THE HATHORS through Anna Merkaba


I Sing a Song to my Heart. I Sing a Song to my Heart. I bring Pure Love and reprise. I know that I am a Deity. I know that I have come here to spread the Magic of Love. By the power invested in me by my Higher Self and the Source of Eternal Flame. I ask thee to release me from the bondages of time. I ask thee to release me of bondages of slavery from which I have come, the slavery to the EGO, the slavery to that with which I have infused my own being
Through the endless incarnations of my ancestors of whom the DNA structure of my vehicle has been acquired
Through the endless incarnations of the codices of pain and suffering,
Through the endless karmic existence of the DNA structure of the body and the vehicle that I am inhabiting
Through the endless war and the endless war misconception and misunderstanding of reality in eons prior I RELEASE ALL THAT STANDS IN MY WAY TO PURITY. I RECALL THAT WHICH I AM.
Through the seed I ask that I be connected to the infinite potential of my being, to the infinite potential of my I AM presence, I ask to be further released, replenished, reconstructed, to the new understanding of my present reality, to the new understanding of that which I am, for I am that which has come, I am that which has gone, I am that which remains, I AM.
I AM the Seed of Love and I AM the Seed of Peace, I AM the Seed of Eternal Flame of the Violet
I am the Seed of Eternal Flame of the Golden Particles of GOD

For the God that is within me shall come forth and rise above and through the illusion set before me by the matrix of my own creation.

I set forth the encodings, I release the encoded structures of the ancients, for the ancient structure of life, no longer pertains to that which I am.

The ancient understanding of life, the karmic wheel of life no longer has any association with that which I Am

For I have not come from the wheel of karma, for I have been brought into the spherical existence of the matrix earth, from eons prior, eons past, eons into the future and the now moment of time.

For I have risen form the ashes of those who have come before me. For I have risen from the ashes of that which no longer belongs to me. For I am not that which my ancestors wished me to be, for I am not that which I have been brought to believe that I am, for I am that which I AM!

For I AM an infinite being of love and understanding. For I am an infinite potential of the cosmic gateways. For I am the power of cosmic proportions. For I am eternal being of light and life.

For I relinquish the power of my ego. I relinquish the power of all who have wielded the power over me for eons past. I relinquish and let go. I LET GO and ALLOW the love and the wings of protection to embrace me in a space of eternal understanding of light, eternal understanding of peace, eternal understanding of my creator self.
For with love and peace and harmony I create, for with the determination of a thousand lyrical songs of the angels I bring forth the light of my creator self,
For through the structural abundance of my grids I AM. For I AM.
Peace and harmony and joy and love and light be onto those who come before me who are presently incarnated on the karmic wheel of life.
Peace and Joy and unconditional love shall embrace all who sing a song of destruction, for through the power of my I AM presence I embrace them all into an unconditional Violet Flame of Love, and as they sing a song of destruction the words shall lose all meaning within their brains, and their Heart codes shall activate fully and completely, pushing out all that does not belong, pushing out all that has no place in a world of Peace, Abundance and Love.
For the peace that I feel for all of mankind, for all of my beloved children shall spring forth and give rise to a new world, a world of Love and Light, Prosperity and Peace, of their benevolent selves.

For the moment has come, that my structural components are activated, and so I allow, and so I ask, and so it is. I ask and I allow for the structural components of my Crystalline Christened Self to emerge from the depth of my Heart and begin to spin in a vortex of unconditional Love for all, unconditional Love for all including my own self. For I AM Love!

For nothing but Love exists, for Love and only Love shall emerge from within the depth of time and space. And as I spin the vortex of eternal unconditional pure Love, I invite the Hearts of others to connect with that which I am, and together in unison we spin a New Song of Prosperity, a New Song of Light and of Love for all! AMEN-RA-IM-RA! I AM THAT WHICH I AM! IT IS SO AND SO IT IS!”

And so our dearly beloveds, as you Sing a New Song and allow the new energies to circulate throughout your being, by activating and allowing the crystalline sparks to enter your Heart space, you shall push the remaining darkness that lurks deep within your heart space into the light for healing and transmutation. You shall unfurl the true DNA of that which you are. You shall activate the God’s Code within your very selves, and allow the true essence of all that you have brought to this planet to unfold.

And as the process continues, you shall see miracles abound. You shall witness that which you have not thought of witnessing prior. For the moment to learn how to activate your creative vehicles has come, and each moment of your journey on earth shall present you with a new understanding of your present reality.
Welcome the new energies for they are here, welcome the New Understanding of Life and Love, for it is here to stay. For the turbulent wars that are abound on your planet at this moment in time shall come to an end. For you shall see peace and prosperity unfold before you. For it shall be so, and so it is. For you shall see the fruits of your labor spring to life, and begin a new chapter of planet Earth, a new benevolent chapter for all who dwell therein.

That is all that we have for you now. We love you. We are with you. Goodbye for now.

~ The Hathors

By Anna Merkaba

A personal note from me , Waheina Ma ~
Beloved Light Tribe, for deepest personal Activation of your Crystalline Codes it is strongly suggested you record your own voice while reading these powerful words and then listen again to yourself in a relaxed meditative state. You will notice a considerable difference in frequency while you do this..No other Voice or silent reading holds the power of Activation of Self as fully as your very own sacred tonal vibration ..❤️

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