MARS enters the charged portal of Cancer for further activation of all of us, into direct action, manifesting dreams into form. We are underground, growing new world flowers out of tiny seeds, just opening–already shooting up toward the sun of a whole new world. This new world is based on love, honor for all of life and sustainable systems that give back, based on natural laws.

SUN SEXTILES MOON, Cancer to Virgo at 8:26 am, pdt, sending us into a VOID after that between MOON in Virgo and MOON in Libra.  This void is a void of cleansing and preparing for the next romantic encounter with life.

Since we are in the middle of a giant activation, in the month of July, each day is a further activation. If we find ourselves uncomfortable, suffering, or unhappy in the “wrong place,” at the “wrong time” or with the “wrong people,” then we need to consider how we are going to shift this energy before July 28th, when we send a creative imprint through time and space, with whatever we are thinking and doing. It is a good idea, between now and July 28th, to be weaving more and more of a position of building a new life’s work that is in alignment with a “new more sustainable dream of humanity.”  This month is a month of intensely powerful manifestation that will affect us for year’s to come. The goodness in this, is our ability to send a “dream-print,” that is very specific, through the visionary, imaginal realms, directly to the unfolding creation web of life. The web of life is receptive to our imagination right now, and will continue to be.

This puts a lot of responsibility on us as creators, visualizers, imagers, and inventors of a new way. May we utilize this creation window like a bird who has been caged –out a new door. May we remember to claim our freedom when it is before us. Our freedom is before us now. May we fully claim it with our envisioning mind.


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