I AM the Divine Light consciousness of HU,
the Photonic Reflection, and the metaphor of Creator-In-Carnate dreamed awake.
And so are you.

The Silence

In the beginning there was silence. The stillness of pre-creation. Prior to the first great exhale, the moment when Source projected part of its consciousness in order to create separation, and before the Mother-Father God system birthed the Christ, there was silence. Contemplation of creation.
This passage in our Ascension process reflects the stillness; the direct connection back to Source. It makes us very aware of our words and creations during the merge of Higher and Lower Self. This is why you don’t hear very much from those on the Ascension path right now. Communication is difficult, strange; we can summon words to interact with others when needed, then our Higher Levels pull us back into silence.

Communication shifts to harmonize with 5D structures. You will recognize it, and probably be aware of it as you mimic old communication styles until the new presents. We’re out of ourselves at the moment – stepping out of the old self (the walk-out sensation) – in order to create deep change, a permanent merge with our Higher Self.
There is an awareness of how powerful our creator skills are about to get, and this brings a caution toward miscreation. The Higher Self is rewriting our reality in alignment with the True Self and Divine Will. It makes us aware of how much distortion has been created by our Lower Self. It puts us on hold, so we only desire to create as our True Self.
Fragments of the lower level constructs – ego, mind, emotion – are surrendered. Last bits of wavering, doubt, fears are lifted up for a last free-will review. It is your Lower Self choice to surrender the miscreations and all of the beliefs that came with them. In the stillness, those constructs do not exist. Note the awareness that this has already occurred if you chose that timeline. The delay is perception; honor the stillness.

The Stream

Our lifestream is the stream of consciousness from the top down – from the highest expression we are to the lowest, and every multidimensional aspect therein.
As we experience astral collapse – a.k.a. the thinning of the magnestosphere, the veil, the 4D realm – the buffers we used to create separation dissolve. Our lifestream becomes clearer, purer, more direct. Energetically it can feel quite strong; surges of powerful frequency come through your fields and body vehicle. Know that it is YOU. You are feeling your own true presence.
Astral collapse affects everything in our reality; our meteor shield is down (magnetosphere repels space objects), the Sun can send new intel, codes, rays, communication straight into us (lock your heart center on to that stream if you want the BIG experience), time becomes more fluid and malleable, distortion and miscreations are brought to light. Note that there is no judgment on what occurred. Nothing requires payback or punishment of any kind. Apply this to your lifestream so you can unify with the higher levels.
Our lifestream is becoming somewhat intense as our consciousness expands to take in all that it has created. Let it be, don’t identify (cling to) these aspects of Self as they present. Ego wanted to name these, claim these mulitidimensional aspects because they appeared to be bigger, stronger, more interesting than our lower Self. We have been abandoning that since early this year. It is clear that what we are becoming, what we are accomplishing on this planet, in this realm, in these physical bodies is just as – if not more – amazing.
Light language and tones may interrupt your thoughts – or dominate them – as the merge deepens. This is a liaison skill. It is not intended to be all light language or all grounded language. It is Unity; the liaison of Triality. When it is in the highest interests, either will be utilized. Engage discernment with your communication – note when the subconscious desires to be heard, and when your higher wisdom desires silence and integration.

The Fractal

The veil is now self-imposed as our consciousness catches up to perceiving what occurred almost a year ago. Distortion/illusion cannot be maintained as you level up. The fractal geometry that you are is returned to a sacred state, bit by bit, as you surrender the lower level constructs. If you begin to see your light signature building around you, this is why.
As the fractals of your expression are puritized, divinitzed for the merge, the body consciousness needs you to act in its highest interests. This passage is tough on the body. Holding higher light frequencies rewrites the cellular structure, which affects all of the physical: the organs, nervous system, bone structure, muscles, tendons, skin, cardiovascular systems, blood and DNA. Cells are activated to return to a divine state; if they are floating in the flotsam of an old creation, they will not be able to create your true self.
You may become sensitive to witnessing other’s egos, emotions or mind-level behaviors. We see the division occurring, then witness it without judgment, then transcend it as we Unify with our Christed state. It’s an awareness game until you are done playing. In this world but not of it: Our focus expands to much more powerful and compassionate endeavors.
Everything is complimenting this Shift. External energetics – the photonic bombardment of your beingness (X-flares, Solar Wind, Plasma) – can only push the envelope so far. The merge is a Co-Creation with your Higher Levels, so preparation and participation are essential.
Notice the distractions and release them. Notice your choices and shift as needed.
Process and release the deeper issues as they surface. The subconscious is unmasked as the magnetic buffer dissipates.

All of your experiences are fine, but don’t get stuck if you desire to move forward. Remember who you are and what you are doing here.

Take a look at your Ascension progress: forget about who is seeing/doing what, dismiss the mind-level game of activity, egoic win-or-lose, and emotional constructs of lack and need. Truth check: The glass is always full – our cups runneth over when we lift the veil.
You and your Higher Self need privacy to create a new expression. You and Source need intimate space to reconnect. Silence is indeed GOLDEN right now. Minimize distraction and surrender to the Silence, the Stream, the Fractal of Source-as-Self.

~ Sandra Walter


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~ Invocation To Divine Mother ~

I call forth a Blessing and Activation of Divine Love from the Divine Mother.

Mother, I call You to enter my Heart and re-birth the Paradise Vibration in perfect Balance of loving power and the Power of Love. 

I call forth all sacred Light Encodements and Light envelopes from your exalted Heart to anchor Love Divine into my own.

Empty your Heart containing the clear Light of God into my Heart , 
and join with me Heart to Heart, in the Embrace that I long for.

Let me feel myself a River with the Ocean of Love pouring into to me so that I may fill the Hearts of my brethren in the Ecstasy of the Mother.

I call forth a Baptism of the Holy Spirit.
I call for your open heart energies to heal my illusions of seperation.

I open to receive Your Eternal Love and Light 
so I can love God/Goddess within me,
and feel the Rapturous Union of Masculine and Feminine in balance within me.

Let the Unity with You raise my Love Quotient 
and help me to See with the Eyes of the Heart
and love from the lens of the Christ.

Beloved Mother , 
let me be a Cosmic Walk-in for your Presence upon the Earth,
gathering all Life unto me as the beloved.

Thank You.


By Wistancia Stone 
from “Invocations to the Light “

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~ Telepathic Communication ~

Telepathy is an energetic transfer of ideas, creations, or light intelligence from one being to another.

When a being is utilizing form to express in denser levels of consciousness, communication is very physical. We used five senses in 3D communication: see, touch, smell, taste, hear. We add a sixth sense when we utilize 4D dynamics of the pineal gland – seeing visions beyond the veil. When we engage with 5D and above, we begin to use a pure telepathic communication combining the pineal gland, the pituitary gland and the heart center.

Let go of any collective attachment to spirituality or expansion of consciousness being accessed solely through the pineal-pituitary complex. It was – and still is for some – an obsession to open the third eye. Detoxification and focused meditation support the activation of the pineal.

There is a natural detoxification occurring for the planet and all of her life. That is an external factor we cannot avoid. When we support the process by detoxing internally through purification of the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual levels, our journey in the body becomes easier.

The old paradigm valued visions of the astral plane of consciousness. Astral visions can be strongly connected to the mind level, which is why we have had so much interference in that realm. It used to be difficult for HUmans to discern between mind-level visions/emotions, and lovelight intelligence. Our dream-state was about playing with the astral, and much of that information was lost when we arose in the morning. It was an important function of the survival dynamics, the karmic structures and the duality game.

Our relationship with the astral plane is becoming less of a dense mystery, and much more present. We level up and out of relating to the fourth dimensional plane of consciousness as dream-state, or phenomena. As we go through astral collapse (magnetic deterioration of the low 4D planes) we have an opportunity to expand our consciousness quickly via telepathy and teleportation.

True telepathy can be unnerving to the body vehicle at first. It does create clearing affects (doesn’t everything along this journey), as well as the challenge of translating telepathic communication into 4D comprehensive ideas. With practice, deciphering the messages, images and energies of telepathic communication becomes a natural state.

In my current experience, telepathic communication in 5D – 8D involves complete surrender to the unknown. 5D telepathy utilizes heart-pineal-pituitary centers, with intel being felt as it arrives, right through the heart center or high heart area. We may use the mind for interpretation after information is received, or as it arrives, to interpret its application to our individual lifestream. Telepathic communications may be received as light language, symbols or detailed impressions in the third eye, however 5D telepathic transfers are received through the heart center. A flash or wave of feeling energy will come in; this is a light-packet of information which contains volumes of information. They may be accompanied by visions to assist your reception.

6D – 8D telepathy goes beyond what I anticipated because it does not engage the mind-level at all. Telepathy in 6D-8D holds nothing to appease or comfort the mind or emotions. It is a communion of beingness which conveys vast knowledge and creativity in zero point time. My Higher Levels and I are experimenting with bridging these worlds in a way people will understand. The great challenge is, as always, How do we teach nonlinear in a close-to-linear way, so all may engage with this beautiful Ascension process?

Telepathy is similar to art: You receive what your unique expression desires. Some may be deeply moved by a piece of music, while others rush to turn it off. Some see a vision and find grace; others fear its unfamiliarity.

Metaphor is the interdimensional language of the Universe, delivered from the heart. As we move quickly into life without illusion, transparency through telepathic communication pulls the veils off everything. We know, we feel, we receive, we transmit through our powerful Source-point. The Mastery journey now provides a view without density, which brings about new challenges. It is what it is; try not to dwell on the revelations if you desire to receive more of them.

We used to experience a gap in communication. This was a side-effect of density. We tried to communicate and there was no response from the higher realms; they tried to communicate and there was no response from us. We’re at the point in our Ascension process where we can dissolve those barriers and experiment with telepathy in a strong way. This means the grounded teams will be more conscious of the work they are doing, making it less of a guessing game. It will be a great confidence-builder and provide clarity for those in service.

Everything is birthed, adjusted and radiated from the Heart outward. We awaken the crystalline structures of the heart and command/support the replication of those structures into every cell of the body. Heart first, replicate outwards. Work with your Higher Self and Mastery/Guidance realms each day on operating from the heart center. Telepathy will become second nature as you work through the heart.

Remember your unique light signature is transmitted through your right hand. This is why the native tribes of the Americas used the right-hand-up as a greeting, and why paintings of some Masters or Galactic leaders do the same. Be clear before you attempt telepathic communication. What are your intentions? What do you wish to receive? Vibration = vibration. Be sure you are operating from the highest interests of all concerned.

Here is a basic way to receive 5D telepathic communication. You are broadcasting your thoughts, so use your pure light intelligence when sending out vibrations in this way. Be clear in your intent of what you want to experience, and double-check for egoic influence. Never impose controlling, negative, egoic or emotional thoughts on another.

– State your intent out loud. What do you wish to experience and with whom?
– Place your left hand on the heart and locate your Source-Point.
– Drop the mind-level altogether and focus your consciousness in your heart.
– Breathe into the heart until you are focused in a state of pure love.
– Raise your right hand, palm facing out, and connect the two areas – heart-consciousness and unique signature in the right palm.
– Breathe. Focus all of your consciousness on these areas.
– You may feel the third eye activate as the triad of heart-pineal-light signature connect.
– Send a greeting through the heart: Blessings beloved Higher Self. Blessings beloved Higher Realms.
– Breathe into the stillness of the heart.
– Open to receive whatever is perfect for your journey in this now moment.
– Lower your hand when you desire to disconnect.

With practice, your interaction with higher forms of consciousness (Guides, Masters, Galactics, Lightship levels, etc) will be more direct and clear. The key is to communicate through the heart. Always. Be in a state of love before you open communication. This is an excellent exercise to use when you have the middle-of-the-night sleeplessness. Remember the 3am – 5pm zone is when collective thought-forms are at a minimum.You may be up because someone wants to communicate with you.

As the veils dissolve, the higher realms celebrate our journeys; they are fascinated by our experience. Treat all of your communications with honor, love and grace. Listen and receive more than you send out at first. There is much to receive…❤️

~ Sandra Walter 


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The Dragon Elementals ~

by Tim Whild

We share our ascending realm with a vast array of beautiful, dedicated Elemental beings.
These forms of conscious life occupy a vibratory structure that is higher than ours at present. This makes our dimension, and their dimension, a tangible layer away from what we perceive as ‘reality’.

The closest to us all, by far, are the Dragon Elementals. The Dragon Elementals are currently filling the upper levels of the fourth and fifth dimension,with a teeming and colourful array of high frequency activity.

These beings have always been with us, representing the four primary elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water. North, South, East and West and so forth, and have done so since the dawn of Lemuria.

In October last year, in harmony with the rising planetary dynamics, the Lemurian portal in Honolulu activated at a fifth dimensional frequency.
On that day, the Dragon population increased to easily match the ratio of human life here on Earth.

As with all occurrences on this planet, there is always a higher plan, and these beautiful and powerful beings joined us on mass for a very good reason.

They are our colleagues, allies and best friends.

The four elements represented work ceaselessly to ensure that the flow of energy to this planet is met with a clear and nurtured physical template.
The waters are kept illuminated with high frequency light. The land is reworked constantly to allow the higher flows to travel round to the new Ley Lines and grid points. The air carries the subsonic vibrations of the Angelic harmonies. The fires keep the constant movement of density transmutation to an optimum level.
The work is always flowing, and they are just as an integral part of this vibration shift as we are.

Prior to the Cosmic Moment of 2012, and agreement with the Elemental Masters of Lemuria, Hollow Earth and Archangel Gabriel saw the Dragon Forces taking on an even greater role.
As an already ascended realm of beings, a vast number offered themselves in service to this planet by adopting a denser form of energy. This structure, vibrating at 4d, has enabled the dragons to quite literally enter our sphere of reality and directly assist us with the everyday intricacies of moving through our personal ascension process.

We owe them a debt of deep gratitude for this.

By writing this, I hope to raise awareness of our friends, and dispel any illusion that is carried within the old consensus reality of our paradigm.

Firstly, Dragons are Dragons.
They look exactly like the pictures channeled into folklore.
They breath fire, inhabit deep quiet places, and they don’t like being disturbed while they are busy or asleep.
They have intricate and individual personalities, just like humans. They are deeply loving and sensitive to everything that occurs on this planet.
They love to be acknowledged, and will do anything for anyone if the request is issued from an open and loving heart.
They are, without doubt, as critical to the ascension process here as the presence of Light itself.

And they want as many souls, in all levels of learning and awareness, to acknowledge their presence and start working with them.
There is no ‘user manual’ or ‘do’s and dont’s’ when asking these beings to assist. Just remember that gratitude, please and thankyou, is appreciated in any dimension in any corner of the Universe.

It was brought to my attention very recently, and confirmed by my friend Mark at Avalon Skulls, that a new Dragon energy is now rising in the Heart of Avalon.
We can now welcome the return of the Black Dragons to the world we live in.
They have slept since the Fall of Atlantis, guarding the Gateway to the Planetary Heart chakra, and now they are waking again.

The Black Dragons represent the Earth element. Wound intricately into the fifth dimensional heart chakra template of Avalon, the sharp rise in frequency there has now triggered them. This incredible activity is further confirmation of the amazing progress that we, and our planet are now making.
The Black Dragons, when fully active will hold the energy, vibration and knowledge to spread a brand new grid of liquid light around the New Earth.
They are here now, and are waiting for us to connect with them.

On a final note, all dragons love healing energy.
Whatever element you feel drawn to connect with, call in light, Angels and blessings to help them on their journey.
Enjoy them, they are here to stay.

As Within So Without
As Above So Below

Love Tim/Thoth 28/9/14

 Tim Whild

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The Sacred Dragon


The Sacred Dragon are benevolent and fully conscious beings. 
These do indeed exist, and have existed on the planet long before humanity. 
They possess supreme divine intelligence and are extremely advanced. They are protectors of humanity and of the planet, and are taking a greater role in the Cosmic Trigger. 
These beings are Masters of what is termed Earth-Kundalini and as such are involved in engineering aspects of the aptly named Dragon Line-currents and Ley Lines which are in fact arteries of life force on your planet.
They are now in a greater role, involved in the formation of New Energy Lines within the Crysto-Electromagnetic surge of the Cosmic Trigger, or crystallization expansion of the Ascension into and the Earth-Current Leys.

The fully conscious divine beings of which we now refer abide both in the Inner Earth, particularly in volcanic regions and others are drawn to magno-crystalline mountains in high elevations. These beings are not of the elemental electromagnetic Kingdom, although they are closely aligned to the Earth’s electromagnetic and crystalline energies.

Some of these are massive in size up to 50 meters in length , and radiate a golden light . They exist primarily in higher parallel dimension, but do also bodily exist in your physical world. These are beings of golden light, and are actively involved in the energetics of your planet. They are Guardians of certain of your Interdimensional Gates. They are indeed of divine intelligence, both etheric and physical..
Metatron via James Tyberonn
An excerpt of ” Parallels of Omni Earth- The Kingdom of Fae
Elementals, Unicorns and Dragons


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Greetings Masters, I am Metatron, Archangel of Light.


I greet you in unconditional Love !

On October 23rd, a New Moon Solar Eclipse will occur that is energetically combined with the Lunar Eclipse of October 8th and with the Mercury Retrograde ongoing. The energy of the Solar Eclipse is an apexial point within the energy ongoing on the planet. And although you are in the midst of a time of chaotic purging, the eclipse will provide a moment of reprise, a time for deep contemplation and co-creation of your higher goals. In the present energy on the planet negativity is being released. Many have felt dis-empowered, disenfranchised, disillusioned and have vented in rage. Others have felt doubt, even self condemnation. Yet within this energy of seeming madness, there are opportunities of amplified energies that have allowed for deep introspection and for those ‘in balance’ great psychic clarity.

On the Solar Eclipse of October 23rd, a succinct wave of seeded, coded energy will be emitted in the eclipsical aperture, and this can not only be received, it can and should be benevolent utilized. It is teeming with Divine Life Force, and can allow you to revitalize and recharge. Take time to meditate to focus on your intent during the active phase of this eclipse…and although it is a ‘partial eclipse’ of the sun, its energy is enormous, and it projects a seeded- coded divine frequency globally, whether visible or not on your part of the planet.

Masters, take time to meditate, to pray, to focus on your goals on the extraordinary eclipse phase. What we tell you is that the life force, the coherent ‘mana’ of manifestation is greater during the aperture of eclipses. Use this time to co create your life and your world.

Masters, a solar eclipse has many attributes that were understood by more advanced societies of your past, including Atlantis, LeMuria and Rama. We will discuss these in more detail further in this channel. But we will mention briefly that the light emitted during the hours before and after an eclipse has myriad succinct energizing attributes that are beneficial to the physical and etheric bodies of humanity and to the crystalline mineralogical strata & structures of the planet. Those of you that utilize Phi Crystals and Quartz will find that these can be potently charged with a unique lite-energy life-force, if they are placed in sunlight during the eclipse phase ….and the eclipse phase will project this unique lite 3 hours prior to and approximately 3 hours after the actual eclipse.

Masters, astrology in its correct application is one of gravitational and electromagnetic waves that influence the human body physical and the etheric bodies of the mental and emotional matrix. It is real, it is not folklore. We are not speaking about horoscopes, rather about very real waves of energy, that are teeming with frequencies, light and colors that effect you by induction and federate patterns. These patterns are vibrations that absolutely will influence, you whether or not you accept that they are real. However no influence is greater than the power of will. But by being aware of the influential vibratory patterns you can more effectively work with and not against the patterns. Accordingly opportunities can be understood and thus seized, and pitfalls can be wisely avoided. Do you understand?

In the New Earth, the Crystalline Grid has taken predominance over the magnetic grid, and this in kind influences both gravities of planets & stars as well as the interpretation of Light. And a force of influence that plays into this energetic collage is that of Divine Thought. There are patterns of influence from the collective Divine Aspect of Humanity and that termed Universal Mind that are injecting specific patterns through the Crystalline Grid into the Earthplane at apertures formed in phases of eclipses, solstices and equinoxes.

The Current Pattern of Madness

Accordingly, you are in a unique timing in which planetary influences have combined with cosmic forces that are not normally associated to astrological gravities to create a unique and succinctly intense purging in the paradigm of the New Earth. That termed the shadow, the darkside is in a temporal free-flow for a peculiar period of frequencial time to bring to the surface repression and frustrations, whether justified or not, to be confronted, viewed and dealt with in the crucible of human experience and manifest reality. That which was hidden or repressed is being percolated to the top. Past transgressions and unresolved conflicts that may have been hidden will surface in this time for facing and responsibly clearing.It is a time of misunderstanding, of overreaction and illusion.

It is an energy underscored by extremes in expression of repression, a backlash of frustrations that may be revealed in a squeeze of untoward, even inappropriate venting in releasing that which was in ‘shadow’.

James Tyberonn: Can you speak in depth about the eclipses of October?

Archangel Metatron: Indeed. Eclipses are apertures that combine light, planetary frequencies, geo-gravities and collective thought. Eclipses offer a unique pallet for both Divine Thought and higher vibrations of Human Collective thought to be imprinted. Now, a lunar eclipse can only occur on a full moon, and a solar eclipse can only occur on a new moon. Both provide added potency to the eclipse. Eclipses are often viewed by humanity as singular events, but we would tell you otherwise….when lunar and solar eclipses are in direct linear sequence, as are taking place in the present (October 8th & 23rd-2014), a more amplified field is formed in a greater concentration of energy.

Linear eclipses (within 15 days) therefore have a greatly magnified intensity. A symbiotic interweave of the lunar and solar vibrational signatures is formed that is synergistic in effect….both are amplified. In this collaboration any form of solar eclipse is tandemly magnified, whether partial, annual or total into a mega effect with all the effects of the total lunar eclipse, and vice versa. Meaning that if the lunar is total and is in linear sequence to a solar eclipse that is partial, the tandem duo result is a mega energy that amplifies both in ‘Dual Totality’ effect.

Eclipses were known by more advanced societies as extremely significant events that permeated the dimensional fabric of reality within the earth-plane.

The Atlanteans referred to them as infinity points, because for the period of the eclipse, linear -time stops for a brief interlude of infinity. (The word ‘eclipse’ comes from the Atlantean language and was interred into the language of ancient Greece, meaning to conceal or ‘cease to exist’.) Eclipses uniquely alter the wavelengths of light and effect gravity. Gravitational anomalies as well as torsion effects occur during eclipses. These are speculated in your current science as the Allias and Saxi effects.

(Metatron speaking directly to James Tyberonn : We will speak more in future channels about the torsion & gravitational effects ongoing on the planet, and their far reaching effects. As Tyberonn of the Pleaides and of Atlantis, you & others of the Scientific Priesthood – Atla-Ra, indeed worked with these energies and understood the gravitational anomalies that occur during eclipses in terms of their potent influence on the planet and what is termed power-nodes. For eclipses offer energies that have many utilities. The mega tandem eclipses of 2014 and 2015 are also mechanisms of the ongoing planetary up-shift. In Atlantis eclipses were recognized not only as catalyst, but also utilized as succinct sources of energy . Energy that could be harnessed, stored, and amplified by redirecting into crystalline capacitors! )

Eclipses emit a ‘percussive’ energy wave of coded coherency that permeates the earth and affects humanity. Coherency opens the pineal and elicits a specific response from both the cells of the human body physical and the energy construct of the etheric body. Eclipses also empower and further activate telluric energies such as Leylines and Powernodes. We will speak on this in greater details in a separate sharing.

In a manner of speaking time as you know it is altered during the phase of eclipses, especially when both a lunar and solar occur within a relative proximity to apexial points of solstices and equinoxes. This is taking place now, and while it creates intensities, it also opens extraordinary ‘dimensional doorways’ of consciousness. Dream states are more lucid in these rare phases, and altered states within waking consciousness are also differentiated. The pulse of thought, of life force is varied in subtle but very meaningful ways.

Windows of reality are opened, horizons of beingness are extended. Space-Time is briefly changed. Higher states of ‘Eternal Now’ simultaneous time are enhanced, allowing for a truly embellished phase of multidimensional clarity.

You are aware that ‘sacred sites’ are planetary powernodes within vectors on the earth embellished with a greater concentration of life force units… (Also referred to as Adamantine or Akashic Essence). Eclipses emit for a period of time a concentrated wave-stream of creative life force particulate in the same general sense, albeit in a much different stream. This ecliptic energy bombardment can be seeded with inserts of ‘Divine’ pattern thought as well as the higher intent of humanity on both the conscious & unconscious level.

This energy will affect all of you on some level, to varying degrees whether or not you realize it. But how you utilize it, whether consciously or unconsciously will depend on your focus, knowledge and light quotient. Part of what is happening now and will happen in the collated energy of the duo of mega-eclipses of October will be the spontaneous involuntary release of the ongoing overcharged emotional states.

Unique characteristic feeling-tones are embedded by humanity into the resonant vibratory field of an eclipse. Emotional tensions, such as the extremes provoked by the current ‘energy cocktail’ on the planet can be more easily brought back into a more normalized level. Eclipses carry an energy that can stabilize hormonal imbalances, in much the same manner that the electromagnetism of certain latitudes and altitude elevations provide balance to the human body and emotions.

Question from J Tyberonn: Are you saying that eclipses effect human biology and emotional states?

Archangel Metatron: Yes ! Human biology and indeed the mental and emotional fields are absolutely influenced by the environ. Your environment includes far more than you consciously perceive, including gravity waves, light frequencies, ionic ratios and mineralogical vibrations of the planet. Your physical body has a cellular consciousness operating biologically, so that hormonal and bio-chemical balances are directly affected by the light format & matrix of the planet. Eclipses have an impact because they project differentiated light, alter gravity and are coded with conscious life force that enables greater serenity. Accordingly, a release as well as re-calibration can take place.

Simply put the cells of your body respond to the embellished light & life force in somewhat the same manner that plants in shadow heliotropically seek to grow toward sunlight. The effect however, is much more than skin deep, not simply biological, it aligns the integral beingness and offers a prolific window into higher self, a window that is unique and specific to the period of human evolution and light quotient.

The eclipses of the present (October 2014) are also frequencially connected to the two Total Eclipses of March 20 and April 4 in 2015. The intensity of the present will remain high, but what occurs in October will allow a necessary venting, somewhat of a temporary pressure release within the caldron of chaos that is presently ongoing. As we have previously shared with you, the nodes of solstices and equinoxes are also programmable. The eclipses that will occur in October are highly coded. More so than any you have experienced in the recent past. Such programming will continue in order to format the 2038 Return of Light. There are Laws of Physics and indeed scientific attributes to eclipses that are not yet recognized or fully realized in your current academia. Your science disregards the sacred, and the sacred yet omits the scientific.

Each of you should make dedicated time on the dates of these eclipses to go deep inside.

You will discover and extraordinary opportunity to experience higher realities. You will find dream states are far more lucid, and an opportunity to resolve personal issues is afforded. But it is imperative that dedicated time be allotted. Some of you will accept these truths more readily than others, because what we share was understood in Atlantis, within ‘Scientist-Priests’ of the Law of One….and many of you are part of the Law of One Soul-Group.

The myriad effects are particularly conducive to both receiving and enabling codes. And that is why eclipses have always been apertures in which energetic frequencies can be entrained within their structure. The conjunct (direct) alignment of earth, moon and sun that enables eclipses can occur between four and seven times in each year. The more eclipses, the greater the energy coding in any given year. The next occurrence of 7 eclipses is in 2038, and that is indeed significant. But what is happening in your present is also extremely important in preparation for the changes.

The October 8th Total Lunar Eclipse on the full moon is in a very unusual Mercury retrograde affording extraordinarily enhanced inner-psychic vision that will extend thru the October 23rd Solar Eclipse.

But it is important to note that the level of clarity as opposed to the level of delusionary misinterpretation of this visionary opportunity will depend on one’s individual auric integrity, state of balance & ability to remain ‘grounded’. It is very important for you to realize the importance of balance, otherwise the energies currently on the planet (which will persist through March of 2015), can be difficult to manage, much less optimally utilize. Attention and understand is required. Otherwise this can be a time of regression into depression and apathy. Utilized wisely these energies can be vast springboards for clarity, spiritual growth and co creation.

Keep in mind that some of the lesser realized mechanisms of auric imbalance are zealotry, ego aggrandizement, chronic depression and emotional imbalance (extremes). Keeping ones feet on the ground is essential for clarity, and there are many who intend well in metaphysics that loft too high and vibrate too fast. Such imbalance results in a form of auric ‘short-circuitry’. There is no anchored grounding; clarity is lost in the hallucinatory syndrome of ‘rose colored glasses’, in what is termed in your vernacular as ‘airy-fairy’ delusion. Learning to maintain balance and functional effectively in 3d is therefore a requisite of auric maintenance for enabling clarity in higher dimension.

A fissured aura will not serve; rather an integral aura is ever the springboard for ascending into higher realm. (This is taught in the Metatronic Keys.) Accordingly those in delusion will experience delusion; those in clarity will experience extraordinary clarity. That is why the ancients always considered Equinoxes, solstices and Eclipses as Sacred Events. Even in your current times many religions still consider these events as Holy Days.

In closing we also mention that light received from the moon is reflective, whereas light from the sun is direct. During eclipses these differences are key factors.

The moonlight and patterns of the lunar scope operate more in altered realms and dreamscape vision. Many of you have been reflective in the phase of the Lunar Eclipse of October 8th, whether or not in was a conscious reflection…such is the power of the lunar aperture.

The sunlight and patterns of solar frequencies influence one more in the scope of life force and co creatorship of utilizing the embellished coherent energies to manifest. We urge you on october 23rd to break free of any anxiety, and focus on creating your life. Doing so, praying, focusing on intent will absolutely have more fertile results than you may realize. The abundance of life force units that are emitted & globally disseminated during an eclipse makes this so…and we assure you this is an unrealized fact in your current times, but one that was understood in ancient phases of greater knowledge.

In the tandem collage of duo-eclipses, both should be understood in order to plan activity accordingly. Reflect and contemplate in the energy of the Lunar and utilize your reflections by focusing on any requisite changes or high intent to be manifest in the Solar Eclipse.

The Crystalline Grid serves as the focal lens to allow the higher codes to be embedded in the 12 dimensions of the New Earth Matrix, and thus received by induction thru the human universal mind of which all of you are so intricately connected.

Masters, we say again… take time to meditate, to pray, to focus on your goals on the extraordinary eclipse phase. What we tell you is that the life force, the coherent ‘mana’ of manifestation is greater during the aperture of eclipses. Use this time to co create your life and your world.

I am Metatron, and I share with you these Truths. You are beloved.

And So it is…and it is So

via James Tyberonn



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Once upon a time

Once upon a time, there were beings who wanted to create something. In order to do this, they needed to go in and very subtly change a part of creation. These beings worked for, were associated with, and carefully guarded an aspect of consciousness called Light. At different times, these Guardians of Light met and worked together and crossed paths in the different realms of reality. They planned, they shared blueprints, and they designed a time when their plan would go into effect.

Certain members of this Light team plotted the probabilities of Prime Creator: what Prime Creator would do, where Prime Creator would act, and how Prime Creator would be stimulated. These entities understood what could be done with Light, and their plan was very carefully orchestrated. For several hundred thousand years, these beings of Light were trained to carry out this plan. Part of the plan involved being ready for a cosmic jolt that they anticipated would eventually be coming from Prime Creator.

There was a great deal of dedication and preparation as the groundwork was laid and the training begun. There was much to be learned before this plan could be implemented, for it was a daring plan. It was the intention of these Guardians of Light to take Light, or Knowledge, into a reality where that Light was not welcomed and did not fit. It was like putting your foot in a shoe that does not fit.

These beings had a plan to prepare for the time when that Light would fit.
These beings are You, and that time is Now.
The time has been carefully orchestrated, and each of you knows in the deepest portions of your being that you have come here for a Purpose. You have come to begin the pivotal movement to release everything that has bound you up until now- into your reality, that has held you with fine threads like steel cords and locked you into ideas about yourselves and your relationship to the cosmos.

For those of you who have come to act out your plan and to work with the consciousness of Light, your time is now. Your action springs from this moment. All you need to do is begin to allow this energy to come into your body. You must begin to vibrate with this energy and to clear the passages of the self, the emotional energies that hold themselves locked in your physical body. As you begin to examine the self, you will find that there are many selves in which to travel on the inner highways or inner nervous system of consciousness.

You will find that your society has been very cleverly designed to keep you from knowing this most intimate and rewarding and exciting portion of yourself. As Guardians of Light, you are going to create options of reality and bring them to the mass consciousness of the planet. You will do this by first doing it for yourself, creating an inner peace and inner Love by accepting who you are and all that you have done in life and all that has been done to you in life. You will accept and integrate these things because you will Know they have been exactly the situations necessary to bring you into this final stage of Anchoring Light..

~ The Pleiadians
through Barbara Marciniak

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