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Sealed in the Flames of Purity and Resurrection from the Hearts of Beloved Serepis Bey, Archangel Gabriel, the Elohim of Peace, and Mighty Astrea, we thank the great Ascended Hosts of Light, the An… Source: BENEDICTION FOR PURITY AND RESURRECTION

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RaNia Pleiadian Angel

RaNia Pleiadian Angel Greetings beloved Family of Light, I am RaNia of the Angelic Realms from the great Pleiades Star System. My home Isle of Medina is well known throughout Creation where the ori… Source: RaNia Pleiadian Angel

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* THE SIX BLESSINGS OF DIVINE MOTHER ALTAIR – TEACHER Let us think of ourselves as waves on the surface of the ocean. As waves we don’t have to look for water. … We are water. We are One with… … Continue reading

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* WALKING THROUGH THE DOORS OF LIBERATION “I AM ALL FORMS AND FORMLESSNESS” ALTAIR – TEACHER . My Divine Father and Mother Within The art of concentration on you is perception of the One Yet … Source: WALKING THROUGH THE … Continue reading

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She is the spiralling dance of Creation

Originally posted on Judith Kusel:
She is no longer disempowered. She is breaking out of the shackles, the too narrow confines, of the boxes she was forced in too long. She is awakening to the depths of her soul, her…

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The Ceremony of Bleeding

Originally posted on The Oracle of SachaMama:
Initiation into Womanhood ceremony in HImba Tribe Culture In Western culture, our women do not have the societal right to hold menstrual traditions while functioning in society. Whereas in many cultures, women…

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