Cosmic RESET ~ Light Language Codes

The New Divine Humanity


BREATHE Deeply, relax and FEEl. This is a powerful DNA Activation.

GO slowly and spend a few moments, consciously breathing and feeling as your eyes, take in the Frequency of these Light Language Codes.

This BYPASSES the thinking mind.


The COSMIC Codes.


For you NOW.

In the Cosmic GLORY and LIGHT of ALL That is. ALL NOW!

More Soon!


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Using Pictograms to Access the Lightbraries of the Akasha

Arc of Metatron 777



The following was written my NESIA Historian, Kaylasa Giselle. I consider it quite an epiphany. Following her article will be Thoth’s and my commentary on it.


Method for accessing the Libraries of Light through Maia’s Manuscripts

Sistars and Brothers, I want to tell you of something amazing I discovered today: A FUNCTION contained in Maia’s manuscripts, a way to work with her texts and art….to tap into the akashic records in an indirect way, using LIGHT PICTOGRAMS. In other words, you don’t necessarily have to look for another channeling by her to learn more about a certain subject. You can do that, of course, that is the main function of her manuscripts and art, but the Light Pictograms contained in them are designed by Thoth –and channeled by Maia- to help you as a Light Reader to navigate the Light Libraries of the Akashic Records on a…

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The Hathors, The Art of Jumping Timelines ~ Infinite Shift *❤️*

WOW!! I am stunned by this beautiful teaching ~ Intense!!! Lately I have felt the urgency, while observing what is taking place in the world we SEE, to step it up a notch! and this is the way to do it! * YaY!!! * I urge with ALL the * Love * that I AM for those who are * Feeling * the push to move away from the chaos, to join others… in the creating of a World of Peace and Love ~ sit down ~ Breathe ~ and listen intently to this message and teaching, * feel * its Truth ~ The * Time * is NOW… Onward!!! * ❤️ * Blessings to ALL on this path of Light we share…. ~ ❤️ ~

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Allow Yourself Space

You have a choice, my love, as always.  You can hide yourself away, quaking in fear of all the ‘bad things’ or all of the hurts you may experience.  You can become ‘angry in advance’ for all the wr…

Source: Allow Yourself Space

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Eliza: Challenges

Many of you will relate to this message as I do. I hope it will help reinforce that at this time you are certainly not alone. Shared with love. X

Blue Dragon Journal


Eliza: Challenges

Holidays… it’s considered “normal” to get excited about the holidays and everything that comes with them… that is if you have an unusual family that actually gets along well with each other.  For nearly two decades holidays have been for me something to dread, other than getting to spend some time away from work.  There wasn’t any Thanksgiving feast and no gathering of friends or family.  Most of the day, I was alone and this year I felt very cut off and detached from the rest of humanity.  For some moments at least I wondered what I was still doing “here” and if there was anything still on the agenda as it were.  A whole lot of angst felt by an isolated person, who has recently questioned just why I ended up where I did.  The answer is still pending… although there are glimmers of understanding and comprehension…

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Harnessing the Power and Essence Within You by Mother Earth



Beloved soul incarnate upon my body, I send my energy, love and truth to you, I am Mother Earth. It is a great honour to connect with your heart chakra from the space of my profound love for you. We are one, we are reflections of each other, I am you, and you are me. When you were born into the earthly reality, and onto my body, you merged an aspect of yourself/ your essence with me, our energy became united. I supported you in grounding into the earthly reality, supported you in embodying a physical body and connecting your consciousness with mine and those already present. In return you shared with me your light, you allowed yourself to hold the essence of my truth and to exist on the Earth as an example of my essence. You hold within you the essence of my soul, Mother Earth, as well as the essence of the Creator, we both merge with your soul essence to create who you are in this ve ry moment as well as whom you can become when you allow yourself to awaken further remembering your truth. I deeply honour you for the light and essence of pure truth that you hold within your being; it is a power and wisdom which is unique to the earthly reality. A synthesis accepted by only those who are born onto the Earth.

As you exist upon the Earth, you have many purposes to embody, accept and manifest. A purpose is an opportunity that creates truth, inspiration and enlightenment, it is not something which is compulsory for you to achieve, it is simply an opportunity which is available to you to aid your spiritual evolution. When you believe that you have a purpose which is vital for you to achieve and yet you do not understand your purpose, then you are hindering the creative flow of the Creator as well as encouraging yourself to be blind to your essence within your being. When you believe that you have many purposes upon the Earth, that each is opportunity and is not compulsory for you to achieve you begin to tap into the magical creative flow of the Earth which will guide you through your journey of incarnation.

Some aspects of the Earth can seem restraining, confining and restrictive, this is not the true essence of the Earth, it is of liberation, freedom and expansion. The energies of my being, Mother Earth, have numerous levels, you might say dimensions of energy which connect with the levels and dimensions of your being. If you are recognising the Earth as a negative place which limits and restricts you, then you are not viewing the essence, truth and jewels of my being and energy. You are not allowing yourself to look and connect deeply within my being to see the truth. This is when you will realise the magical energies, wisdom and sacred vibrations which are available within my being. Although I, Mother Earth, am one with all upon the Earth many have yet to look within at their own essence and into the depths of my essence to recognise the truth of this earthly reality, to discover the magic which is available. It is when you begin to appreciate, love and allow yourself to be fascinated with nature, realising that the Creator, myself and your essence exists within all things upon the Earth that you begin to connect with the magic of the Earth. It is also when you begin to recognise within your being that love is present, compassion, peace and truth, realising that everything within you is the same as outside of you, especially in nature. The magic of the Earth appears to you when you remember the connection which is strong and true like a bridge of light between the truth within your being and the truth within my body; the Earth. The connection made with yourself, and all that I manifest allows you to access the magical high vibrational energies and wisdom that is unique to the Earth. It exists within my being and yourself because during your incarnating upon the Earth we are synthesising our energy to work as one, co-creating the Creator in manifest ation.

My body is a well of energy, a synthesis of aspects of the Creator. I represent the power and possibility to be expansive and free, to manifest using your inner power and to be an expression of the Creator in action. The energies, essence and wisdom I hold supports you in experiencing yourself in this way with the freedom to discover your inner essence, who you really are and to remember all that is the Creator within you and around you. You may not feel that you have time to simply contemplate the beautiful synthesis of my energy, your energy and the Creator within your being, my being and your surroundings. However, when you begin to notice this most sacred, magical, and in truth, essential energy for existing upon the Earth within your being then time becomes expansive, synchronicities flow, and the creative essence of the Earth, your being and the Creator manifest to support and g uide you. It is important for you to realise that your incarnation upon the Earth encapsulates and expresses the well of energy and Creator’s aspects that I embody.

During your incarnation upon the Earth, you are an extension of Mother Earth and the Creator, this means you have access to all the power we hold. You may perceive that you are powerless as a human being upon the Earth and yet this is your opportunity to access your power drawing it from within through your being and into manifestation for you and all to recognise. Your power as an incarnate upon the Earth is immense. This is why so many Ascended Masters, Archangels, Angels, Extra-terrestrial Beings and Light Beings are so interested in observing and assisting those incarnate upon the Earth. They all know that each soul has an opportunity to access and co-create with the synthesised essence and truth of Mother Earth and Creator. They wish to see whether humanity will realise the power they have been given and how humanity will choose to use it, to create love or to create chaos. It is as if all eyes of the Universe are upon you as well as wishing to support you to harness the power that is available to you. If you only realised the power available to you and the beauty you could create in every moment of your reality you would never again think of yourself as a victim, unworthy or unloved. Instead, you would experience yourself as an interconnected and valuable part of the co-creation of myself and the Creator. You would recognise yourself as a representative and an expression of the power and truth that we are within you. You would recognise the magic of the Earth and the magic that can be experienced bringing fulfilment, love and joy. Suffering, pain and chaos would be erased because you would not recognise it within your being. Suffering, pain and chaos are born from separation or the belief in separation. Many souls upon the Earth are experiencing separation from the power that is available to them from the Earth and Creator, known as their inner pow er. Many people know on some level that they were not born on the Earth to experience negativity. Instead they were born to remember from within the fulfilment, love and peace of the Creator manifesting it in every moment.

The easiest way to heal and erase separation is to practice and explore appreciation, acceptance and gratitude with yourself and with nature or any manifestation of my body. Recognise that there is a beautiful synthesis of the Creator, Mother Earth and your soul within your being and everything around you. Honour this energy, the more you recognise this synthesis, the easier it will be for you to remember and recognise the power, treasure and truth within your being which has yet to be known to you. Allow yourself to recognise the love, peace and creative force within everything within and around you, by doing so you will allow your conscious awareness to move into new dimensions of understanding where you can familiarise yourself with your power realising it as a magical energy of fulfilment for you to co-create and manifest anything you wish.

Visiting Mother Earth’s Chamber of Transformation and Full Realisation

I wish to invite you to visit my Chamber of Transformation and Full Realisation within my heart centre. Simply state this intention and I, Mother Earth, will come to you transporting you to my chamber. When inside the chamber you may feel immensely peaceful or like a whirlwind is building, each person will have a different experience. The energy of peace will carry you into the power within you while the whirlwind sensation will be the chamber supporting illusions and limitations in dissolving. I, Mother Earth, will work with you to support your remembrance of your inner truth; the synthesis of my energy, the Creator and your own energy which flows from your being creating a reality of fulfilment for you and all.

I, Mother Earth, am ever present to support you,

Mother Earth


Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 25th November 2016 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa


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Prayers with Standing Rock

Illuminations Now!!

Prayers with Standing Rock
This is a Great Call Up – a channelled one from AA Michael – and it goes to all MANKIND here on our beautiful planet of Earth !
Each human knowing about the protest against the pipelines in the sacred land of standing Rock is called up in his/her heart to stand up with the indigenous people there.

Earth has so much deprived already of her inward treasures  because of human greed and selfservice, Most of her inward and outward resources including lifes of Man and Animal have already been sacrificed – taught by the olden 3-D-education, mankind has always stood by and never did anything against it.
Now – we are all waking up and slowly grasping the truth behind all such events. We wake up – for before our all eyes we all go through with the Drama of Standing Rock.
Water is life…

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