Going Deeper ~ The unravelling of 3D ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness

The New Divine Humanity


You are going deeper within, expanding the knowing of your DIVINE God Self as the one who observes through you, in all moments.

This takes place effortlessly, through the feeling, receptive principle within you.

The impact of memories that surface, as unpleasant feelings, are now recognized as aspects of your inner child within, letting you know, that to be truly transformed, all parts within need to have their voice and be loved.

This inner recognition, of Being the Divine one, who has consciously arrived, allows the unravelling of 3D and all the memories associated with being once deeply immersed in mass consciousness, to no longer be the vibration radiating as you. As the signal you give out and receive as your reality.

This new vibration and frequency of Light, is what is changing everything in your reality.

The collective 3D Mass consciousness is loosing its power, as the dissolving  of…

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About Divine Love

Amongst many things I am a Lightworker ... Language and labels are so very limiting. Most importantly I am a spiritual being in human form living my truth with integrity in divine loving service. ♥ My sites: Awakenchild.wordpress.com Pleiadianslove.wordpress.com
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