~ The Great Pyramid Initiation ~


An excerpt from the beloved book ” Anna, Grandmother of Jesus ”
by Claire Heartsong

” Yeshua’s final initiation in Egypt, as is the case for all initiates who are sufficiently prepared, was in the Great Pyramid. This, the largest of the pyramids, which represented the chamber in the human brain where enlightenment occurs, had been designed long ago to serve both as an individual ascension chamber and as a planetary ascension chamber. Although it stands somewhat dormant in your day, its true function will be fully restored when a sufficient number of human beings are ready to make the transition from separation consciousness into unity consciousness. When that pivotal point is reached, a chain reaction will occur, synergistically awakening other vortices that focus energy within various etheric grids located on, above, and within Mother Earth.

I will now give you a brief account of Yeshua’s initiation in the Great Pyramid located at the necropolis of Giza on the west side of the Nile. Nathaniel traveled overland to the Great Pyramid with provisions and a wagon while Yeshua and six companions began their underground journey by accessing an ancient underground chamber below Heliopolis,. Standing by the heavy iron door to the chamber was a very old guardian priest who had been awaiting them. He took them through a series of chambers whose doors operated by sound frequencies and compatible resonance. They passed through unharmed.

Then they journeyed through a long, narrow, descending tunnel under the river Nile where they occasionally came upon catacombs heaped with bones and the decaying corpses of those people who could not afford burial in the necropolis. There were various junctions; some gated, others were dark, gaping holes. Everyone carried lamps, small flasks of drinking water, and sufficient faith that they would somehow get through this ordeal.Guardian priests met them at three different junctures. The initiates were tested to determine their readiness to proceed, and then the stationed priest led them through the next segment of the long journey. When they finally arrived at the very large chamber located directly beneath the Sphinx, many hundreds of feet below the surface, they were astonished that they no longer required their lamps. Here, they were greeted by a conclave of twelve ascended masters, including Serapis Bey and Thoth, who showed themselves in physical bodies. Yeshua recognized this room from the childhood stories that his father and mother had told him when he lived earlier in Egypt. He was told that the Sphinx had had a “consort twin.” The still visible Sphinx represented the masculine solar principle. The second Sphinx, which represented the feminine lunar principle, had been desecrated – her stones used to build some of the smaller Giza pyramids.

The masters issued various instructions and passwords, which took the initiates to the underground city further below them. After they had received refreshment, each was assigned a specific role that would support Yeshua’s initiation in the Great Pyramid. James went alone into another chamber below the Sphinx, where he was taught how to maintain certain sound frequencies that would be “broadcast” into the Great Pyramid. Priests led Andrew and James ben Zebedee through adjacent connecting tunnels leading to chambers within the small and middle pyramids. There, at these strategic points where coordinates and harmonics could be struck, they would also broadcast specific sound frequencies into the Great Pyramid.

Yeshua, Mary Magdalene, Mariam, and John ben Zebedee were escorted through mysteriously lit passages to the vertical shaft that is now called the “Well.” They were then required to proceed on their own through a convoluted, ascending tunnel to what you know as the “Pit” of the Great Pyramid.

The ascent to the “Pit” was fraught with challenges. Because they had successfully completed the various initiations that had taken them through primal fears, they easily passed upward against the gravitational and magnetic forces, which pressed down upon them. There were times when they felt almost weightless, their bodies vaporous. Then they found themselves in complete darkness – a darkness so dense that a flame could not be sustained. Each one felt completely alone. In order to continue, it was required to remember and put to use all the wisdom they had gained throughout all of their previous initiations. There were times when they felt so faint, dizzy and disoriented that to go on was an immense test of fortitude and communal support of one another.Onward, through passages that your sonic devices and psychics have detected, the companions passed. Their extrasensory abilities were heightened as they progressed. They began to experience a luminescence radiating from within themselves and a golden photon energy, called “vrill” by the Atlanteans, emanating from the stone walls, almost like an ethereal phosphorescence. They also began to hear sounds, which echoed in such a way that, if they listened carefully, they were guided in their upward ascent. It was a test of refined discernment of the various tones and the geometric angles that were impressed into their minds, which created a kind of mental map.

When the “Pit” was reached they rested, meditated, and grew in resolve to complete their mission. Mariam took her assigned position just below the base of the pyramid directly under the King’s Chamber far above. Mariam had mastered the skills of concentration and had passed most of the levels of the Rite of the Sepulchre. Because she had Yeshua and Mary Magdalene’s blessing and knew Nathaniel was praying for her just outside the pyramid, she reassured herself that she was not alone. However, feeling the heavy blackness enveloping her beating heart, and remembering the stories of those whose hearts ceased to beat in this place where she now lay, caused doubts to rise like monstrous shadows on the screen of her mind. Mariam embraced her fear, and became “Isis” in the Great Pyramid’s abyss for three days. This was Mariam’s supreme test that prepared her for the assignment she would fulfill later, when the present hidden initiation was outwardly dramatized for humanity to feel and see on Mount Calvary.

Yeshua, Mary Magdalene, and John ben Zebedee pressed on. They ascended the low, steep, inclined passages. At last, they reached the chamber that you call the “Queen’s Chamber.” Again, they rested and meditated for several hours, until they received an inner signal that it was time to proceed. In accordance with his instructions, John remained in the “Queen’s Chamber,” where he began to intone specific sound frequencies. Yeshua and Mary continued the symbolic Path of the Initiate as they ascended the “Grand Gallery” passage, and then stooping low, finally entered into the “King’s Chamber.”

The “King’s Chamber” was designed to function as a great resonance chamber. Once they were inside, they began to sense the glorious combination of sound frequencies that were being intoned by all those in their variously assigned places, including a number of priests and priestesses who were stationed in hidden chambers within and beneath the Great Pyramid. In this way, all aspects of their mental, emotional, and physical bodies were attuned and calibrated to the inter-dimensional music of the spheres, thereby aligning their consciousness with specific solar, stellar, and galactic energies. Although much of the energy that had been transmitted to initiates in former times was no longer available, the energies generated by planet Earth, when augmented by those of the ascended masters, were still sufficient to transform the Great Pyramid into an extremely powerful virtual reality chamber.Mariam and Mary Magdalene had each undergone initiation in the King’s Chamber eight years earlier. Consequently, they were now qualified to serve as the attending priestesses of Isis at Yeshua’s initiation. After leading her beloved cousin to the red granite sarcophagus, within which he would remain for seventy-two hours, Mary Magdalene took her position at the doorway of the “King’s Chamber” and sealed the entrance energetically with mudras and intonations. Acting as a Magdalene high priestess of Isis, trained in the powers of concentration and simultaneous realities, she energetically connected all the participating disciples into a grid of oneness. Everyone who was involved in supporting the individual and planetary scope of the Great Pyramid ascension initiation began to transmit frequencies that focused vibrations of light, sound, and color into the sepulchre where Yeshua lay.

The “King’s Chamber” began to vibrate with a subtle timbre as a multidimensional geometric matrix was created around the sarcophagus. Within this atomic accelerator, Yeshua’s physical body began to glow with translucent light, as it was gently infused with the divine blueprint of the Cosmic Christ. And for those who witnessed, according to our capacity to receive this blueprint, we too were awakened to our full potential.

Now, I shall say further that the sarcophagus within the “King’s Chamber” was positioned in such a way that the subtle energies which were generated by the powerful vortex of the Great Pyramid passed directly through the pineal gland of the initiate within the sarcophagus. Thus, far from serving as a monumental tomb for one of the ancient Egyptian pharaohs, the Great Pyramid was and is, not only an initiation chamber, but also an extraordinarily powerful ascension chamber. It was designed to help initiates awaken to the full remembrance of their true identity. This, my beloved friend, is the secret of the pyramid.

In this instance, however, the initiation ceremony was not simply a matter of facilitating Yeshua’s individual process of spiritual awakening. In a carefully orchestrated way, Yeshua’s crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension initiations were facilitated in the Great Pyramid so that the entire Earth and all of humanity could be seeded collectively for planetary ascension in your day. I would ask you, my friend, to contemplate how you might take advantage of this seeding of ascension consciousness in your daily life. Surely, when you realize that you have access to great assistance each day, your challenges can be met with faith and hope instead of fearful dread.Every soul that was destined to play a significant part in supporting Yeshua in the public enactment of crucifixion and resurrection were present at this particular point of preparation. In addition to Yeshua and his close companions, there were those of us who knew how to teleport or bilocate who came to the Great Pyramid to participate. Others, who played lesser roles, came in their light bodies during sleep, and later remembered fragments of what they had seen in their dreams. For all consciously participating, this rehearsal assisted us to be emotionally detached so that we could play our parts in the divine plan. In this way every step of Yeshua’s mission was orchestrated and imprinted into the planetary consciousness.

Although the essential portion of his initiation within the King’s Chamber took place within the first twenty-four hours, Yeshua remained in the sarcophagus for another forty-eight hours in accordance with the sign that had been given to Jonah the Prophet. As the story goes, Jonah had a profound shamanic experience of death and rebirth in which he spent three days and three nights “in the belly of a great fish that had swallowed him.” Let us also remember that as Yeshua did, so did the others. During this time, Yeshua and the other supportive disciples experienced much of the public resurrection demonstration that was yet to come as an interactive virtual reality. We were opened to the pivotal choices that aligned our lives to our highest personal realization and planetary service. When the Great Pyramid initiation was completed, all participating inside made an easy exit through a concealed door.

As we bring this summary of Yeshua’s Egyptian initiations to a close, I wish to further reemphasize the importance of cohesive group action, which this story illustrates. Yeshua could not have accomplished what he did without the willing companions who came together to prepare themselves to be the most qualified support team possible. Likewise, we could not have achieved what we did without the vast consciousness, focused dedication, and impeccable example Yeshua provided for us.

While I have said, and will continue to stress, that “all that Yeshua did you may do also, and even more may you do,” allow me to explain that your initiatory experiences may express differently than Yeshua’s. Yes, Yeshua was and is an extraordinary being whose task encompassed a planetary and cosmic scope of ascension activity. Your personal life, which just as importantly will contribute to the success of planetary ascension, may not impact as many as did Yeshua’s. While your responsibilities to humanity may not be as great as those of my grandson, like Yeshua, you also have the same personal responsibility to increase in self-mastery, co-create harmony where there is conflict, and add your enlightened, loving presence to the collective ascending body of consciousness.As a Son of Man and an Elder Brother, Yeshua set an example of what is possible for every human when there is an alignment with love and unity. Because of the cosmic scope of Yeshua’s and Mary Magdalene’s mission to assist all humanity to awaken, they in turn received cosmic levels of assistance. Whatever your mission is, you will also have all the support you require to succeed. In this awareness, you, like your Elder Brother, can receive encouragement and hope along the way until you realize yourself as a Christ.

There is no requirement for you to go to the Great Pyramid in this lifetime. Yet, I would ask you, have you had experiences in which you felt as though you were in a sepulchre, your limited identity and life dying, as a new identity and life emerged? Have you recognized a pattern of increased willingness to align your ego nature with a greater power, an enlarged sense of caring for others’ wellbeing, and an ability to be more compassionately present in all your relationships? In these simple, though significant ways, you are also successful in your Christ initiations…


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