.

4.Do you give yourself permission to consider that a truth is right or not right for you, while giving others the same permission and authority for themselves? Why or why not? How are those choosing other truths characterized within your belief system? Does it perpetuate separation? Does it foster arrogance and/or feelings of superiority? Do you allow and support a sense of grace and compassion in your energy field towards others? If not, would you prefer that it does? The need for another to be wrong so that one can be right is indicative of a 3D and/or 4D energy pattern. In the 5D+ energy patterns a truth can be right for one’s self, without any need for approval, acceptance, validation from any other. Another lesson from the Atlantean experience. At the 5D+ energy patterns another does not need to pushed down or even controlled so that one can be pulled up. Again, no self-judgment is needed. All experiences offer value and purpose to the All that Is. Are you consciously choosing your energy pattern, that is our intent with this exploration tool.

5.Do your truths empower you to take responsibility for your well-being and thriving, i.e. responding to your abilities, as a unique and inherently valuable aspect of God? The sense of empowerment and divine support for creating well-being in your personal lives is heightening to levels often difficult to imagine. Explore your dream space, open your minds and allow support for your aligning yourself energetically to well-being and thriving, from the inside out, through your thoughts, behaviors, truths and beliefs. Let your actions and behaviors be guided by this heart-based, uplifting energy.

6.Do you feel a sense of whole-ness and completeness in who and what you are right now? If not, what is needed to make you complete. Is this still real to you? There is powerful assistance available for identifying yourself in ways that align you with the Love of God that you Are, infinitely.

7.Additionally, do your truths identify you or do You identify your truths? In our God Consciousness we recognize truths and beliefs and thoughts as a manner for experiencing self, not as a sense of who and what we Are. Truths and beliefs offer an experience. They are not who you are.

We will close by offering that the light of Source Creator is the root of your experience here on Earth. Draw upon your Creator abilities, shift beyond unconscious creation into Consciously creating, from a sense of love, purpose and joy in your be-ing human. That Great Shift is entirely internal to your personal energy field. For at your core essence, your eternal being is, was and will always be pure Light. This is the re-union, the sanctification, the Ascension of your human.

And you are offered, still, the physical experience, albeit transformed from the inside out. No longer conditioned by others. Unconditional love in form.

With eternal love and honor for all that you Are,
Jill Renee Feeler and The Guardian Council of the Golden Ray

Copyright ©2013-2014 by Jill Renee Feeler and Beacon for Lightworkers LLC. This material is protected by US and international copyright and may be distributed freely as long as the author’s name and website,, are included.

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  1. Lots of positive vibes and energy flowing from this site! Thanks for sharing your insights!

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