Cosmic Law 2: As within – so without.

Judith Kusel

The inner world reflects in the outer.

What is inside will manifest on the outside.

What you are inside you will attract on the outside.

You literally live in the world which reflects your own inner world.

When you are peaceful, and content within, when you glow with love for yourself and others, and you love what you are doing and doing what you love, when you support yourself from deep within, cultivate beauty of soul and spirit, Image

  then the outer world will manifest as peace, content, loving, supportive and beautiful.

When you are angry inside, even though you may have buried the anger so deeply that you are unaware or not conscious anymore of it, you will attract angry people into your life.  They are mirroring the denied anger inside of you back at you.

If you have a deep sense of abandonment, which may might have happened…

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