~ Invocation to Metatron ~

I call forth Metatron and the great Fiery Ray
upon which his Power travels.
He who repattern the codings of Light for our bodies and brings the shift into the New ,…
the shift into the New Next dimension for self and Earth.
I call forth Metatron and the influence of this great one to be present here with me, repatterning my energy fields, my DNA, and my body grid systems.
I ask for whatever can be accomplished in this body, at this time, that would increase my ability to hold
more Light and come fully into the highest
awareness possible for me now.
Archangel Metatron, please work your wonders with me. Metatron, I ask for help in the re-chemicalization of this body, in the spiritualization of my blood chemistry.
I ask for help in taking this temple of flesh into Light.
Whatever alchemy changes matter into Light,
please resonate your great Beingness here and assist me in transmutation of flesh itself, of the cells themselves, of all that I am into all that I can be.
Help me to anchor the Blueprint of the Perfected Etheric Body.
To travel the pathways of Light Divine
so I can be of greater service to humanity,
the Masters, the Divine Plan of evolution, and God.
I ask that you anchor your Microtron into
my consciousness and into my 12- body system,
supplying me with a touch of your Impluse into
my electronic presence. Thank you. Amen

~ Invocations to the Light
by Wistancia Stone

About Divine Love

Amongst many things I am a Lightworker ... Language and labels are so very limiting. Most importantly I am a spiritual being in human form living my truth with integrity in divine loving service. ♥ My sites: Awakenchild.wordpress.com Pleiadianslove.wordpress.com
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