The Crystalline Rainbows of Heaven on Earth

ImageSuch is nature that after many a storm the rain clouds part revealing gentle rays of light again, the transitional unfolding of which often brings a gift of the momentary magic of a beautiful rainbow. Rainbows contain all crystalline spectrums of colour and in many ways gently express to us that all is well, balanced and harmonious. Whenever we see the spectrums of colour within a rainbow we have an inner smile, as on a higher level such recognition restores our hopes and dreams in a comforting abundance of warmth in our hearts again, and as such the rainbows of our restoration are becoming ever-more present within us now.

Similarly this can be said for our transition to becoming crystalline BEings. A wider spectrum of our truest nature is only just emerging, just as the sunlight after the rain shows the colours of the rainbow. Our metaphorical storm is all we have lived and died for in past lives, all the pain we have been through and the truth that we have so very much sought and strived for. Our proveribal storm seems to have been a long time clearing, and we have weathered it well, but now we are all very weary from holding on, and on, and after aeons of time, it now feels we have but not much fight left in us. We wait eagerly, longingly watching for the rays of light to reveal the rainbows in our life again so that we can know that everything is ok. And these signs are now gently beginning to show. We are now seeing the glimmers of hope that new light is beginning to sparkle its way through the storm clouds, and where once before we may have doubted, we are now looking with new eyes and observing a new kind of magic unfolding. Because what is happening outside of us is a reflection of what is happening inside of us. Such is the magic of the Crystalline rainbows of our restoration as they are now being revealed to us.

It is not just our past lifetimes that we have had so many “storms” but our phsyicality has too. All of our physicality that was before dense, disconnected from Source is now becoming light and a renewed reconnection to All that is, and as we gently go through our transition to becoming crsytalline, change is happening within us on every level, even the cells within us are undergoing their own transition.

All of these changes can be likened to that of transitioning from the storm to the rainbow. As dark and light are opposite ends of a spectrum what resides in the middle is the still point, zero point, the void, whatever you wish to know it as, it is pure perfection and balance. It contains all there is to know and contains all the colours that exist to be, in fact they are of such high vibration of the Divine Source that many of these colours cannot be seen. And this is where the Rainbow of our restoration is taking us to.

As our crystalline structure moves from the denser to lighter, our inner construct is rebalanced, reattuned, rebuilt and recalibrated to total perfection in resonance with each one of these high vibrational colours that are the spectral prisim of existence.

Crystals containing Rainbows are always considered to be magical and special, and so are you. You hold within you billions and trillions of rainbows, each one special and magical. Each one containing a consciousness of its own that reflects the perfection of divinity that you are. Each one a crystal light city that celebrates existence of its own accord but collaborating with the rest of your crystallinity – and this being is YOU. If only you could believe and trust how beautiful you are, it is a miracle to behold such beauty!

So as you are transitioning now into the depths of your trueness and your fullness, each time a new a new awakening within you occurs, another particle of light is lit within your crystalline structure and the brighter your rainbow shines. No matter how deep the depths of harshness you may find your journey in Life from time to time, it will only serve to ignite and reveal yet another crsytalline rainbow within the light dancer that you are. It will reveal new colours, new dimensions of your jewelled fractal soul presence.

All crystalline structures reveal rainbows within when the light shines through them a certain way and we are no different. The beauty that is the essence of you, goes far beyond what you could possibly imagine, far beyond physicality, it as something you could only have dreamt exists, this is finally being revealed – and this includes within YOU!

The most sacred and intricate of rainbow streams of light that exist are within your Divine Crystalline Higher Heart centre. You may journey at any time through the Sacred Gateway and portal to the Jewelled Higher Heart, which This is the Paradise Star of your inner-Universe! Your Higher Heart Centre is the mothership that is the keeper of all your keys and master of all your light. It is your still point, your zero point and the place where neverending possibilities exist for all exists within Love and so all possibilities also exist within this space. It is the place where all rainbows begin and end. It is this luminescence that is the essence and life breath of your existence!

Within this Sacred Heart place resides even tinier fragements of light that reflect even brighter and these shine like star diamonds! So multi-faceted and multi-dimensional are these star diamond light fractals that even the most polished and cut diamonds could not display such exquisite beauty for these are the particles of the Divine Spark of Light. The most precious of Jewels! If you were to see yourself from a high vibrational energetic viewpoint you would be seen to be one of the most stunningly beautiful crystals that exist, and the rainbows within you would be like looking at Heaven on Earth.

Indeed it is my perception that the saying ‘Heaven on Earth’ describes us. We are the keepers of the Divine Spark of Light within our Higher Hearts and is the place where which resides the particles of Heaven. Our bodies and our crystalline structure form a vehicle for these particles of light to anchor in to this Earth. So we hold the keys to recreating Heaven on Earth you so seek. If we each hold a part of the Divine Spark of Light when all of these are reactivated within us all, then we shall see this Light reflected outside of us.

The Star streams within your inner rainbows are the parts of you that balance the particles of heaven that you carry, and balance with every spectrum of colour until it is ready to come fully back into the light once again. Your transition through the rainbow crystalline star streams, is the Heaven on Earth that you seek.

Have no doubt any longer about who you are and why you are Here. As the Crystalline Rainbows within you reveal more of who you, Beloved ones, you will begin to realise that, YOU are Heaven on Earth..!

By Elaraia Angelstar *✫*☆✶*♡

Art by Erial Ali

About Divine Love

Amongst many things I am a Lightworker ... Language and labels are so very limiting. Most importantly I am a spiritual being in human form living my truth with integrity in divine loving service. ♥ My sites:
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