There is a turning point where the transitional pressure becomes so strong, and we have lost any hope of having any control over it, that we burst in and out of control with giddy laughter at all the things that have caused us so much pain. The cosmic relief valve is coming! And when it does, we can embrace all the challenges, and celebrate all the victories that we have achieved as we have traveled through this quagmire of transformation.
The energy these past weeks has felt very confusing, fragmented, disjointed and fuzzy. Comfort zones are all but gone as we second-guess nearly everything, because we still don’t have our guide book. Nothing feels familiar as old reference points are fading. We can feel emotional and physical discomfort. We will either sink or swim. Fear will cause you to sink. Love will keep you stay afloat. It is pretty simple if you can hold that focus and don’t judge yourself if you can’t.
Our new manifesting gears are not syncing properly just yet. We feel like we are spinning and grinding out of control, while our newly downloaded jet engine programs are up and running on a new frequency and at warp speed. While the out of control feeling permeates our lives, we are also feeling a huge inner push to get things done. But as we work, we find that doors slam shut, or we need to make huge course corrections. We might be thinking and working on a few things, and then are dumbfounded when it all just stops in its tracks. Yet oddly things are getting done . . . just not in the way that we had imagined. Welcome to New World Programming 101! We are having another huge upsurge in our bandwidth.
Step by step we are moving into a new reality, as we are also letting go of the old one. Yep . . . all at the same time. Confusing huh? Imagine our world as a giant nervous system with an uncountable matrix of nerves. Main nerves are very large and are connected to uncountable, mid-sized and hair-like nerves. Just like a massive tree. Each of these hair-like nerves are connected to each and every thought that we have, and to every manifested thing, idea, program, and belief system on Earth.
We are now experiencing the transition from one (old paradigm) nervous system to another. We are vacillating between the two. We will experience multiple openings as we plug into our new, higher bandwidth nervous system, and, at the same time, we will experience multiple closures to the old system. Sometimes these can feel like someone slammed the door on us at any given moment. When this happens, we find that we can be dunked into a temporary void, and life in that moment can take a sudden and very confusing pause. What where you just doing? These happenings will become common place and happen more frequently. Doors to our old matrix will suddenly shut. The mind can go into overwhelm without a reality check of a “known” world. But these temporary voids are meant to pause and shut down old down paradigms within us, one program at a time. This can leave us feeling stuck and frantic all at the same time; all the while having a hard time communicating and even thinking straight. Focus! What’s that? Are you having trouble with nouns? The problem is that we still don’t have the guide book to where we are going. We don’t know if the door is shutting, because we dropped the ball and lost our focus, or because we need to let go and keep our eyes open for all the good stuff that is coming. We don’t know if what we are doing is going in the right direction. But the push to create is undeniable.
We are getting obsessed about shaking things up, or things are things are getting shaken up anyway. We might reorganize and down size, move things around, redecorate, toss out clothes, dump books and CDs. We might want to change our bodies, so we have been called to change our diet and do a cleanse, and then go through a massive cheat cycle . . . and yet it all feels ok! We feel no guilt for that pint of ice cream we just ate. Nothing feels like US anymore because it isn’t. It is like we are searching for our new selves. And we are! I am sure that these new selves are on the way, otherwise why would we feel this deep inner and utterly impractical push to search and change to something we cannot conceive of just yet. Yeah . . . if you thought you might be losing your mind before, then this time has ended all doubt. But we are not losing our minds. We are waking up in a new bandwidth.
To add to the confusion, if you pay attention, things are getting done in our lives; just not what we expected them to be. In fact lots of what we thought would manifest is coming out somewhat different . . . and other times, simply polar opposite. The material world is getting rebooted now, and we are the care takers of this reboot. It is time to physically reboot our lives, and what we do for ourselves, we do for the world.
What does this mean?
In the near future, we will come to understand and work with new frequencies and a new world nervous system. But right now, we are feeling pushed hard to re-create our world and nearly everything in it. My inner voice says “You have come this far; don’t give up now.” But here in this crazy space, creativity is endless, and it will be much easier to create outside the box while eliminating limiting thoughts, beliefs and patterns. Use new and higher creativity to imagine things differently and within a newly formed expansiveness.
Much of this craziness all began in October with multiple back to back large solar flares . . . Cosmic Super Ascension Waves that burned out considerable baggage that separates us from source (Thank the Great Creator for the integration break that we are getting right now). We are being showered in new light that has shaken the dust loose out of every corner of our being. We have felt the creepy crawlies, the heebie-jeebies, fear, anxiety, worry, anger, depression, etc.
Then we hit November, which insists that we surrender to our higher purpose and this brings up some very deep, ancient fears regarding survival. The root of all fear comes from an illusionary separation from source. P.S. We all decided to do fall from oneness a LONG time ago, because as odd as it sounds now, we got bored with oneness. We moved into more and more off-shoots of multiple perspectives or omni-perspectives. This relates to the nervous system (massive tree) I spoke about earlier. Some of us remember this “fall” kicking and screaming all the way into your body . . . And these are the ones that will most likely read this today. We have learned all we need to regarding separation. It is time to come home now!
There is no going back. The only way out is through. To survive this return to oneness (sounds so weird to say this) is to breathe, allow and trust. If you are not in the right situation, it will become painfully obvious, and if you don’t shift, expect Spirit to rearrange it for you. Find your tribe! Maintain your daily spiritual practices whatever that may be, but don’t judge yourself if they are not working for you anymore. They might not. Be considerate for those around you who are having a difficult time, but also remember your PERSONAL BOUNDARIES! Allow any fear to move through you and know it cannot hurt you, nor have any power over you. It is simply past primal, but scary, bits of memories. Stay in your heart. Your heart is your best compass. Trust Spirit and the bigger picture emerging. It will be OK. Stay in the love vibration, and ride this crazy wave. Our body’s memory might fight this transition, but your soul has been waiting a very long time for this. The “Blissers” (those fortunate enough to not have to officially work, and can be out in nature most of the time) will have a much easier time as they have stepped out of false time for the most part. The “Workers” (those that are still in the work force on any level), will find this time a bit more challenging as they are still governed by schedules and clocks. Both Blissers and Workers are needed to make this transition.
This transition creates a temporary conflict within your new and passing self. Your physical human space suit does not like change and comes from a death and rebirth mentality. Your soul loves change, because it comes from immortally, and there is no death! So be patient. Allow the dust to settle before you act impulsively on anything. Our body is learning to harmonize with our soul and the new nervous system! Our soul is learning how to harmonize with our human body. There will be a great merging as these two are brought back into union. We will be successful.
In the next higher bandwidth, there will be no separation between our human space suit and our higher selves. We will begin to emanate a divine new energy/frequency that makes manifesting something that will simply arise and not be forced. There will be no more fear at this level. It can’t survive here. This is what the new ascension is about. We are to become living, ascended beings in a physical form. This process is about half way through the transition, and by 2016, it will be complete. And you can see that it has been a strenuous and daunting time. This year has been a huge tipping point for humanity.
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by Aluna Joy Yaxk’in
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Image credit: Ascension 360º – Navigating the New World.

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