Finding Divinity In Challenges




Blessings my dear beloved,

Once again you have been going through a difficult time. I commend you on the way you have been going through this. You are doing an admirable job of traversing this passage, surfing the waters of your challenge, doing what needs to be done in the midst of this in terms of handling your business commitments and practical life, taking care of yourself, staying connected to Spirit, and nurturing yourself through this time. More than anything, what is most commendable is that you are not getting stuck in trying to figure out what to do, analyzing the problem, or discovering why this is happening. You are surrendering to it and staying on course in the midst of it, like a sailor at sea in the midst of a storm, trusting that you will be guided through. This is excellent, and the fruits of your choices are already manifesting, even if you cannot see them yet.

This is a deep test of your faith—more than a test, really. It is an opportunity for you to move into a deeper, more profound form of trust in the divine. And you are doing just that. This is why I am commending you, because I see what is happening in ways that you may not yet understand. You are also correct in believing that this is happening at a much larger scale, with many people. Your insights into how to traverse this passage are valuable and reassuring for many. So it is important that you continue to communicate what you are experiencing and how you are responding, along with your insights and understanding relative to the process.

You have noticed that your anger seems to be coming up in various “small” situations and ways. Of course no situation is small, ultimately. They are all important. What is small is the way that you are manifesting anger. Nonetheless, I am aware that this is disturbing and surprising for you, because you have not experienced yourself responding angrily in a very long time and believed that you had purified this part of yourself and would not be having these kinds of responses to people and situations any longer. This is evidence of a very deep psychic “housecleaning” that is going on. Again, this is happening for many people at this time, not only with you. But in your case, it is manifesting as a re-visiting of your pattern of getting angry in certain situations.

For you, this is about frustration and impatience with people being seemingly locked into third-dimensional ways of seeing things, when you see things in a different way, what could be called a “higher” form of consciousness, without meaning this in any sense of feeling superior.  You have rightly understood that getting beyond the anger that is arising is about you seeing the divine in the people you’re encountering, even when the responses they are making are difficult for you. This is not just a form of compassion for their humanity—compassion for their sense of limitation in their circumstances or even actual hardship they are dealing with. What you’re being called to is deeper and more far-reaching than compassion, even though compassion is important and necessary.

What you are awakening to is a form of love. It’s about falling in love with the divinity of that being, even as they manifest or act out a form of limitation or challenge. You still see their divinity and you not only love it, but you assume your union with that divinity. You feel the sense of uniting in love with their essence, the heart of that individual. In that love, you feel the same acceptance, compassion, and forgiveness of them that you give to yourself in your own challenges. You actually feel supported by them at a profound level, because you recognize that they are you. That is stronger for you than the sense of separation.

This is a very profound and important shift. I am emphasizing it to help you to be aware of it. Then you can cooperate with it, flow with the river of what is happening, which is so much more important than the challenges you are experiencing. In fact, the challenges are helping you to make this shift. If all was going well and easily, you would most likely persist in your old mode of assuming separation. Your difficulties are helping you to open your heart to God in a whole new way. And you are responding perfectly. Yes, it is difficult. But my dear, I want you to see the ray of exquisite light of God that is emerging from your tender heart, and to celebrate that. I celebrate it most fully and welcome you into this new space with open arms and overflowing love.

 I love you so much,

I Am Mary Magdalene

[Note from Mercedes: This is a personal message that was given to me. I am sharing it because Mary affirmed that this will apply to many people.] ~ Given to Mercedes Kirkel  On January 29, 2014.


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