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Harnessing the Power and Essence Within You by Mother Earth

  Beloved soul incarnate upon my body, I send my energy, love and truth to you, I am Mother Earth. It is a great honour to connect with your heart chakra from the space of my profound love for you. … Continue reading

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Nature of ECLIPSE MAGIC and spells durig the eclipse!

      Eclipse Magic   Nature of Eclipse Magic and Spells    during the Eclipse Eclipse Magic : Phase I Preparation   Understanding the meaning of a solar eclipse   I am sure you all have witnessed in your … Continue reading

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Pisces Full Moon- A Gateway Within A GATEWAY

Love/Light Message from the celestial team   We shower our Love/Light greetings to You through the gateway of your glorious Pisces full moon, Beloved!   Indeed, it is glorious, for it is a gateway within the larger Gateway that has already formed through recent planetary alignments. You might call … Continue reading

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